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I am a sophisticated, private, and no nonsense gentleman with over 27 years of real exper
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 Dominant Male


 North Carolina

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 African Descent



I am a sophisticated, private, and no nonsense gentleman with over 27 years of real experience who enjoys the company of mature minded intellectuals that hold themselves to a higher level in this lifestyle and vanilla life. 


I understand and employ power dynamics on all levels (TPE). I enjoy intelligent and challenging conversations on various subjects inside and outside of the life.


I enjoy making new friends and honestly speak my mind.  You do not have to agree nor is it my purpose to sway you one way or another.  Truth is truth.


I surround myself with people who want to grow and learn about this life.  The internet and movies have allowed undesirables and the ignorant to enter this life and hurt people.


I have Old Guard beliefs and enjoy empowering people to go to higher levels and not hurting people for sexual pleasures or a cheap thrill. 


I am not interested in any interaction with the entitled and/or spoiled, big mouthed, nosy, pushy, no patience, hardheaded, lazy, or limited mindset people. 


I do not have a photo on my profile for professional reasons. If I want you to have it, I will send it.  A pic should not deter  you from getting to know someone.


If you use the letter "u" in place of the word you or any other illiteracy, do not contact me as that makes you lazy. It is not cute or intelligent.


If you believe naked pictures are going to get someone to talk to you on any kind of serious level outside of sex, you are sorely mistaken. No one is going to put serious effort into getting to know you. 


If you are looking for money for bills or a sugar daddy in exchange for service, stop prostituting yourself. 


I believe people should have something in common inside and outside of the BDSM arena.  I believe a mature man should have enough common sense to know when to mentor and when to involve himself in a relationship with someone no matter the age but with honest intent. 


A true Master should love his sub and knows when to be firm and when not to be firm. A true Master is also brave enough to release his sub or slave for their best interests. I am a man who loves intelligence.


To the CD/Transgender people, I have no interest outside of friendship. This does not make me a phobic of any kind. It is my preference.  I do not force myself onto you and I expect the same in return. 


I no longer have the taste or desire for a certain variety of woman. I have had my fill. 


If you are bold enough, feel free to engage me.



Journal Entries:
3/21/2018 5:50:19 AM

I have been hearing that people what as much time with someone as they can provide. That is a crazy notion as people have life to live. I am not one to worry about the amount of time I spend with someone, but the quality of it.

You can live with someone for years and not have quality. Some people have it backwards. I rather spend a short time with somone that will make long lasting memories than a long time with fleeting memories.

I know a person who speaks with their mom and Master on a daily basis. Yet I speak with her afew times a month and have some good conversations that are inspirational and informative vs a daily conversation that become mondane.

When someone leaves because of lack of time, I fail to see why one would want to spend any more time in a role reduced relationship. 

I believe a quick hey love how are you doing? is better than I love you every single day as over time it will lose its value.

Just my opinion.


3/21/2018 5:12:04 AM

As  we all know, life will give you a number of disappointments. You can not avoid them as they are usually unpredictable. I have had disappointments and some quite recently that involved people for the most part. 

I have always wanted to be on higher level with things. I do not focus on the small insignificant things. That keeps your head down and you will miss out on the greater vision. 

A disappointment can be the following:

1. Not being acknowledged
2. Not getting a position you wanted
3. Not getting the person you wanted
4. Not getting anything that you have set a timeframe.
5. Not getting what you want when you want it. (a combination of things above)

I can say that I have caused disappointment but because I look to higher things and most want to be in the weeds I disappoint.

People focus too much on dates. My anniversary this or my first that and never focus on the time spent with whom you are with currently nor the time that was given to you for certain things. 

I much rather forcus on the person and not a damn date or timeframe. Again looking into the weeds and not to the sky.

My disappointments thus far this year:

1. I lost a friend - Gained a more powerful one
2. I lost a car - Gained a new one and the means to pay for it. 
3. I lost a job - Found a new one that will showcase my abilities.
4. I lost a slave - Gained the potential for a more balanced one.
5. I lost a mindset - Gained a better belief in a Higher power and more balance

The best want to get over a disappointment is to accept it and move on. I never worry about losing something as I know there is something bigger and better out there to replace it.

It is not an easy way of believing but it will hurt for a moment. Steps to follow:

Disappointment lead to hurt.
Hurt lead to healing.
Healing leads to understanding
Understanding leads to moving forward. 

It is a natural progression. The sooner people hold onto that believe, they better things should go.

Just my stand on things. I hope this helps someone.


3/7/2018 8:44:51 AM
People as Money in your life:

People are going to stay or come and go in one's life. I have seen people reduce women to the amounts in the form of money. I am going to do so right now. This is not just for the lfiestyle but the vanilla and spiritual world as well. Some of the names are real people and others are spiritual.

I am not going to just include women, but men, and anyone else who fits into these categories:


These are people who will be in your life through thick and thin. They are solid will have your back and have a greater value in the overall life of the person and corresponds to the value of the person (in my view). 

My dollars are as follows:

The Great Grandfather, Theresa, Tracie, Tionne, Sharonda, Patrick, Alinda, Andre, Leighton, and Ethan.


These are people who will bring some value in your life, but make a great deal of noise, are often heavy, and of little or no worth in the overall life of the person. They are often flaky.  They will stay and go in your life at a whim.

I will say that there are more of these people, but the more you have the heavier your life will be. 

My coins are as follows:

Michelle, Carla, Theresa, Gwen, Val, Monique, Toni, Time, Tom, Charles, and Shawn. 

As you can see, I do not keep a great deal of coins and you should not either.  Keep your pockets and life light so you can appreciate the dollars that will come into your life and kill the coins. 

As with all things, money can be spent or exchanged.

So evaluate the people in your life and make the appropriate changes.


2/12/2018 4:30:27 AM

I have been hearing and reading about people who want to be a prized possession and a babygirl. It is also a misperceptive that I am this very hard ass and can be nothing more.

To those who believe that, good. I find that people want what they want upfront without having to earn anything. You want those things, then over time, you could earn that spot as it is not given.

In order for a person inside or outside of the life to get to that point, it has to be earned. You earn a diploma, a degree, a job, house, family, children, and anything else in life.

Why not this?

Doms and subs will test people to see what they are made. Some people pass with flying colors. Some people pass with some work to do, and others just fail because the mentality of "ME" is present and they usually revert back to that mentality.

I also find that people have no idea of what they need vs want. Some are not even aware enough to stop take a look at the situation and see where they stand.

If they did, they could see that what the seek has always been there, but not in the form that they were thinking it should be or how it is supposed to be in their minds.

Think on that or believe it.


2/11/2018 3:19:49 PM
Other Outlets:

I spoke with a couple this week as they asked me about did I have other outlets for letting out energy. I explained other ways I used to drain power from my sub or slave. Most Doms think that sessions will do it and only think about the physical or sexual release. 

Another outlet is something that will focus the mind and bring out her aggressive. My slave was a SAM from time to time. I believe in operating outside the box. As we continued to talk, I explained that I had my sub play paintball, sword fighting, and boxing to focus her. 

I explained that exercise or working out only focuses on one area. These activities focus on two areas. Think on that one. 

They were shocked and I said that focus does not always have to be a physical act. I explained that she was reluctant at first, but then I reminded her of all the things I do to her inside and outside her comfort zone.

I know that she used to choke me and I would laugh as she said she was going to kill me. I laughed because her hands were so small. The more I laughed the more she was upset.

I said for her to use that focus to attack me.  She was reluctant until I used a word that I know will hynotize her.  The combination of both let the power flow. 

She came at me like a rocket. Running into me, calling me names, and yes hitting me with the paintballs and gloves. They asked if I had a safety word. I said no because I am not a sub. I could tell when the power was draining or she would feel it run off. 

A time or two she drew blood and it was at that time that she would also snap out of it. She  would fall back into her natural state apologized. I would say good job and we would go off together.

Nothing was held against her and we both had a good power exchange.  She is a woman first before anything else. Most tend to forget that and some tend to want to use that as a weapon. So No sex, no session, and no guilt.

Thinking outside the box.  Ponder on that.


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