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From this point on I will require verification either through a sign holding photo )Not necess
Male Submissive, 19,  Canada










Last Online:


 Submissive Male


 5' 4"

 130 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

From this point on I will require verification either through a sign holding photo )Not necessarily with your face), pic and mic, or video. Sorry to be that guy but it's time I raised the bar with the community here.


TL;DR: I'm a sub looking for an online only domme. Verify and I'll do whatever you want (within my limits) and I'll prove it too. Kik at the bottom shoot me a message

My name is Thomas. Or Tommy. I'm an online sub. I have about a year of experience. I'm looking for a domme to give myself to and serve. I want to build a relationship with a wonderful woman. Friends are always great too. I can only serve online, no real time. Of course the things I do for you will be real.

What I desire in a Mistress: Online preference, a love of bullying, patience, and common kinks



Kinks: Light cock torture, sounding, anal play, private humiliation,  light verbal abuse, womens' voices (Especially laughs), being watched by women, female hands and fingers, worship, mommy play, mental sissification, joi, sph


Curious about: Watersports, hypnosis


Limits: Men, medium - heavy pain play, exposure/breaking discretion, findom/tributes


How to quickly win me over: Talk to me about video games, Rick and Morty, or Marvel


Kik is srctlycollared feel free to contact there

Journal Entries:
6/10/2017 9:34:03 AM
The quickest way to get me to do anything you say would be to send me a picture with you holding a sign that says "Hi Tommy" and a little doodle of anything you like next to it. No face required, but I have to be able to tell you are female.

4/12/2017 5:19:58 AM

3/12/2017 1:04:58 PM
If I admire you, it's likely I'm interested but cannot send a message worthy of your time at the moment. Since I never use auto responses or copy paste messages, I don't always have time to compose a message.

1/30/2017 4:27:21 AM
Birthday today!

1/21/2017 3:42:59 PM
I see lots of subs on here that make me frown. Dicks for their profile picture, and names like "sitonmyface1308" (fake example). Where's the respect? Where's the class?

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