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Short Version: I have been out of the lifestyle for a few years, but at this point in my life
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Short Version: I have been out of the lifestyle for a few years, but at this point in my life I feel the need to get back in, but discreetly and slowly, and not 24/7 or live in right now.

I am not into pain in any way.

Long Version:

As is natural, the first thing asked is, so what are you looking for?

Well, I would love to answer that. What's funny is when I answer; I always later on realize that I didn't say everything I wanted to say.... It seems I am very specific in what I want.

I want a daddy that is my king and would want to lay the world at my feet when I'm his good girl. I want some structure and expectations, and a man who wants a personal slut, to be used and treated like property sexually (not ALL the time, but mostly). Behind closed doors, humiliate me a bit and put me in my place, but when that is over, treat me like his queen.

I don't want someone who needs a mother. I don't want someone who is full of himself of selfish or obsessed with material things. I don't want a control freak.

I DO want to meet people who are intelligent - know how to speak intelligently. I want to be listened to. Everyone can hear, but almost no one listens. I need someone genuine, sincere. Someone that wants me for who and what I am, right now, not see me as someone they can change or mold into something or someone else. I need someone to encourage me, make me feel like I am worth something, worth the air that I breathe. Someone who can laugh at my little quirks, my humor, and thinks it's cute how I wrinkle my nose when it's touched.

I want to be with a man that adores me. One that wants to spoil me and love me. A man that shows affection in many different ways but isn't just a love sick puppy. Someone that respects me and treats my family right. I want funny, generous, loyal, faithful, respectful and intelligent, handy around the house and will kill spiders. But assertive, the man of the house that listens to and respects his queen, but still makes the decisions and expect his girl to obey and comply.

You have to hunt and fish, and take me with you. No extreme back country hunting though.But take care of me while we're out there, don't just take me and leave me to do it all myself.

I love to fish.  I don't catch a lot of big ones or anything, but in the summer I'm out on the boat every weekend I can.

I like to travel. My family is all out of state from me, so I like go see them at least once or twice a year. I've not been out of the country. I am not big on shopping especially for myself. I like to think of others and do for others, so I need a man that will spoil me instead, but allow me to spoil him too.

I want someone who will sit on the roof of the house with me on warm summer nights to watch the stars and talk. I love going up into the mountains and finding roads to follow, finding wildlife and taking pictures. And in the winter build a fire in the fireplace at night. Someone who doesn't care if the house is a bit messy, as we have life to live, not stay home and worry about perfection. I need a man who likes to eat, because I like to cook. I'm a traditional meat and potatoes type of girl. I don't cook fancy, but I'm told it's always good. Pecan Pie is my specialty.

I love music.I have a wide variety of tastes from oldies to country, to classical, to rock.I don't like rap or death metal.I would love an annual trip to the symphony or the theater.

I love hockey!  I go to as many Colorado Avalanche games as I am able. I don't care if it's up in the 3rd level, I enjoy going.

I do work full-time. My job is very important to me. I am the boss and do want to be able to advance in my career. I want someone who is self-sufficient financially- you have to have a job and be financially stable. I would prefer someone who has served the community or the greater good in some way, whether that be military, first responder, police, or something in that capacity.

You must be a God-loving and God-fearing man. I am Christian and while I'm not crazy radical or off the wall religious, I do have a deep faith in God.

I run right in the middle politically. I have some strong opinions about things, but I am not overly passionate or active. I don't mind intelligent thought provoking conversation, but respect each other's opinions and don't get mad because we think differently.

I'm not a prude, but I am modest in public. I am a bit shy at first, but once I feel very comfortable with a man I don't mind trying new things. I want someone to be assertive in the bedroom, a man who takes what he wants. I am into D/s and I love to serve and care for a man I can call Daddy. Sometimes I like a little more, other times I want less. But I need a man that can sense that and be willing to have a little fun, but know when to be romantic too. I don't do pain, but I can and will do other things, and understand that some things, like spanking, can be uncomfortable without being actually painful. I don't talk dirty well, but I write and text much better.

I have had a lot of things happen in my life. I've been in love and I've been broken and crushed, cheated on and beaten. But I have done my best to stay patient, kind, positive and loving through it all and I am hoping to find someone that understands and loves me anyway.

Journal Entries:
1/10/2018 6:05:52 PM
Took a break from my book and wrote a short story.... I needed a break.

11/12/2017 10:03:42 AM
This is probably going to get some backlash, but I keep thinking lately…. Where is the line? At what point does flirting/courting become harassment/molestation/assault? Men can’t even flirt with a woman? (and I’m not referring to any action with a female under-age, that’s inappropriate no matter what.) In the course of my life time I can think of several times where I was in a situation where a man made a sexual advance and I was uncomfortable, but I’m not going to go running to the press or to the police and claim that he did something wrong or illegal. To me, that’s just silly. I mean, really, are we going to get to a point in our society where a man can’t even ask a woman out on a date, or try for a kiss from a woman he finds attractive? I do see a difference. I was molested at 14, and that was wrong and should have been reported. But the guy that tried to kiss me and put his hand up my shirt at the movies in college…. No. The guy that grabbed my ass in line at a concert…. Questionable, but I just threatened to break his hand. So, again I ask… Where is the line?

7/7/2017 4:54:34 PM
I was recently inspired to write an erotic novel. While it's not near done yet, I'd like to find a good editor that would be willing to donate some time to review and offer feedback. Anyone willing?

6/16/2017 8:11:50 AM
OK - I'm hooked.  I am convinced that if society were more agreeable, I would no longer wear a bra.  All bras would be replaced with simple leather dog collars.  First, they are cheaper and should last forever!  Second, when fastened around the base of the breast, they make them fuller, perkier, and much prettier than any bra could ever do.  Third, they are adjustable around the actual breast.  This makes it versatile enough  to go from all day wear (tight enough for support, but not constrictive) to more constrictive when in service at home.  And fourth, there are so many designs and colors that anyone could find something they like. Dog collars are perfect as well since they have a D-ring built right in.  I connected the two with a chain to pull the breasts in together closer to make them look better under clothing.  But there are a plethera of possibilities beyond that for those rings! I realize this probably isn't news to those of you reading this, but it is new to me since all I've done before is rope (and don't get me wrong, rope is fun too).  I didn't think it would be that much different.  But it is! 

6/7/2017 6:45:38 PM
I haven't posted lately, so here's a short one.... Had a good weekend, saw lots of wildlife, then... out of nowhere, I ended up with a treble hook from a flicker shad through my jeans and into my leg.... I was thankful for first aid kits and the fact that I've had my tetanus shot recently.... WOW that hurt.....

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