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  I'm not looking for anything right now. My life is way too complicated at the moment
Transgender Dominant, 32,  Oceanside, California


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 178 lbs.
Location: Athens, Georgia
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I'm not looking for anything right now. My life is way too complicated at the moment. I'll leave this profile as-is for now, though.

I'm 42, but I look much younger, hence the different listed age.  I'm not looking for an exclusive relationship. I'm seeking someone I can be deeply close to, yet who understands I need my space.

I'm looking for a genetically-born female who identifies solely as a woman. You must be feminine. The more girly you look, act and sound, the better. You can be of any sexual preference, but know that I don't identify in the slightest as a male. I don't look, sound, act or think like one. You can be submissive, switch, or even a dominant. If you're a Domme, you may want a "vacation" from being in such a position, wish to be converted, or even have a desire to be broken.

If you don't have a recent picture or pictures on your profile that show both your face and body, please include those in your message.

These are my "must-haves". I'll need you to tell me that this describes you FULLY...   

    - At least neck-length hair
    - A nice rear end (see below)
    - Very strongly into being spanked (see below)

A shapely ass is a must for me. I don't care if you look "plain", have a face or an overall look you don't consider pretty, or that the majority of others wouldn't consider pretty. I've always wanted the girls that others overlooked, because they aren't considered "pretty". But, they of course have a wonderful bottom. This leads into my next point: I'm obsessed with spanking. If it's not at least in your top three fetishes, we'll have no chance of matching up. You WILL be over my knee, with varying shades of bubblegum pink to strawberry red. Spanking for me is about both the play side of things, as well as discipline.

These are my non-negotiable deal-breakers. If you're interested in playing with me, and you don't specifically let me know that these DON'T apply to you, I won't reply...

    - Cigarette smoking (marijuana is fine)
    - Overweight or extremely skinny (hourglass figures are welcome)
    - Hair ANYWHERE except on your head and eyebrows
    - A United States East Coast accent (nothing personal)
    - Girls who don't use Orabrushes
    - Girls who don't use mini-enemas daily (see below)
    - Mothers (nothing personal)
    - Hoods/masks that cover the entire face while playing
    - Religious devotion
    - Already in a relationship
    - Overly bratty / intentionally disobedient
    - Not actually submissive in nature

Regarding mini-enemas, here's my philosophy on them. You wouldn't skip wearing deodorant, right? Then you shouldn't skip doing a mini-enema every time you use the bathroom other than urinating. The principle is the same, only more so. I'm only talking about five ounces (150 ml) of water from a small, reusable bottle you can get for next to nothing at a drugstore. It makes all the difference in the world. It has nothing to do with anal play. I'm not into anything anal, period. I won't administer the enema to you.

Some of my other favorite fetishes are bondage, sexual teasing, orgasm denial, orgasm control, chastity, humiliation, clothespins, vampire gloves, pussy "torture", breast "torture", hot wax, and a bunch of other things that aren't coming to mind at the moment. You don't have to be into all of these, and I very much want to know everything you're into. I won't engage in any play having to do with animals, diapers or toilet-related activities. I'm not into cyber or anything other than real-time play.

I love to provide tender aftercare when i'm done playing with a submissive. If this isn't your thing, we won't be a good match. There's nothing more beautiful to me than a girl in tears. While I'm sadistic, I also have a big heart.
BDSM is an entire way of thinking to me. I am always a Domme, not just in the bedroom. While BDSM doesn't center on sex for me, it is inevitably a crucial component. To be blunt, you have to crave giving oral sex (on your knees if ordered) and swallowing orgasmic essence. :) While I will treasure you, you'll also be my personal slut.

You may refer to me as Ma'am (primarily) or Miss Kyra.

I'm non-religious. I'm a non-smoker. I don't drink (I'm allergic to alcohol). I don't care if you drink or do drugs, but it's usually not a good mix with BDSM, depending on what you've taken and how much.

I've never been modified in any way (my "breasts" in the pictures are forms or shaped bras). My original parts are intact and functional, and I'm fine with having them referred to by whatever name you're comfortable with (cock, clit, etc.). You will need to tell me which name(s) you prefer (or if you have no preference), so things won't be awkward.

My physical stats: Caucasian, 5'6", 126 pounds, medium-length black hair, brown eyes, smooth everywhere, no tattoos/piercings, round rear end, 6" cut cock/clit/whatever with average girth

I don't chat.

A deeper look at me can be found at: ://

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