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Read my journal entries. Third entry is a challenge I bet can't be done. I welcome anyone to t
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Read my journal entries. Third entry is a challenge I bet can't be done. I welcome anyone to try but I don't see it possible at all.

If you are having troubles messaging here. My yahoo email is that is also my yahoo instant messaging.

:// you can also look me up as Marina Beck.

I hTave developed in interest in learning more about Chemical Castration, elastrator banding as well as cutting, and other forms of being neutered.  I would love to hear from other guys who fantasize about being fixed.  I would really love to hear from guys or transgenders who have ben castrated,


I also would love to hear from girls about there castration desires,  if they would like to learn more and ask me anything,  or if they have experience or information they can share with me.  There are ways that are not so brutal,  Ask me.


The Challenge,  Do you have what it takes to take my right to choose and make that choice for me?  I am going to tempt fate by saying I don't think I could be tricked.  It would take too much effort to set up my demise.




Any Suggestions on a female name I can start going by?  I like to know what girl name everyone thinks I look like. Please feel free to shoot me an email.



I am a fun loving thrill seeker who loves to mountain bike, kayak, river raft, and snowboard.  I have enjoyed having control with girls sexually but at times feel I am missing something.  I would love to meet a woman who loves the idea of having anything and everything done to me that I have done to girls.






Journal Entries:
12/5/2017 7:30:09 AM
I wake up, my head is throbbing and my eyes are blurry. I can't remember anything about the night before or who's bed I am in. I roll over and my lower back is in pain and there is a huge bandage on me. I stumble to the mirror to see that somehow I have a large colorful tramp stamp on my lower back and the fear sets in. How will I ever hide this and keep it a secret. I will be marked as a sissy for life. How did this happen and whose clothes am I wearing?

12/5/2017 6:42:25 AM
This is a recurring fantasy of mine. Someday if I am lucky I will get to experience it for real. I drive to pick up my friend and when I get there she has me get out to model the sexy girly outfit I am wearing. I strut around in my high heels lifting my skirt up to show the panties I am wearing. Approving, you let me get back in the car to head back to the hotel room. Once there set up the restrains to the bed post. I then lay face down with the pillows under my midsection, raising my ass up. You restrain my arms first then my legs good and spread. Finally you tape your warn panties into my mouth. Once secured you invite the man we already have set up over to the hotel room we are in. He walks to the bed I am strapped to and smiles big as he undresses. I hear her compliment him on how huge his cock is. Climbing onto the bed over me he lifts my skit up and rips my panties. He pushes the tip of his cock up to my puckered butthole and he spits on my ass and his cock. In one push his cock goes all the way in balls deep and my dreams of pain are muffled by the panties taped in my mouth. He grabs my two pony tails and rides me hard till he comes the hole time you are laughing as you take photos of my face as I am painfully fucked.

10/8/2017 3:32:11 PM
I have a new interest in Chemical Castration. I have looked into different forms of Chemical use and love to hear from others who also have an interest in castration.   My fantasy goes like this. I meet a wonderful woman who also has an interest I castration. After a while of getting to know me, she is secretly building up a network of other girls who live in my area also interested in castrating a male. In time the girls a Answer some Craigslist post of mine for more milder desires of mine. While out with one of the girls she gets me to let her tie me down and then after I am secured she tells me about her friendship with the girl from here interested in castration. My heart sinks as I begin to realize I had have crossed the point of no return and am getting what I have asked for. While I lay there helpless in able to move she tapes my mouth shut and sets up two video cameras, one on either side of me to get a great video made. Before long, there is a knock at the door and the girl let's another girl in who is carrying a medical bad. Soon after she arrives I am drugged and knocked out. Several hours I wake up feeling a severe pain in my crotch area. That's when I realize my scrotum has been cut open, my testicals have been surgically removed and scrotum sewn back up. After waking up the girls thank me for my gift to them as they untie me. They then leave me there to recover. 2018. My goal is to keep this in my journal and add to it as I get messages from others. I tend to temp fate though I feel even with asking for this to be done to me. It will never happen. Though I still wish to temp fate and dare myself to let it happen if it does. Maybe there are others who wish to see this through giving me no choice. I CHALLANGE YOU TO TRY EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I CANT BE TRICKED :// This is my facebook that I use as my dating facebook page just in case you want to friend me without knowing you are from here.

7/20/2017 12:19:17 AM
I have been wanting to explore and push my comfort limits.  I hope I can meet a girl here who will talk to me outside of Collarspace.   My goal is to find a girl who would be willing to post an ad on craigslist locally where I live and pick a couple guys to set up to fuck me.  The more men she sends to me, I live in a small town so, the better the chance of being recognized.  I know this is a lot to ask, so I expect to tribute for the exposure I desire.

I think about what kind of woman would be best for helping me with my dream of being used and recongnized.  Someone who loves and understands humiliation and no or very few limits

7/11/2017 6:19:27 PM
Any Ladies think they can hypnotize me?  I challenge you to see if you can put me under.

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