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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 55, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 275 lbs.
Location: moses Lake, Washington

Last on 5/21/17 at 5:43 PM

Hello:)  First off I'm not the best and putting words to paper on here on the computer just not what I am good at so bear with my. I'm looking for a Lady my Queen to serve a Female Led Relationship .   I have many talents range from A to Z handyman woodworking plumbing wrenching all types gardening cleaning cooking washing. Not to brag but I can do just about anything. My hobbies range from woodworking camping photo sight seeing shooting fishing hunting some sports  tennis  football My side of life is a mix of things which I will tell who ever wants to know  I dont feel its right to show pics of the lower parts  until asked for Im not here to play head games and get rejected by Ladies who think they are above everyone else. You know What you put your panties on One Leg at a time LOL  Im here to find My Queen My Lady and so if you want to know more about what makes me tick just ask Im a big soft Teddy Bear that Will and Can Defend my Queen
There are some Ladies Here on Collar space that have Viewed me and the decided to block after only chatting with me for a few times and I wasn't even
anything but polite to them I
Wonder who they really are

and what really brings them here .Some say they are Looking for a real relationship the they judge the book with out even looking at the Dam cover So If the shoe fits  then go from there  The Ball is in your court
5/21/17 at 5:43 PM

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 42, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm), Weight: 121 lbs.
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Last on 5/21/17 at 5:40 PM

UPDATE... Have tried to delete this profile to no avail unfortunatley... I give up seeing profiles online!!!! Hate being made to feel like im an idiot😔 When im not stupid.. But obviously i am... (Australia Only)....PROFILE UPDATE...MAY 2017.... No my profile pic isnt of myself but this site being the fakeass that it is with majority of fake people...the fake ones (including some but not all that are in my inbox) will not be viewing my ass when they view my profile... Will be DELETING this profile and this site.... OWNED and reside with my daddy who has access to my profile when needed...
And going back to being straight!  
Dont have much luck with females!
5/21/17 at 5:40 PM

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 49, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)
Location: Fairport, New York

Last on 5/21/17 at 5:39 PM

Looking for that special someone to explore the Lifestyle with me.
The Abduction

My girlfriend Anne and her friend Sue were a bit tipsy after a "girls night out." They were both bi and were just getting into kink. Eventually the conversation turned to fantasies.  Sue admitted she'd always had an "abduction" fantasy. Anne decided to try to fulfill it for her. And she came up with a plan. Without telling Sue, of course.  She discussed it with me and Sue's boyfriend Peter. We were both into it as long as we were sure Sue really wanted it. We enlisted the help of another couple, Mike and Sarah.  They were married, kinky and lived on the other side of town.

One weekend Anne invited Sue to go mountain biking in one of the local parks.  At a pre-arranged remote location on the trail Anne's bike had a "breakdown." While she distracted Sue, three "perps" jumped out from their hiding place and threw a blanket over her head. Pinned her down and used duct tape to bind her. They were all wearing coveralls and ski masks. Anne played her role... she pretended she was being grabbed too. All Sue could hear was her apparent muffled screams and struggles. We dragged their bikes into the brush and chained them to a tree. Then we carried Sue back to Mike's van and threw her in the back. Anne laid beside her as if she was also bound. With the blanket over her, Sue couldn't see at all or hear very well. We took her back to Sarah and Mike's house. They had prepared the basement so we had room to play. We pretended to seperate the two "victims" so Sue would feel completely alone and isolated. Then we took her down to the basement. Sarah had a stereo blaring so Sue couldn't identify any voices. First we stripped off her socks, shoes and pants. Then tied her legs so they were spread wide apart. Next we dimmed the lights and removed the blanket. One guy held each of her arms as the third put a soft hood over Sue's head and then gagged her. She was tied in a standing spread-eagled position from the rafters. Then her shirt, bra and panties were cut off until she was completely naked except for the hood. We left her like that while everybody went upstairs.

After getting a drink and some snacks, we went back downstairs. Sue looked so hot and vulnerable... naked, bound and struggling. Completely exposed and helpless. She didn't know if this was really happening to her or if she was being screwed with. Doubt and uncertainty... mingled with fear and her secret kinky desires... a wonderful combination! We started by playing a game of dice.  The high roller got to take a clothespin and attach it to any part of Sue's naked body from the neck down. So you can imagine after 20 minutes she had clothespins on her toes, legs, thighs, ass, pussy, breasts and nipples. Every time a new clothespin was attached Sue started wriggling and squirming. Removing the clothespins was even worse for her when the blood started flowing back to where they had been pinching her skin. To take her mind off it, Anne started flogging her ass and thighs. Then one of the other "perps" started working on her front... Sue was getting the "full-body" experience. We could see the juices glistening on her pussy. She was obviously turned-on despite her situation. Then everybody crowded around her and started fondling and caressing her entire body. Pinching her nipples, squeezing her breasts, pulling her hair, flicking her clit and inserting their fingers in her ass and pussy. Can you imagine how Sue must have felt with that many hands on her helpless naked body at the same time?

After another short break, we decided to get down and dirty. We re-tied Sue so she was bent over at the waist with her arms above and behind her back with her legs spread wide apart. We replaced the ball gag with an o-ring gag... forcing her mouth wide open. All her holes were completely open and exposed. Another game was started... this time it determined who was going to use which hole on the captive little slut. For about an hour she always had a cock or strap-on inside her. Or a dripping pussy in her face.  At several points poor Sue had two of her holes filled at the same time. Anne eventually decided to go for the gold. We tried to find a small table for her to lay on at the right height, but couldn't.  So the "perp" penetrating Sue's ass held Anne's legs while the "perp" in Sue's mouth supported Anne under her shoulders. She was wearing a strap-on and inserted it in Sue's wet pussy. She fucked her hard and fast while being held up by the two "perps." Being a kinky slut, Anne took the opportunity to take my balls in her mouth and rim my asshole. I was a lucky guy... one woman's mouth around my cock... another with my balls in her mouth or tongue up my ass. There was always a vibrator on Sue's clit. She came at least seven times in 30 minutes before we stopped counting.  One of the advantages of being a woman... always ready for action!

We decided to re-position Sue once again... this time so she was on her knees. Arms cuffed behind her back and her legs folded and bound. We made Sue practice and improve her oral skills. She was on a steady diet of cock and pussy for the next hour.  After that we decided she had had enough for one day. We "re-bagged" her and took her back to the site of the "abduction." We also tied Anne loosely so she could easily get free. Both of them were completely naked. Only their shoes were left nearby. The bikes were unchained and hauled out of the brush and the "perps" took off. Anne "got free" and helped Sue get loose. They didn't have their cells so they had no choice but to bike back to the Sue's house stark naked. Anne was an exhibitionist anyway... she had a gorgeous body and loved to flaunt it. She said she got wet again on the ride back. Blamed it on the bike seat! It only took 15 minutes but they passed several cars on the way. Probably caused an accident or two... Anne didn't say!  And some of our neighbors likely caught a glimpse before they made it inside. Sue suspected Anne had a hand in the "abduction" but she didn't admit it for several weeks. And she never gave up the other co-conspirators.  She told Sue she'd found five or six people at a bar and enlisted them. You can imagine how difficult it was keeping a straight face every time I talked with Sue after that. Remembering how gorgeous she was hanging there naked and helpless.
5/21/17 at 5:32 PM

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