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Have you ever wanted to have a 'real' school experience?� A School steeped in Tradition
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Have you ever wanted to have a 'real' school experience?A School steeped in Tradition and style - formal and authentic in execution.� Registration, Lessons, Uniforms, Inspections , Rules, Structure, and genuine authority in a time and country where society encouraged the Headmaster to rule with a rod of iron.

This is Rattan Hall � a Boarding School in the 1950s style protected by law and with powers to discipline (we are very much into the mindset and seek to create something unique for you without it needing to be as public as some of the other adult schools around - this is more personal)

I�take single or multiple pupils on a regular or one off basis.��I will provide a realistic experience tailored to individual needs.��I will run either a session for a single pupil if you feel the need to be on your own or I can hold a session for up to 3-4 pupils.It can be over a morning, afternoon, or� overnight.This is as much for you as for �me� so tell�me what you want

I am 39, professional, successful and social.I am normal and sane and have just always had a love of CP and Tradition and a keen eye for detail in authentic play.I am a natural Headmaster and have served in the Armed Forces as an Officer.I am fit, 5�11, and look handsome in a suit (so i am told)

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