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I’m an experienced Dom in southern Maine, I seek a submissive to train,and serve me. I w
Male Dominant, 37,  Portland , Maine


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Age: 39, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)
Location: Maine
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I’m an experienced Dom in southern Maine, I seek a submissive to train,and serve me. I workout regularly stay active and take care of myself, I seek a submissive who is the same way, you don’t need to be a super model just need to take care of yourself. No drama or jealousy issues,Must keep an open mind willing to try new things, I do have a dungeon as well. Feel free to reach out and see if we are right for one and other. (I also have Kik messager maineman0248)

Journal Entries:
11/6/2017 3:55:46 PM
She came here knowing what she wanted she had been needing and yearning the Ecstasy that he brought her to,for it had been to long since she had felt his touch and his lips on (what he calls her perfect delicious remarkable body). She hadn't been able to think straight, his strong gentle but firm hands always seemed to make her feel safe and trusting.
Yet under his control knowing he would always take her to that place very few have or could truly ever take her too.His lips on her body sent her into wild passionate frenzy,She soon knew she would explode with wetness she needed more and the anticipation seemed to last for eternity. He knew how to work her body in ways that of a artiest knew how to work their brush on the canvas, he was truly an artist and always seem to create art out of raw animalistic passion.
The way he unleashed his strength without hesitation,his body was as powerful as his mind she knew once her eyes locked his it was over.She would go into a animalistic wild passion her self as if she needed him to unlock this dark side only he knew how to awaken. And once it was awakened there was no turning back she would need to take the journey otherwise she would never truly be satisfied...

11/6/2017 3:54:16 PM

my cock slip deep into her mouth I groaned and gasped, She worked my cock so powerfully so in control sucking at a fevered pace. Up and down she bobbed her head, all the while clutching at my abdomen, digging her nails into my skin.

As her sucking increased in intensity I warned her that I was going to dump my huge thick sticky load,This only inspired her to take me as deep into her mouth as she could feverishly milking my cock while Holding my cock in place as the spasms started,It was all I could do to stay standing as shot after shot of hot cum burst from inside me.

She only released me because her mouth was full with my huge thick load it slipped out of her mouth and cum dripped down her cheeks and chin on to her perfect amazing breast I panted over the top of her while she was on her knees her beauty glistened in the candle light and placed my hand on her chin and gently pulled her head up as to kiss her forehead I then whispered into her ear good little cum slut.

11/6/2017 3:53:46 PM
She was led through the doorway, she was told to stop get down on her knees bow her head and not to look up until told to do so, and if she disobeyed she would be punished severely.She began to feel her nerves and anxiety consume her almost paralyzing but yet she also started to feel wildly turned on.
She wanted to temp fate,and intentionally disobey but not knowing what waited in the dark denim lit room she decided to obey for the moment.she felt the lace scarf run over her face and she began to feel less anxiety for the moment she could feel the gentle lace fabric being tied behind her head she could her voices but unaware exactly how many there were maybe a half-dozen maybe less.
She had wondered why she had been brought down to this place it had been so long since her last visit,now the anxiety and her imagination feverishly ran frantic. She was told to stand she did she was told not to utter a single word for if she did punishment would come swiftly and she knew he had the means and strength to do it.
She was told to place her hands in front of her as she did the cold metal cuffs engulfed her wrist,she was then told to walk forward she could sense the others in the room he then told her she was going to get what she had been wanting, she was told to stop and stand still she felt his hands starting to undress each article of clothing as he did she could hear the voices now whispering she could feel the anticipation building in her body,mind and throughout the room as if it was Christmas Eve.
After she was stripped nude and made to turn around slowly she was told to get on her knees with out hesitation she did, now she herd him tell the others you may approach, the group approach like a pack of hyena after their prey she was their prey.
She knew she was going to be used and ravished beyond her imagination. She could feel the hands and cocks all over her body she opened her mouth waiting for one after another she could feel her pussy pouring out juices from being touched and fingered hard, she was told to get on all fours and did as she was commanded.
She now could feel The onslaught that was promised to her it seemed to never end one after another it seemed like eternity but it had only been an hour she felt the sting of her ass being slapped over and over non stop she felt the constant onslaught of cocks slapping her face,she then felt the loads of cum being dumped on her face in her mouth on her tits it drove her madly crazy her pussy was throbbing soaked and swollen she was getting her sticky reward she had been begging for in her mind all night,then she heard his voice command them to stop and step away from her and leave she had gotten what she wanted he then dressed her,held her,kissed her gently and said now I get you.

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