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A little about me, I was born in Southern Arkansas, I graduated high school at 17 and went str
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A little about me, I was born in Southern Arkansas, I graduated high school at 17 and went straight into the military, traveled around the world, went to a lot of different countries, introduced to a lot of different cultures, and met a lot of interesting people. While in the military I served during two conflicts, Panama and Kuwait (the first Gulf War). I have broken almost every bone in my body, been shot in the leg and stabbed in the back, I've had a rough but interesting life.

Now I've been in the lifestyle a long time, I was kinky before I knew it had a name. In my early twenties I started learning about the lifestyle and just over 11 years ago I actually started really living the lifestyle. A little over 8 years ago I met the person that turned my world upside down and complicates the living hell out of it on a daily basis, but I wouldn't change a damn thing. About 7 years ago I became an over-the-road truck driver. Even though the pay is good, it has caused problems for our D/s relationship. We are now more less a Dom/Domme a couple.

I've also finally faced a hard truth about myself. And I have been told on several occasions by my wife and friends, that I have the Daddy Dom type of characteristics and personality. Just because I have those characteristics and that type of personality, that does not make me a Daddy Dom. I have never liked that term or being called Daddy, especially during sex, it's just a huge turn off. There is actually more to it than that, but you get my point. And thus I have steered away from that particular type of relationship dynamics. I'm not interested in an adult baby or a little, and definitely not a brat at all.

I consider myself an old school Dom, l like to be very hands on. I'm harsh when I have to be and at times can be very demanding and overbearing. I'm extremely frisky, spontaneously kinky, and have a creative imagination. For me the lifestyle is based on Domination and submission with a whole lot of adventurous sexual activities. The Dominant leads, guides, protects, and cherishes their submissive, in return their submissive serves in whatever manner and capacity is required. I'm looking for a long term relationship with the right female submissive. One that wants the trust, the Dominance, and the guidance of a Daddy Dom, just not a Daddy.

I'm not interested in anyone outside of the United States or males.

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