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I'm seeking confident age appropriate (50 to 65 y/o) dominant females, femdom couple
Male Submissive, 63,  Orlando, Florida












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I'm seeking confident age appropriate (50 to 65 y/o) dominant females, femdom couples, dom / domme couples for hard use / abuse / play (whatever term you may prefer).  I might enjoy being the male half or a sub / sub couple.

I'm a fit 63 y/o white guy, 5’ 10”, 185 lbs., straight, single  intelligent, financially secure, excellent health, current on all my vaccinations and dental visits, all my parts work. I'm masculine normal guy with a few kinks.  No kids or ex-wives in the picture.  Handy, skilled and service minded experienced obedient sub male. Fitness in both myself and a potential partner is important.  I work at maintaining myself but I'm not a gym rat.  I'm a reasonably skilled wood and leather worker.  I especially enjoy building dungeon fixtures such as CBT chairs, crosses, tables and spanking benches.  I'm a military veteran.  I've listed most of my kinks in the interests section of my profile ... no need to repeat those here.  Open to exploring other activities .  I'm still fully employed in a job with a clearance ... not going to put my face up here for the world to see.  I have no drama in my life and certainly don't want to get wrapped up in yours.  I enjoy nude recreation, motorcycles, skinny dipping, cruises, fine dining, good wine, exercise. 

Hard limits: kids, animals, poop, diapers, online "training" (WTF is that), financial domination.

Journal Entries:
6/13/2017 11:06:24 AM
One of my hottest scenes was a few years ago with a Mistress L. I was at her house doing some work in her playroom. She wanted me to watch as she rode her sybian. I obeyed as she directed me to undress and kneel near her sybian. She cuffed my hands behind my back and put a collar on me. She attached the collar to a chain hanging from the ceiling. There was no slack in the chain. If I slouched at all the pressure on my neck reminded me to maintain my posture. She bent down and attached severe nipple clips. Then she lifted her skirt and mounted her sybian. Periodically, while she was enjoying her ride, she would reach over to me and pull on the clips or slap my cock just make sure I was paying attention. After she had a number of orgasms I was allowed to lick her nectar from her inner thighs.

9/27/2015 4:20:10 PM
I'm a sub and devotee of the superior female.  But seriously, a domme who expects me to pledge my undying love, loyalty, etc upon the first meeting is simply unrealistic.  For Pete's sake, we have only known one another for a short period of time.  Let's take some time and get to know one another.  From my point of view, I (or any sub) would be an idiot to offer love, loyalty and so forth on day one of meeting.  And, any domme who believes the silly man pronouncing his love and loyalty without first getting to know one another is bound for disappointment.

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