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ProDomme/FinDomme  Hi subs, slaves, pigs and the like
Female Dominant, 33,  Peoria , Arizona


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StraightMale Slave
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 198 lbs.
Location: PHOENIX, Arizona
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StraightMale Slave
Age: 34, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 180 lbs.
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Age: 33
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Hi subs, slaves, pigs and the like, I am Goddess Nyx  a thick Latina lesbian female supremacist who loves to use men for my entertainment and pleasure. Your cocks are not anything that I want or need I can buy my own and I bet they'er bigger. I am here looking for new subs, pay pigs, cashslaves, human atm's and whatever else you answer to. I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for quite sometime now a Pro Domme for 10 years FinDomme for 2 of those. I am not a begatrix or a money whore I have a day job and controlling your finances is what I love to do. I love to dominate men and having you hand over your pocketbook is just as pleasurable to me. I do not show any nudes. I will not sleep with you I am not your girlfriend or wife.I welcome haters and even laugh at some of the mail. If you want a real experience with a FinDomme who makes sure we are compatible first let me know. Your first message should be respectful. Send me a list of your kinks and limits. Be ready to submit your mind, body, soul and pocketbook to me. RT sessions are available if you live with in my area.

Kinks I love CBT, JOI, CEI, Chastity, Lesbian cuckolding, Orgasm control, T&D, FinDomme games, sissification, feminization, pocketbook Rape/Draining/Rinsing, TPE, Strict budget control, Diet Control, humiliation of any kind, Toilets and toilet training, Strap On Training and complete and utter FemDom games. 

Hard Limits Children, and real animals large amounts of blood.

IF you have any other questions let me know in my private messages. I do not require a tribute to just chat. But don't waste my time with BS.



When you message me answer this question first. What is your experience?


Journal Entries:
7/6/2017 5:54:52 AM
Go check out my contest and enter for your chance to have a session via Skype with me.

1/19/2017 6:51:01 PM

When is a time waster really a time waster?

Okay so I have had to do a lot of thinking whether I would type this out on my blog or not. So, with every other post in my twitter feed about time wasters (TW from now on) I deiced it was best to write this out. first off I guess the question is what is a TW? Well it would depend on who you ask but for me it’s when I give my time to a sub that is a potential and he pretends to or doesn’t pay. Now here in itself is the issue I have with that. I like to get to know any sub that maybe in my service. I also think that the only person that can waste one’s time is well yourself.

I waste my time with nonpaying subs because I give my time by messaging back, even if it’s a tribute now loser message, that’s time I gave them. Now how can I not waste time on chatting and pics and video with a sub who don’t pay is the question I’m sure your all asking. Well I don’t know one way to not lose time except only talk to subs who tribute first if that is what you wish to do. For me I don’t send photos or videos or give any kink chat or what I will do to them, etc. 

I ask these three basic questions before I talk tributes. What are your limits both soft and hard? What kinks are you into? (I also let them know just because they tell me doesn’t mean they will get them. After all it’s about me not them). What do you have monthly to give to findom? That’s it that conversation last about 30-60 min. That is all the time they get this give me an idea if they are going to be a good fit to move forward with or not. Plus, it gives the sub the trust he needs in knowing you’re the real deal. Now does this mean to give him all your contact info? Absolutely not you chat in the message system he contacts you on. 

If he wishes to take the conversation somewhere else, he can pay for the ids to those sites. After the initial talk is done I ask them if they wish to continue their new life path. If they do I demand my first tribute. If they don’t pay I block and move to the next sub. I don’t have any more time for that sub. I don’t tell them there is an unblocking fee, it goes without saying that if they didn’t tribute in the first place they won’t pay the unblocking fee. That’s when you began to waste your time and energy. Just demand your tribute once with a time frame then when that time is up if they did not pay it then block and move on. If they chose not to pay out them on timewaster sites so other sisters know to stay away. 

Now for the part that will piss off 90% of you. If you contact a sub first and he does not pay you a tribute because you messaged him to give you his wallet now. Does not I repeat DOES NOT make him a TW. Just because he didn’t tribute you doesn’t mean he didn’t or doesn’t tribute others. You also should know the difference in a finsub/slave and a kink sub/slave. Now a finsub/slave pays his Mistress/Goddess/Princess/Domina (this will just say Mistress next time) for the sheer joy of giving to her pleasure with nothing expected in return. 98% of the subs out there are not this. Is there anything wrong with a kink sub/slave? No not at all it just means you’re going to have to put in work to get your money from them. finsubs pay upfront and know the deal and kink subs want an experience. Know what you are willing to do for your money. This is important to this post because TW are usually kink boys who get off on messing with a Domme don’t let them get under your skin. 

They will always be a part of the scene. Just chat to get to know them if they push for kink right away demand tribute if they don’t pay block and move on. Do not give them what they want more time. Then it becomes you that wastes time. Kink boys this in no way gives you free reign to contact me to bug move along I can smell a TW from a mile away and you will get nothing from me. Genuine finsubs/slaves and kink subs/slaves you may contact me to see if you can be of service to me.

1/19/2017 6:47:28 PM

From afar!

You know that 40% of my subs took a very long time to come and chat with me. I always wondered why they waited. I asked one an he said cause he admired from afar until he couldn’t contain himself any longer. So I began to wonder if maybe that is the norm for a finsub. 

You stumble on my page and you began to follow and watch. You become interested in what I write and what I post but your only checking onetime a day at this point. Then you see a post that ignites something in you is it my feet, ass, my words or maybe it’s my strap-on that gets you. Then you find your self staring at my feeds and post for hours on end not getting much done. Yet there is something holding you back. It’s the money you cant even fathom what it means to give your hard earned money to someone you have only seen online and never spoken to. Then there it is when your supposed to be working your looking at my feed and you realize that if you don’t do something for relief from me your going to do nothing and maybe get fired. So you shut down your phone computer and say that’s it I wont look. And you go a day without me your hands sweat and shake as you want to check your phone so bad yet you are trying to fight it. Day two and your itching for your Nyx fix. You grab your phone and take a peak and I have you again. You hate yourself a bit cause you know it. So you send a gift and hope I show the photo of it so you can see my face. That gives you a bit of relief but then again you see something you love and you fight the urge but this time you send cash and hope I don’t message you. Then you finally understand your place and you willingly message me for your first experience and your hooked forever at my feet and your never the same again. 

Just some FinDom erotica for all my lurkers. If this is you remember you always give in. 

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