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A slave does not need a will of it's on, will only gives it a unnecessary sense of freedom. &
Female Dominant, 35,  South Carolina US

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Bisexual Female Dominant
Age: 39, Height: 5ft 0in (152 cm), Weight: 115 lbs.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Last on 7/23/17 at 6:39 PM










 Dominant Female

 South Carolina

 5' 2"

 105 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Submissive Trans

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A slave does not need a will of it's on, will only gives it a unnecessary sense of freedom.


I recently decided to go back to findom because I was much happier when I was a findomme. I have 17 years of experience 13 of which were as a findom. I’ll be combining that with my love of cock & ball torture chastity & humiliating anal play. (you will be trained in all 3 of these, even if you are a sissy.) Don't think because I'm a findomme I'm lazy & I'll go easy on you, I play hard and work harder.  If you message me with empty compliments, hi, how are you or questions about my work I will not respond, same goes for those of you who send a copy and past messages that shit will not only get you deleted unread but it will get you blocked. I only respond to messages from subs and slaves that ask for permission to speak or messages asking me to check my gift rocket account. No exceptions! My wants & desires come before anything and that empty little head of yours.


I prefer older white pigs who worship the ground all women walk on not just the women of color. I find older pigs to be extremely generous & obedient. 


When I’m not stripping away a mans dignity & self-imposed sense of entitlement I work 6 days a week as a day trader(shorting silver). I enjoy reading & gardening. I’m openly asexual & I’m happily married (I don't & won't cheat, yes he knows I'm here & no he not a submissive) & on the weekends I host private fetish parties, do not ask for an invite because you will not receive one. Parties are only for A-list dommes, doms & our human pets. I use the temple definition of pet & furniture) Speaking of which I have one human pet and eight servitors who live in my home as well as two non-consensual slaves that a temple priest gave me as a gift. DO NOT message me to tell me how you think that's wrong & illegal because you do not have the facts on how slaves are picked & sold. Yes our temple is female led, the art of nonconsensual is openly practiced but it is NOT fetish based & I will not invite you to attend service nor will invite you to one of my weekend fetish parties. my parties are for A-list domes/doms, Roses & our pets. The slaves that are there are there against their will in accordance to temple law.


Do not ask me to meet you or ask to be a live in slave, for my own personal safety that will NEVER happen. Same goes with Skype, I only use Skype for work or to keep in touch with friends, my husband & servitors when they are traveling. Also when a sub/slave is cam chatting they are not in a proper position, I don't allow  slave's or subs to be at eye lever or to make direct eye contact. A proper slave knows better.


Male doms, female dommes, female subs/slaves, switches, subs, and slaves under the age of 30 & in foreign countries automatically go in my bulk mail folder where they will be deleted at the end of the workday. I have no patience for anyone who tries top from the bottom & will deny you every time you make a demand. If I own you and you pull that shit I'll punish you try it again and you'll be shown the door.


My Websites

I enslave men (I have sissy lessons, CBT, cum eating task listed here )

Sana's wish list (My Amazon wish list)

Twitter (6/4/17 now has a verification video ) (send tributes here)



Because I post & stream a lot of temple stuff and noncon I have a darkweb site which is listed above ^ it's a encrypted link to keep out the wrong people. the password hint is: The one of protects the Roses and where we train or for quiet.

Journal Entries:
7/23/2017 5:39:44 AM

So I decided to search for a piggy to lock in chastity for the next 120 days (maybe longer if your dick is exceptionally tiny 180 - 200 days if your profile pic is of your asshole or dick) along with bizarre insertions maybe some weekly prostrate milking.  If you’re interested, message me but if you’re not a pay pig don’t even bother messaging me the answer is ‘fuck no’

7/23/2017 4:50:46 AM

Sakuya has signed up for classes, this semester he’s decided that he wants to try 4 classes, nothing wrong with pushing yourself. I asked him what is the fourth class he’s taking and with a huge smile he said classic Chinese Lit . I like how he’s always willing to step out of his comfort zone and try something new in order to better himself.

7/22/2017 2:21:12 PM
A friend is making a 1in thick wooden paddle with metal ball bearings on one side. I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow morning.

7/22/2017 10:17:07 AM
That last trade has my heart racing, I had a 5k day so my loyal slaves can expect to get gifts in the mail on friday

7/22/2017 5:22:51 AM
Had to use the shock collar twice because new slave doesn't know how to prepare or serve tea and it doesn't seem to understand do not make eye contact with me. Perhaps it's time to turn the shock collar to it's highest setting.

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