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I wont fuck you....I have a wife and she will know   not looking for cyber   
Male Dominant, 53,  Mississippi


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BisexualTransgender Slave
Age: 35, Height: 6ft 3in (191 cm), Weight: 198 lbs.
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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I wont fuck you....I have a wife and she will know


not looking for cyber


my intention is to hurt you, to destroy you would give me great pleasure



Cant host right now..maybe after the new year


If you consider yourself a MILF,,,and you have daughters..Im gonna ask that you bring them as well.....




you will be housed with other slaves in an apartment to start off with...until a slavehouse can be bought

 if you live outside of the US and dont have a work visa for the the fuck do you think I can use a monetary tribute is expected

You must understand that I will not send you any will not live with me....So dont ask me for shit..If you wanna be here bad enough youll find a fucking way..

if you dont like this profile...then FUCK YOU.. 




I am currently in negotiations with local people for a house with a basement.....only problem is we cant agree on the price of the rent and who is gonna fix the problems with the you may start out in an apartment.....or a motel room until a house can be secured...


If you are a mother would young daughters...Ill want them too


all males and sissy boys.....transvestites etc will go to bulk...I will only accept males if they are part of a couple.....and then only as a finsub


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1/4/2018 3:07:06 AM

1/3/2017 2:46:00 AM
a sub girl wrote this and sent it to me 

What is this thing Satanicus
nightmare legend or lie
the women will cream
little girls will scream
as he makes the little girls cry

What is this thing  Santanicus
is it human or animal or such
if its way after dark
so not tarry in the park
you know there is hell in his touch

What is this thing Satanicus
should he cursed or blest
maybe because she is young
is why he has so much fun
laying her soul to rest

What is this thing Satanicus
the one that they will write about
because the hot fire's been lit
and you got yourself hit
Was there even for a moment a doubt

What is this thing Santanicus
the stench in the air you can smell
the stories will be told
handed down from the old
it comes from straight out of hell

What is this thing Satanicus
wives tale, a myth, maybe fable
girl wont be pure long
he will sing his song
as he straps her down on his table

I wrote this thing out as a poem but it didnt show up that way

12/12/2016 2:59:14 AM
my new years resolution : to be the biggest asshole muthafucker I can be...and if that offends your delicate sensibilities then GO FUCK YOURSELF

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