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**** 9-15-15 For the time being, I have found what I am looking for. I am not checking the pro
Female Submissive, 27,  Toledo, Ohio











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**** 9-15-15 For the time being, I have found what I am looking for. I am not checking the profile often, and when I do it is to field questions from friends I have made. For the oblivious inclined, this means I'm not interested in hooking up with you!



Let me be clear from the onset......I am not interested in the majority of you. I have no doubt that within an hour of setting up my profile it will be mobbed with messages, very few of which will be of interest. Submissive is not synonymous with "idiot" so please do not waste my time with your ludicrous bullshit. No one from this site has yet earned the privilege to verbally abuse me. If the best you can offer in your introductory message is useless vulgarity, you will be mocked and then blocked. If your first message is simply "Hello" without any further content, I will delete it and move on.



I'm not going to invest much time at the moment writing this out, as I have yet to really decide whether pursuing this is worth the effort. I am a married woman, stuck in a bland relationship with a vanilla man who has become more of a roommate than a spouse. Due to my personal circumstances, I am not willing to pursue divorce as an option just yet. What I am looking for is a discreet man who can capture my attention and give me a worthwhile reason to explore a discreet relationship. I'm not sure such a man exists.


I am looking for someone local. I don't buy the "I travel to Ohio for business all the time" routine. If you do not live within 50 miles, I am not interested.


AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IT'S "DISCREET", not "DISCRETE"...look it up!! I find it sad that I have to add to this for everyone who messaged me to tell me that they too hate when people "misspell discreet as discrete". IT'S NOT AN ISSUE OF SPELLING OR GRAMMAR!! Discrete is a word, too! It means individually distinct. Discreet on the other hand applies to behavior, and most notably here, a relationship. Stop emailing me to tell me how much you love proper spelling or that you are a grammar nazi too. I'm not a grammar nazi. I simply know how to use fucking spellcheck. On the other hand I am pretty keen on reading comprehension!


Oh, and for you winners out there, if you commonly take the time to explain to submissive women why their preferences and proclivities are wrong, you are an idiot of the first degree! Telling me what I like and how I like it is wrong really goes a long way in showing me how intelligent you are. Morons.




Journal Entries:
6/10/2017 7:56:44 AM
To the other ladies on the site.....what kind of narcissistic idiot thinks that because someone has viewed their profile, they are automatically entitled to being sent a message?!? That's a seriously special kind of stupid.

5/20/2017 11:46:20 AM
Hey, BigDee69.....since you blocked me like the little bitch that you are, I just have to ask....I've heard that in order to maintain a higher protein diet, body builders like yourself tend to each eachother's wads..... care to comment?

4/20/2017 8:51:14 AM
As I just finished explaining to a special "Dom" snowflake the other day.... It takes a very special kind of idiot to message a complete stranger to say "I'm not interested in you". Literally that is what prepubescent children do because they can't make sense of their feelings. So again, here's a fucking news flash for are not a Dominant if you cannot take rejection. Odds are you're an "insecure asshole" but I'm pretty sure there isn't a designation for that on the site.

10/30/2016 10:36:34 AM
I absolutely agree that sending off a message and blocking the recipient before he can respond to the message is the mark of a coward and a fool........BUT......some of you fucksticks do not seem to appreciate that reading a message via the preview function, then deleting it unread is the mark of a true pussy. You're not fooling anyone, we all know you read it, and can't handle rejection.

10/29/2016 10:38:50 AM
It must be frustrating to be a male on this site with the number of scammers and frauds opening new accounts every day. You know what goes a long way to keeping them at bay? Not falling for their obvious shitty tactics. Try using google image search once in awhile. It might help a little.

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