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Please be aware that I require verification through Skype, multiple photographs or telephone c
Male Dominant, 55,  Florham Park, New Jersey












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 Dominant Male

 Florham Park 

 New Jersey

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 3"

 215 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Online Romance

Please be aware that I require verification through Skype, multiple photographs or telephone conversation before spending  time with you (I, of course, am willing to provide the same in return).

Searching for a sub, not a slave.  In case you haven't noticed, slavery is illegal in this country, and most of the world.


READ my profile.

I'm fine, please stop asking.

Don't bore me, try to stand out.

Get my attention, don't know how? 

*HINT*, BE INTERESTING, don't bore me.


Show me your worth, give me your devotion and I'll show you a world, and sides of yourself you've never imagined.


Ideally, you want someone to build a future with.  




Journal Entries:
8/10/2016 2:38:01 AM

I seek the four C’s,  The first being compatibility, the others, companionship, chemistry, and communication.

A fifth and eventual one would be a heartfelt commitment as I am seeking long-term and monogamy only.

I’m not looking to “hook up” or” hang out”.  No N.S.A., No F.W.B., No One Night Stand, no “sessions”; no “playtime”, no head games, no mind games and no unemotional sex. That just will not work for Me.

I am not now nor have I ever been a player. As I wrote this I realized it was a little lengthy, I just wanted to cover as many of the bases as possible here and as I'm mostly busy and I want My potential partner to understand what I am about and what I seek, no surprises, at least no bad surprises.
I know I am not for everyone and everyone is not for Me. You should be late 30ish, 40ish or 50ish ("ish" being the key in my search) and in decent shape. I am NOT seeking the perfect “10”, just a “10” in My eyes.

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections which is my simple quota of a perfect partner. It seems so few people are willing to acknowledge, express, communicate or pursue their true desires because these desires might differ from those in their social environment. What’s wrong with being different?

All I’m asking is that you continue reading my profile and decide whether you want to take a chance, the same chance I am taking. Don’t let fear, uncertainty or shame (see below) stand in the way of your happiness. What have you got to lose, compared to what you have to gain. Just be real, be serious and know what you want, maybe we will find it together.

I am a strong believer of  alone time or me time as some call it, this applies to both partners.  I am into bondage, gags, blindfolds, as well as all things corporal, spanking, paddling, caning, flogging and whipping, whether you are bound/restrained, gagged, blindfolded, OTK, bent grabbing your ankles, leaning against the wall or whatever position you find yourself in, this can be used as punishment, to remind you who's in charge.

I want one who is ready to serve me domestically.. If you know that you are not ready to serve me with all my wishes... then do not message me.



4/26/2016 2:06:36 PM
Looking for one perfect submissive female that is in-shape for a 24/7 LTR.



About me: I have several years of hands on experience.  Let your limits be known in your first message to me. I have many interests some which include Role Play, Fantasy Realization, Cross dressing and many more.


In your introductory message, include what you have to offer/what talent(s) you bring to the table.

SOME THOUGHTS:  I am personable, witty, educated and employed and those who know that it's not about a Dom wearing black leather and pretending to be from a cartoon. It is about letting go to being your true submissive self. No special outfits required.

I seek to lead, guide and discipline a female in a loving relationship. I believe that most women long for this, and spend a good portion of their lives searching for this void to be filled within them. Once they experience the strong yet loving hand of a dominant male whom they trust and love, it fulfills them and it brings to them tranquility and contentment. What many of us are searching for is not merely an alternative form of sexuality but rather a loving male authority in our lives, in a relationship that offers inspiration and growth for the dominant male and his female submissive. I think that domination is important because while it is a desire that primarily expresses itself in a woman's sexuality, it reflects the core desire within the female gender. It is that female desire for loving male authority that ultimately empowers men, one relationship at a time. 

I believe that when a woman submits,she must do so with her whole heart and mind. This is to say, she must strive to perform her duties with full intent of action and with a passion and commitment to service. She must take genuine satisfaction in making her master happy and see to it that his needs are met first and last. Even if she is performing a menial or unpleasant task, she should be able to demonstrate his dedication with alacrity, energy, interest, and persistence. In short, she should be passionate about any opportunity to serve. 

I have many interests and skills which I can bring to the table as well as a lot of creativity. And while you may wonder what kind of master would write what I am writing, I assure you that I am very real and very respectable. You will not be embarrassed to be yourself, no worries of being made to feel wrong about your inner self even in public. I am well thought-of in my social circles and I keep my dominant / master life style in my private life. 

What I seek: A submissive who thinks that she would be happy in a Male led relationship - whether she has experience or not. We can make our own rules about how far to live this and/or how to approach. I seek a submissive who takes care of  herself physically and mentally as I believe that physical attraction is necessary in any romantic relationship. I seek a woman that won't lose respect for themselves just because they submit to their Master and prefer a submissive female who wishes to keep the true nature of the relationship between confidential. I require that she be able and willing to take care of their Master, providing for his needs in a style of class and comfort never wanting for anything.


The Ideal Person:





4.     CLEAN AND TRIMMED (preferably shaven down there)

5.     Between the ages of 37 to 57


6.     A submissive that I can breakdown and then rebuild.




Master is into role playing, fantasy fulfillment & fetishes. Master enjoys making you fall to your knee's with the look of pure desire in your eyes!  THAT TURN'S ANY MASTER ON! Know this; from weak to strong, I will control!

Master has no patience for “BS”. Master does not do or permit ANYTHING with CHILDREN, ANIMALS, BLOOD, PERMANENT MARKS OR SCAT.


Master's focus is on cleaning. So you will be taught how to be a proper maid and clean a Dom's home well. If you do exceptionally well, you may be invited back again to be my personal maid.


Stop putting your life on hold NOW. The things you have pushed back in your mind for so long will be realized. Under my guidance you will give into those fantasies, with no judgment, in a safe place. Stop thinking there is something wrong with you, now you can do or be who you always wanted to be!


Do you really want to wait yet another day to start your life of sexual freedom? Do what your mind says it wants, not what people say you can't have. It's 2016, Stop putting that submissive life on hold any longer.


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