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I'm a Domme who loves to punish guys and hurt them a lot... play with them and toy with them..
Female Dominant, 27,  New York


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StraightMale Slave
Age: 45, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 185 lbs.
Location: Aurora , Colorado
Last on 9/16/17 at 5:29 AM










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 Dominant Female

 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 128 lbs





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Submissive Male

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I'm a Domme who loves to punish guys and hurt them a lot... play with them and toy with them... i know it's hard to trust someone, but definitely i think i'll be getting that trust someday not on you but to someone.... and i won't lose hope getting that slave that i'm looking for.You will do as you are told with a smile.  You will use your manners at all times.  You will always address me as Goddess.  If you can follow my instructions you will be rewarded. Don't message me if you're just gonna doubt or something i'm not here to play games i'm here to search for someone who can be with me as well for the rest of my life as a partner or online partner.


Tributes are not payments, because a tribute is a form of worship, it is you giving freely to your Domme for nothing more than to make me happy. There is nothing expected in return.

And just because you tribute does not entitle you to anything. By tributing you should be striving to make your Domme Happy, My Happiness is your happiness, And there is much to gain from making me Happy.

You Tribute because you are thankful for everything that your Goddess has given you, My existence, My smile, My amusement and because with each you can possibly place a smile on my face and i will be able to pamper myself(in some cases my family & friends) with it however i pleases.
it is self-less act to submission. giving a tribute may even be the ultimate submission, because I having your tribute is beautiful for for myself, haunting and something that you feel in very bones at your very core of being.


======If you are interested to be dominated and have session with me then tribute me with amazon gift card and i would be glad to meet and set our session right away, send the redeem code to my inbox and i will email you back with the details======

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