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 ok since i need to put this first im looking for a mistress not a master i will not serv
Transgender Slave, 18,  Delaware


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BisexualFemale Dominant
Age: 37, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 128 lbs.
Location: NYC-Syracuse, New York
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 ok since i need to put this first im looking for a mistress not a master i will not serve a master and im only looking for a strong Mistress to break me as her own


Hello! I'm Jess and I am a submissive slave interested in serving a mistress that will make me their slave and turn me into a real girl. looking for a woman that wants a sissy slave to turn into a real girl by any way she chooses and would be willing to let me stay with them so that i may serve them at anytime.


in return for feminizing me and letting me live with my mistress i would do anything my mistress asks of me or that she wishs to do to me so basicly if my mistress wanted to use me as a punching bag id have no choice but to do as im told. or maybe my mistress wants to whore me out for a quick buck id be obligated to do so. i would make sure to do my very best to please my future mistress and even let her own me as her property and if she wish to to brand me as hers. id sleep where my mistress asks me too and would gladly be chained at anytime and fully expect to be collared and locked in chastity. i will move to where my mistresses is and all expenses will for my trip will be out of my pocket.


as for belongings anything i bring or own will then be yours to do with as you please so if you dislike one of my shirts or hate my blankies that id bring you can break them burn them anything you want really. any money i have when i come to you will be a tribute to you. 


now for some personal info im curently a man and am hoping to be a woman so hopefully youd like to help me with that. i shave regularly to try to be as smooth as possible.  


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12/1/2017 4:22:34 PM
heeee seems like no mistress wants me. i mean how hard is it to find a woman that just wants to make you her pet 

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