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*******June 29th Update****** After getting more than 250 messages in the last 2 months loo
Female Slave, 29,  Grove Port, Ohio US

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Bisexual Female Dominant
Age: 32, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 137 lbs.
Location: Ends of the earth, Canada
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 Female Slave

 Grove Port 


 5' 2"

 124 lbs






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*******June 29th Update******

After getting more than 250 messages in the last 2 months looking for Relyfe Programming BDSM MP3 files I talked my boss into re-releasing them on a new site (the last company had...internal issues.

They are now available through Xaxis'site is still being populated with products and isn't even supposed to go live for another month. I talked them into going ahead and making the files available (some other girl on here has been driving me nuts about it!) and only a discount for CollarSpace members.

Enter "CollarSpace" in the discount box during checkout and 25% will be taken off any erotic hypnosis or Relyfe Programming downloads.


Now, back to my original message here:

Seeking imaginative and original Doms/Dommes and slave/subs to contribute suggestions and Relyfe Programming and erotic hypnosis s to be included in The Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis s, to be released later this year.

No actual hypnosis experience necessary to participate and make suggestions or even offer s, if yours need to be reworked, they will be!

My boss, bestselling author Michael Scott is seeking suggestions and input for both The Big Book and his upcoming revised edition of Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming, and the new publisher, Xaxis Media, is offering prizes up to $5,000 for the best s, and thousands of dollars in prizes for erotic hypnosis s and even basic ideas and suggestions for s!

Anyone making even making suggestions for the Big Book will receive a free digital copy of the book at the time the paperback is release AND a full copy of the accompanying library of erotic hypnosis MP3's.

Visit ---- for more details.

<><><><> submission guidelines overview <><><><>

Submissions should produce an erotic response, or create an erotic experience, in the hypnotic subject. Examples include orgasm on demand, temporary belief that the subject is younger (for age play), being unable to talk, orgasming through performing oral sex on the hypnotist or other designated person, spontaneous arousal at random times during the day, temporary belief by the subject that they are a sex slave, or a pain slave, orgasming through spanking, flogging or other stimulus, orgasming through anal sex, belief in male subjects that they are women and vice-versa, pretty much any kink imaginable can be adapted and enhanced through erotic hypnosis (believe me, as a subject of it, I KNOW) and we are looking for new ideas to make readers listener's experiences more complete!

Truly, we would love your suggestions, ideas and s. Everyone will get something for helping, and the best ideas and suggestions will really make out!!

[P.S. I've been trying to contact CS through their advertiser's link and no one is replying to me. We have worked with them before and they seem like great people, if anyone knows what happened to them, please email me at and let me know. I'm a little curious about their silence and more than a bit concerned].
[P.P.S. Yes, those pictures are me, no I am not looking any more, yes I used to have a profile here, and I am very insanely happy with my owner today, thank you all for your earlier interest and all of the wonderful people I met here and in person. Tia]

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