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LIMITS:  Scat and toilet play, animals, children, needles. showing my face. The words pig
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LIMITS:  Scat and toilet play, animals, children, needles. showing my face. The words pig, cow, fat, and ugly. THERE IS A REASON THESE ARE LIMITS. Please don't use them. Crossing these limits will get you on automatic ignore. Thank you for understanding. 



This isn't about my everyday life. If you see me online, I am here because I am craving a particular headspace that I love and find absolutely intoxicating. I love humiliation. I crave degradation and dehumanization. I crave these things in an online setting that will keep me and my life safe and private. I crave these things with someone who is intelligent and articulate, who uses correct language, spelling, and grammar, and who is creative and intelligent. 

I want to be brought down to size. I don't want to be messaged about the weather, about whether or not I think you could fulfill my needs, or anything else. I just want to be knocked down a few pegs. I want to answer questions about my sex life and be laughed at and told how pathetic I am. 

I'm not looking for any sort of relationship. I'm not looking to get to know you and I'm not interested in entertaining the idea that one day we will meet and have a house together on the countryside. I'm not interested in meeting you. As a matter of fact, I don't even LIVE in Alabama. I just put that here because people are constantly asking me where I live. You don't need to know where I live, what my name is, or what I do for a living. That's NOT why I'm here. I don't want you to "train" me. I don't want to wear your collar. That's not what I'm here for. It's not going to happen. You are not an exception. 

Also, while we're talking about it... I don't want to role-play. Why would you type out something pretending like you're doing it? It's just words on a screen. Just because I type I'm crawling on the floor toward you doesn't mean it's happening. That's just... asinine. I'm not here to role-play or cyber, please don't ask. 

Still interested? Let's play.

Journal Entries:
8/29/2017 5:16:16 AM
cunt has been very lax in signing on for its dose of degradation and because of this has gotten the idea in its head that it is a person with rights. it needs to be reminded of its place. This slut thanks its betters in advance for taking the time to remind it that it is holes that only exist for the pleasure of others and is useless for anything else. 

3/17/2017 5:39:46 PM
cunt currently has its nipples clamped and a plug up its ass for the pleasure of the man it just got finished serving. it may unclamp its nipples with permission from one of its betters but tonight it must sleep with its ass plugged. Thank you Sir for reminding this bitch of its place as a fuck hole. 

11/22/2016 8:10:11 PM
cunt is a worthless set of holes that has forgotten its place. It has been disrespectful and thinks it can say no to its betters. Please tease and instruct this slut to torture itself for the amusement of its superiors. it hates having its nipples clamped and its asshole stuffed. It deserves to have its asshole stuffed so it is in pain and have its mouth filled so that it cannot complain about it. its slutty cunt deserves nothing but to remain wet, aroused, and empty. Disobedient teases do not deserve release. 

3/1/2016 6:53:28 AM
cunt has been instructed from now on to turn on its bullet vibe and place it on the lowest setting on its worthless clit for the duration of the time it is signed on. The purpose is to make sure its fuck hole is wet, wanting, and ready for the pleasure of its superiors, but never allowed to cum without express permission. This state of constant desire is clearly what it deserves and what will please its betters. bitch hopes this amuses and pleases you. 

2/20/2016 4:17:28 PM
This slut is lonely tonight and only wishes to touch its worthless cunt while it thinks of being fucked in its asshole until it begs for mercy. It wishes so much that someone would allow it to touch its wet little fuck hole...but it knows that will not happen. it does not deserve pleasure. it only is good to give pleasure to others. 

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