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e  Before you even start reading our profile, We have some rules and requests.  
Dom/Sub Couple, 51/52,  19342, New Jersey







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Before you even start reading our profile, We have some rules and requests.

  We are all Married to different people.  Please be polite and act with some class and manners.  Please respond, even if its a no "thank you", we do not ignore anyone, who writes and would request the same of you.  If you reach out, please be polite and do not send us naked pictures or anything other then a "G" rated pic.  The girls like puppies, so I guess that would be ok.  Please also do not judge us  Just because we are Sub and Dom's, does not mean we can not act with Love, civility and support for each other...

Once again we would also appreciate a response, if we reach out to you.  That is the polite thing to do. ( We think manners still count for something).

We welcome all to contact us as we do not discriminate. We also might entertain a Sub male (must be married).

Now on to the stuff you want to read.....




     A Poly-amorous Dom and his Subs would like to have some fun experiences with couples and/or singles. We are all educated and have a wicked sense of humor. All parties have "very" professional careers and are extremely discrete and private. We are not pushy, love to laugh have a good time with each together  (after all life is stressful enough). Both girls are bi and are more then open to enjoying life and what it has to offer.

     We do not have pics on this site as we have found to many pic collectors. We are not the freak entertainment show, at the local county fair either.  In addition we do not want to be added to some random google search on bi-lesbian lovers or some crazy tag.


    If you have ever wanted to really explore your sexuality in a none judgmental environment, this is your place. If you want to simply learn about yourself or the lifestly, that's great also.  We are a secure unit who will give you the freedom to be experimental and open in a safe secure place. We have a strong bond so there is never any jealousy, or drama. We are not looking to add to our unit, nor are we interested in encroaching on yours. The male is from England the girls are Italian and American. We are all height and weight appropriate for not being kids lol

We do not interact with anyone interested in children or animals.  Please no one under the age of 22.

Did I say we never judge.

One last thing, we have a website which is listed below.  We have people from all over the world visit.  We write about our lives, the lifestyle and other life experiences.  We welcome writers and we can even Ghost write with you.  Do you have a story to help others in the lifestyle. please share it, we are in this together.







.  We have a website at





Journal Entries:
9/28/2017 7:11:59 PM
The Dominant and Submissive Myth

You are with your Dom, you’re in fetish wear, a beautiful black leather corset with fishnets and 5” heels. There are whips and restraints all around. You are kneeling in a pose of his choice. You are his submissive woman to do anything that he desires. You are at his mercy. You can do nothing without his approval and command. 

STOP! That isn’t real life! That is some silly notion people have conjured up in their minds. The reality is that being in a D/s relationship is extremely different than what people think. We are real people. We take showers. We go to work. We have kids. We have laughter. We are like most people actually. And yes, there are times we have kinky sex. And yes, it’s hot kinky sex. Truthfully, it’s not half as much as you would think and only 1/4 as much as we would like. Is it fun to dress up and be sexy? Of course, it is. It’s wonderfully erotic when we can do it. It isn’t however, the main crux of our relationship. It’s not even the one of the important things really.  

Our relationship is based on mutual trust, on honesty, on caring for (wait for it) each other. Not the submissive always caring for her dominant only. Not the dominant dictating what the submissive is to do for him. Yes, I do try to make my Daddy happy. I do that in a variety of ways. I wear cute clothes I believe he would like, I make him a silly card, I write articles for him to read, I cook him dinner when possible or breakfast, I buy him something I know he would like. I try to make sure he has proper clothing for the weather when he travels. I do lots of small things. A joke to make him smile to cheer him up if he’s had a rough day. I rub his hands if I’m with him. I try to make him feel like he’s the most important thing in my life. He may know he is numero uno, but to feel it is entirely different. He, of course, does the same for me. It isn’t all about me or him or Kitty. It’s about us. 

Notice anything? I have not mentioned one thing about sex. None of those ways are about sex. Why? Because our kinky lovemaking is about pleasure to all of us. It’s not only pleasing me or him or Kitty, it’s pleasure for us all. Yes, we all benefit by it. It’s fun! It’s exciting. It’s not why we are here. Daddy happens to be handsome. He could have sex with many, many women. They actually ask him. He may be one of the most hit on men I have ever known personally. He laughs. It’s good for the ego but it’s not as good for the soul. (He may not agree with me on that-grin) 

This relationship is a family. We are a different family, one who has our ups and downs  I know it’s not always easy or accepted. It’s okay. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance but Daddy’s and Kitty’s. I don’t expect everyone to understand it. We truly love each other. 

I would personally be lost without my Daddy. He carries my heart in his pocket-Always. I am his. I am his possession. He loves me dearly. And I adore him as well. We may not always be together but we are there for each other- not sometimes, not usually- Always. My Daddy is my very best friend. He’s my protector, the love of my life, my true soulmate, and yes, my lover. Notice that came last. 

So when people think about kinky sex, and a BDSM lifestyle? Eh, I am not impressed much. Show me a Dominant/submissive lifestyle, that has some age to it? That garners my attention. We are moving on past our 3rd anniversary. We are still learning and growing. We still are here for each other. More so now than even a year ago. We are good for our souls. We matter deeply to each other. Our hearts are entwined. 

I love you, Daddy. That grows daily and exponentially. You are the light of my life. You make each day special. I simply am yours. 

Love, always and forever,


Check out our blog @:

11/17/2016 2:40:55 PM
We are a poly-family. We will always be a poly-family. If you can't handle poly, I understand, then don't talk to us. It's okay. We understand it's not for everyone. We are kind and patient, loving people. Don't waste our time playing an online game. It's just insulting.

9/15/2016 4:19:00 AM
Goodness, the last few emails have been crazy.  I can not believe the judgment that some people on here exhibit. I think we are all in this together, the meanness of people on here is crazy.  I find myself chatting to people, thinking.  I hope this one is different....

I am wondering if manners are gone for ever..

5/15/2016 7:07:46 PM
People often ask what kind of submissives there are. This is a good, if not condensed,guide. From this web site:

A True Submissive

A true submissive serves from the heart, they don't need an Owner driving them to do something, they do it willingly, gladly, eagerly. 
They see their Owner's glass half empty and they fill it, they take care of their Owner's needs sometimes before the Owner realizes what it is They want.
They don't need words of praise, the fact that their Owner is content and comfortable is praise enough.
They don't need others to see that they're submitting, the fact that they are is more then enough.
When their One tells them to come, they put down what they're doing and go gladly hoping that they can provide some small thing to ease the comfort of the One.
The light in the eyes of their Owner or the touch of their One's hand on their head is high praise and will please a submissive more then any award given.
The first thing to enter a submissive's mind when they wake is "what can i do to help Him/Her today" and the last thing through their minds when they go to sleep is the joy that they have served well.

Role Play Submissives

These are men or women who want to play at being a submissive either real time or online. For a few hours or minutes they will "play" the part of a submissive calling someone Master or Mistress in order to fulfil a fantasy they have. They will, depending on how skilled they are, kneel at the feet of the "Dominant" doing as they're told without negotiating what limits they will go to. When their fantasy is done they leave and never visit it again unless it felt good and they want to have that thrill of being ordered around.

It may be that they have something they want to do but that rational part of their mind is sitting there telling them they're nuts for wanting to do it, by "submitting" to someone it takes responsibility of that act away. In other words they're not in the wrong for doing something bad because they were told to do it.

In the case of some of the men in this category they may have the fantasy of being dressed in girl's clothes, makeup and wigs and being made to do what to them is degrading things. Or they may be dressed as a baby complete with diaper and bottle and eating baby food.

Sexual Submissive

In a nut shell... these kinds of submissives want the kink or fetish. They want to be restrained, blindfolded, spanked, flogged, beaten or whatever their fetish is. Once the sex act is over they go away happy until the next time.

There's not a thing wrong with that as far as it goes and as long as they go into a real time situation with their eyes wide open aware of the dangers that could be waiting for them. As long as they sit down and discuss their limits and the "Dominant" partner agrees to those limits and abides by them they should be safe enough.
All too frequently though that doesn't happen and they can be seriously hurt or maimed by the "Dominant" who decides "well that may be as far as you want to go but it's not what I want and now you're tied up and helpless guess what"

Online Submissive

My apologies in advance there are several types of online submissive, I know many who live the Lifestyle both online and off line dedicated to the One they serve, there are even more though that fall into this first group.

I'm a submissive.. really I am

These are people who are submissive while in the chat room, they'll very prettily write out elaborate serves for the One they serve, they vow eternal love and submission to the One who holds their heart.. then when they go to another room or another name they're saying the same things to Another. More role play, more drama, not an ounce of submission in them anywhere. They enter a room and the first thing they type is that they're submissive looking for a Master/Mistress and they'll do any thing.. oh and they have a camera to prove how submissive they are.
I belong to my Master/Mistress

You see them in chat with their Owner's names on theirs, they serve that Owner with all the love in their heart holding back nothing, giving every part of themselves to that special One as if they were together face to face. Real life things may be against them being together physically but that doesn't make any difference to them, they serve their Owner well.

5/13/2016 5:11:09 AM
An answer to why most men post a pic of their dicks on their profile . I have found on both sides of the fence that collar makes people lazy. The difference is negligible on both ends of the spectrum. Take a peek at most male profiles and they see subs as easy meat to be abused and taken advantage of. Besides, why try so hard when most subs ante either not a real sub or are broken. Now having been on here for a while, I have found most subs to have been empowered to the point of being rude. They don't answer or are just plain rude in their response. The problem is their is a lack of understanding on both ends of the real partnership between the two. Well thank you for reading lol.

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