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  It's not what we have it's who we have and there's a special kind of beauty in a slave
Male Dominant, 56,  Ash Fork, Arizona


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Age: 28, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 200 lbs.
Location: Phoenix , Arizona
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Age: 32, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 140 lbs.
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It's not what we have it's who we have and there's a special kind of beauty in a slave's love !!


I am very kind, caring, protective and strict when the occasion arises, my name is Michael Highly skilled in the lifestyle for over 35 plus years and in that time I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience and personal growth, I’ve also trained a lot of individuals submissive’s/slaves and dominant’s alike. Have I made mistakes over the years the course I have everybody does that's how we learn and grow.

I'm seeking a relationship/slave a one on one relationship based on trust, faith, honesty and respect, a partnership with someone who loves the lifestyle as much as I do and who understands the complexity and enjoyment of serving a dominant personality.

Yes theirs is a lot more to the lifestyle than just sex so if you just seeking sexual relationship or sugar daddy move on. My relationship is based on the partnership principles, even though I am a dominant and I do rule my household I am also seeking a best friend and companion within the 24 seven lifestyle that I have established over the years.

So if you're seeking a dominant with experience and who lives a quiet life you might be interested in what I have to offer, let me know and we'll see where it goes.


If you contact me and your willing to serve me right off the bat without finding out who I am you're wasting your time.

Be prepared for short e-mails then taxing and then long discussions on the phone, anything less is a waste of my time. If you send me your e-mail address/phone number in your first contact I will ignore it. You must have a smart phone that can text, talk on the phone and take photos, I'm running into to many fake profiles that is wasting my time.


Sir Michael


Journal Entries:
12/22/2017 4:06:19 PM

I’m going to inform you of what I am looking for but like in any relationship things are negotiable to come up with the final outcome.

First off I see the submissive/slave someone who is here to serve me and care for all of my needs. The person who is serving me takes care of all domestic chores including food preparation and all sexual needs at any time during the day and night, also to help me in my wood shop and anything that needs to be done outside.

They will learn obedience, etiquette and learn anticipation of what the dominant personality needs are and working at all times to improve themselves and their abilities to serve. If you are disobedient or disrespectful you will receive punishment which will not be pleasant to correct that situation.

Communication etiquette: you will present yourself at any time in a kneeling position and your communication to me will start or end in Sir, if you have a question it will be presented as Sir I have a question and you will wait until I respond, you will also receive down time that I will give you to do what ever you wish unless you are needed.

There are rules, positions and procedures that you will be taught over time to improve your position as my submissive/slave. During this transition time you will make mistakes and have to be expected and you will not be punished for those mistakes because there will be a learning curve that does take time.

Domestic chores will be a constant every day ordeal in order to keep the household clean and organize to my satisfaction. You will also be ready at all times for any sexual use I may desire 24 seven, but I'll let you know up front the most pleasurable sexual act for me is oral sex and face fucking to completion and  I also enjoy body massages and foot massages during the evenings.

I have a tendency to go overboard in protecting and taking care of my submissive/slave so once a week we will sit down and talk to discuss any problems or needs that you may have and it will be up to me to decide to make changes or keep things as they are.

I am kind of a sadist I get off playing roughly and enjoy that aspect of the lifestyle. We will need to discuss that part of the lifestyle to see what you have to offer or willing to give me in your service.

I hope I didn't scare you away this is a complete lifestyle not a hit and miss it if you are truly wishing to serve and give your heart mind and body to your dominant in all aspects of the relationship.

11/15/2017 6:56:38 AM
Well today Sunday, November 19 and it's my birthday. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I do know on here over And hopefully a little smarter and wiser.

Sir Michael

4/28/2015 3:11:42 PM

Definition: Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.

The other day I asked a question on one of the discussion groups because I wanted to get difference opinions. The discussion fragmented all over and people were fixated on the word trainer, and they did not see my question just a word I use in my question. I was bombarded by so many questions I could not answer them all and the ones I did lost my meeting of what I was trying to convey. In the BDSM lifestyle we have a tendency including myself to put our own definitions to words, right or wrong is what we do and a trainer or teacher basically are the same if you look it up in the dictionary.

We have trainers in gymnasiums, horse trainers, corporations have trainers and they call them instructors and I can go on forever.
Everybody has their own opinion and that’s okay I respect that but I think we need to start understanding different points of view and determine for ourselves what is right for us in my case me.

Don't get me wrong or misunderstand we are all different, we have different ways of doing and thinking about the lifestyle that we are in I respect that in others, what I don't respect is somebody trying to imprint their thoughts or believes or philosophy on me because it doesn't match up with theirs.
It is always good to have a discussion on various topics it's healthy and how we learn from others.

I’m a trainer, I'm a teacher that is what I do and it will never change. I respect your beliefs so respect mine!!! Respect to my way of living and I will respect yours.

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