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A great kisser seeks the same.  I like the thought of give and take in a relationship.&nb
Male Submissive, 65,  Biloxi, Mississippi












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 Submissive Male



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 5' 11"

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A great kisser seeks the same.  I like the thought of give and take in a relationship.  Even in a FLR relationship there's give and take, wouldn't you agree?    Ideally, we would have a like-minded checklist of mutual vanilla interests and would be best buds.  Our private trips to Kinksterville would be for OUR pleasure and for hours on end, if not an entire weekend. Know this: Our time together will always be about You.  I have NEVER strayed in a relationship.

I am single, not married, not involved with anyone.  I will not be attending any local group events (unless you're very, very persuasive). Ya know, Groucho once said something akin to...I don't want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member. He and I thought alike with regard to clubs.

Privacy!  I understand the need for photos.  I like having an image of the person with whom I am communicating, also.  The best that can be offered is I will attach photos in a reply, if requested.

I've been involved in long-distance romances before and none of them ever worked.  So, I'm looking as close to home as possible, although, I do take a peek at profiles outside the radius I would be inclined to travel.  Just like taking a look at what's out there.

Phone, cyber or cam play....Just not interested.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will revise and extend this profile as words come to me.

Journal Entries:
3/14/2018 5:18:03 AM
You must possess qualities I admire.  It's the only way I could ever feel compelled to be your submissive.

9/3/2017 4:18:38 AM
I wish there was someone for me.

1/18/2016 2:22:01 PM
Long lip tugging kisses were not in the list of likes and loves.

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