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Any pics of me without a watermark were stolen before I marked them and if any marked or unm
Female Slave, 34,  Virginia US

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Any pics of me without a watermark were stolen before I marked them and if any marked or unmarked are on profiles other than this one have been stolen by fakes!! 

Something that amazes me about this site so many complain that they dont get an answer to messages they send but when I politely turn someone down 50% of the time I get abusive messages back. I'm all the fake whores or I'm a man wanking behind a screen even a scammer which I find strange surely if I was any of the above I'd be trying to lure victims in!! What is the matter with that 50%? Maybe momma took them off the tit to early and now have issues with rejection! All I know is they need to grow up and act like real men and not pathetic little boys. Yes I am picky yes I know what I seek why should I settle for less than that or have to put up with abuse from pathetic idiots!!

Born in England to American parents I moved back here to the US 6 months ago. I'm now ready to return to the life of a slave.

I'm well educated and level headed I know with the right person my life will be completed. I'm not looking for online ownership or a poly household I'm looking for an intelligent Master who will nurture me and mold me into the slave he desires. I have got experience and know how to behave. I'm honest and will be polite as long as you are polite with me.

I Have just bought a property in VA and wish to stay there. I am financially secure and don't need a man to keep me I have a career that I love and won't give up. That said I won't support you financially either lazy men are a real turn off! 

Please note I am not looking for a mistress or couple I am looking for one man only  I don't want to be shared or whored out and yes I am looking for long term 24/7 although it is the inside of someone that really matters but there has to be some kind of physical attraction. I don't mind if you are carrying a little extra padding but if you are morbidly obese lose the weight before you contact me I don't want to be stuck under you when you have a heart attack! You also need to know how to balance life and lifestyle. 

Journal Entries:
4/27/2017 5:01:31 AM
Once again I find a sick and twisted person (slave) who was trying to find a Dom to train her 3 daughters aged 5 10 and 14. When asked how she wanted them trained was it discipline domestic or sexually she stated everything and had a potential owner turning up on Thursday!! I then told her I spend my working life protecting children from such abuse and what she was offering was illegal. She then deleted her profile.  Within 5 minutes a Domme messaged me saying its all fun and no children are involved. Her profile was deleted before I could respond. Now please forgive me if I'm wrong but to me fun in this lifestyle is between 2 consenting adults and even mentioning the involvement of minors is sick and twisted!! 

4/22/2017 2:33:52 AM
Update to my last entry here... First of all thank you to everyone who have sent messages supporting my view about incest and the involvement of children let me once again state even though there are many guys who dream of the mother/daughter sister/sister scenario and as long as it is between consenting ADULTS, I have no problem with that. The problem for me arises when people message me advocating incestuous relationships involving children of all ages being encouraged to have sexual experiences with brother/sister/dad/mom and other close relations. By law children can't give consent!! Being submissive means anything I do or have done to me is consensual!! This is an ADULT BDSM site and is no place for underage activities and people like raisedinincest and familymaster2 should be named and shamed and not made welcome by the few genuine people here. 

4/15/2017 4:08:21 AM
Another thought.... I am very open minded and am open to most things but there are areas that I think are wrong. One thing that makes me lose my temper quicker than anything is anything to do with kids and that includes incest. No I don't mean the guys out there who want a mother/daughter scenario, as long as all are over the age of consent and it's all consensual that's their choice. No my gripe is the men who post profiles on here stating they want a sub so they can raise a family together and encourage minors into an incestuous life. To me it is not only illegal it is also immoral and if any pregnancys occur then the related genetic gene pool could cause all kinds of problems (We've all seen deliverance). Now last night I had one such idiot messaging me on here and yes I told him he was talking to the wrong person. He spent the next 5hrs until I blocked him advocating incest and how it would stop the spread of STI's and underage pregnancies (Will it stop or increase birth defects?). Every argument I threw at him he'd twist to suit himself. The guy stated he was raised in an incestuous family and it did him no harm but then went on to say his sister is messed up and stays clear of sexual relationships. His main argument was you should talk to your kids then show them what you mean and as you had explained things to them they had consented to you teaching them sexually. Surely its every adults duty to protect children from abuse after all they are the future of this world. So yes raisedinincest I have blocked you. I personally think you are a sick twisted individual that has no place on a BDSM site and you need professional help. I would love to hear the views of others. 

4/5/2017 8:58:53 AM
Today's debate. 
I have just had a message from someone who claims to be a Master stating he uses fear of himself to train his subs/slaves. Surely a Master protects his property does that mean as she is scared of him he has to protect her from himself? Yes submissives should be on edge wondering what may happen but should she really fear anything that may happen?

I'd love to hear the opinions of others. This is not about fearing the consequences or punishments it's about fearing the Dom or Master as a person. 

3/20/2017 1:41:30 PM
Sometimes I wonder if I'm chatting to men or pathetic little boys! As I state in my profile I poliely turn people down and they get abusive but one that made me laugh I have posted below and I'm sure its from a pathetic little boy living in an old mans body. I think he was probably sitting behind his screen thinking oh my god I'm going to type a rude word hehe if I put full stops between each letter it won't be rude and mommy won't tell me off hehe!!

Decide for yourselves! 

Kingmoe696969 on 3/23/17 at 9:31 PM:
 Plz f.u.c.k me

  Taliaslave on 3/23/17 at 10:10 PM:
No thanks
Kingmoe696969 on 3/24/17 at 2:49 AM:

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