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First NO PIC = NO REPLY .. I am seeking Long Term Relationship / Total Ownership Total Control
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First NO PIC = NO REPLY .. I am seeking Long Term Relationship / Total Ownership Total Control , , You be Relocateble , 24.7 Live-in Prefered ,  NOT interested if you are owned or being Sold , Traded , Rented by your owner or Bartered for something . ASK Any questions you might have , I am an open book .. ,
It seems I have to Clarify this Yes I am seeking Switch Women in the context of slave/sub  
 to Me and Dom to others .. I also seek BI or Gay Males , Slim /Swimmers build Possible  
to average build , I prefer 18 - Mid 20's  ??  I am a BI -DOM - TOTAL TOP ..

BUT , BEFORE you reply AT Some point in our Talking , I WILL ask for You to provide a few pics of You WITH My Name written on YOU ? or a Piece of Paper ? as I request it to be taken , to weed out the fakes and Liars .. And IF you are No Longer interested in talking be Stand up about it and SAY SO , We are all Adults here Act like it .. 

I am Strict , Kind , Cruel , Loving , Sadistic , and prefer a Mix of BDSM an a Dash of Vanilla thrown in . And if you wish to disappear , No Problem .

What I am seeking is :  Real Time as close to REAL OLD TIME SLAVERY , a Female sub/slave 18 - 35 ?? 40 ?? or there bout's. Also Switch Women who are Sub/slave to Me and could be Domme to Others .. as for Male sub/slave 18 - 28 ?? maybe 33 ?? bout's  Slim/Twink/ Swimmer /slender.
Slim/Petite - Some extra padding Females. MUST be able to Relocate in time , Looking to Start a new Life or Start over ,or even looking for Love . I Prefer LTR , Live-in , Open to Marriage . I seek Total Control and Total Ownership of a slave . A Maso is a Plus , Willing to please or entertain their Owner . Must love Bondage , Restraints , Leather , Rope , Chain , Clamps , TENS Unit , Being used and at times abused .
Any Questions just Ask ..

A word of Caution :
I do NOT Play Games , B S or String you along. I am VERY SERIOUS in what I am looking for and Hope you are too.
I am VERY Honest and Straight-forward . I say what I mean and Mean what I say ,, Some call it Refreshing and Some .. Well an Asshole .. You decide..

About me : I live in the country about 8 miles outside a small town in Southern Ms. I own my home 3br/2bt { 1600 sqft }on 3 acres of land and a 30x3 garage/shop. I put this out there because Several of the people I have talked to , so far do NOT like the country . They prefer the City/Suburb life. I am NOT Rich or Wealthy for those seeking a Sugar Daddy  . I have what I need and live a simple but comfortable life.
I will add more as Needed..

Journal Entries:
5/26/2015 3:00:42 AM
I find it kinda funny and a HUGE Waste of time from some on here who profess to be ' Serious ' and ' Real ' but , are offended when ask to provide a Specific pic.. EX: In my profile I state that ' at some point in us talking , I Will ask for a Pic of you with MY NAME written on a piece of paper , your Belly , whatever . " So far very few have followed through , Even though I ask for your name , write it a piece of paper , take a pic and send it to them as proof that I AM REAL  and SERIOUS .. The ones that have provided the specific pic , we 've had some great conversations but were Not wanting or able to relocate across country ..
So the Moral of this small Vent is ,  DO NOT WRITE if you are Unwilling to step up and , Yes , PROVE you are real instead of a Scammer , Fake , Liar or just plain Cowardly .. If you are going to put yourself out there , then Be Ready to do so ..And the " Excuse " of " I don't have camera , Web Cam , or Phone , Then WHY Waste people's time with your Nonsense , in this day and age when a $10 Trac- Phone has a Camera on it and ' Selfies ' are the Norm.....

5/2/2015 5:09:55 PM
"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." — Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.     

4/5/2015 3:03:38 AM
I live about 45 -50 miles from New Orleans , La and there are several Ads here of subs/slaves in and around New Orleans . I sent 12 Emails to females sub/slaves that indicated the wanted Older Men for Long term /Live-in. I invited each one to meet at a Public place , The Café De Monde in The French Quarter they pick a day and a time .. So far  out of the 12 about 3 deleted "Unread " , 6 wanted to " Charge " for services and " No Response " from 2 .. Only 1 accepted the invite to meet , But the Pics on the Ad did NOT Look ANYTHING like What showed up ! and I was told " I am only here so YOU can buy me some coffee and Beignets because I was Hungary , I have a Boyfriend ".. So in other words SHE LIED in her ad .. Since it Stated she was " Single and Looking for LTR ONLY ! With a Real Older Dom , Wanting to relocate ASAP "..
And you Wonder WHY Dom's are Skeptical and Want Proof thru Pics ?
OH ! I did NOT stay to buy her , her Coffee and Beignets for the simple fact of , NOT Providing REAL pics and Her LYING .. I did not waste the trip though , Had a great time in the Quarter and GREAT ! Shrimp Jambalaya !!

3/3/2015 9:23:26 AM
Well , so far it looks like the same ole Childish BS on this site .  You talk to someone for about 4 ? 5 ? emails then , NOTHING ..They STOP talking and NO Reason given . And of course the LIE of them saying " I'm Interested ".  .  I guess I am old School where a Person told another either , " Not interested ? or some reason why "..  And you wonder WHY people are Skeptical and Standoffish ... Thank ya'll for Proving me right , I just won a LARGE Bet from a friend that said this site was Better than before ... Funny .. $$$$
 Oh , YES ! I am Seriously Looking just have to plow though the weeds to find the Prize !

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