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Hello, my name is Kristen but my friends call me Kris for short. Im a newly single bisexual fe
Female Submissive, 29,  Arlington, Tennessee US

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Hello, my name is Kristen but my friends call me Kris for short. Im a newly single bisexual female submissive looking for a Dominant bisexual / lesbian female. I prefer older women actually but no older than 45. Im currently attending college studying Laboratory Science and it will not be long before I have my A. A. S Degree in MLT. From there I will continue on until I have my Masters of Science Degree in Laboratory Science. Im very ambitious and highly intelligent. I identify as submissive. If you are searching for a slave please keep moving I am not slave material. Now, I am monogamous. This means that I am loyal and if we mesh I expect the same in return. I want to find the right Domme someone I can learn from and submit to but most importantly have fun with. I want to build a life with Her. I will admit that I need training. I have no hands on experience with a Domme / Dom.....I am NOT LOOKING FOR MEN. Men, you go straight to bulk. My sign is Sagittarius. Im an artist and a poet. My idea of a good time is laying on top of my roof with a bottle of wine ( Cabernet) and listening to music watching the stars especially during a meteor shower. On the flip side, I also enjoy going to the local pubs and shooting pool drinking chasers and being a complete anarchist....LOL. This is me in a nutshell so ladies / Dommes if you like what you have read then please msg me. Thanks

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