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Straight Male Dominant
Age: 42, Height: 6ft 4in (193 cm), Weight: 240 lbs.
Location: Texas

Last on 2/22/17 at 3:37 AM

I think I need to write, that I am not interested in relocating to anywhere. If you aren't willing to relocate to me at some point there really is no point in messaging me. I don't like cyber sex or phone sex. It's idiotic. If I want to get off, I'll find someone local, or pop in some porn, Lol. Also I'm not a picture collector nor should you be. If you contact me and have your profile hidden then don't expect a reply. 
6 years of my life wasted... Doesn't make sense to you? It does to one person and one person only.
2/22/17 at 3:41 AM

BigDaddyDom1313 - View Full Profile   View All Photos   Send Message

Straight Male Dominant
Age: 46, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 240 lbs.
Location: lynchburg, Virginia

Last on 2/22/17 at 3:31 AM

The chat feature on this site does not function properly. I will not use it. I do have google chat, though. - There is a disclaimer at the bottom. To save time I suggest you read that first.   - wake at 6am every day and make master coffee and breakfast.   - your day spent around the house tidying it, under domestic servitude, making master his meals and doing as he wishes.   - he may be home for lunch or other activities.   - clothing in the house will be nude, or a camisk and always a collar. During times panties and shorts.   - not allowed to leave the house except when accompanied by master.   - all food to be eaten at master's feet.   - available 24/7 for master to use and punish as he sees fit.   - will have literally no control or discretion in any decisions in life.   If this sounds like something that you may be able to accommodate then please do message me.   - If i viewed your profile, I may be interested. Meetings with locals is fine also. I'm sure there is a Subway we can agree to meet at.   - I am looking for mainly a Long Term. - No personal contact info until after the fourth email. Only scammers offer it up on their profile or first email. - If you have made it this far, good girl. - Be D&D free. - Some of my hard limits are: sharing, blood, needles, knives, animals, kids, mutilation,.... - I work five days a week and my responses may be delayed   I have known about the lifestyle for about 30 years. Practicing it off and on for ten. I go to work and come home.    DON'T SEND MONEY TO THE SCAM ARTISTS & FAKES ON THIS WEBSITE!!! THEY WILL NOT MEET YOU. THEY'RE NOT EVEN INTO BDSM. THEY ARE SCAMS. THEY RUINED THIS SITE. STOP THEM!!! NEVER SEND MONEY OR PHONES!!!!
Currently interviewing "hotwifejaney" for positions.
2/22/17 at 3:41 AM

lolthsdesire - View Full Profile   View All Photos   Send Message

Bisexual Female Dominant
Age: 21
Location: Ohio

Last on 2/22/17 at 3:39 AM

Greetings to all who have found my profile. I am 21 years old and in school. I am here for my entertainment and to better my life. So if you want my attention you must earn it. I don't want to hear generic bull shit that every idiot spouts out. If you want to serve then try and be worthy of a goddess. If you have no use you can always be used as a pay pig. Don't like what I'm here for or think I'm fake then do not waste your time or mone because your opinion means nothing to me   My main goal here is to find a female slave that will come and serve under myself and my Fiance. We are fairly new in the sexual aspect but we are eager to learn and grow. Age, race, experience do not mean much to us. We are open and honest so do feel free to ask questions to see if you are a good fit for us and us for you.
getting more into cosplay so time to get crafty. If you want to see what I come up with then feel free to found the projects. 
2/22/17 at 3:40 AM

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