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Texting is good for quick answers to questions, NOT for conversations!  If that's what yo
Female Dominant, 67,  Bangor area, Maine


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 60, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 235 lbs.
Location: Portlandish, Maine
Last on 5/28/17 at 2:27 PM
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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 58
Location: Arizona
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Texting is good for quick answers to questions, NOT for conversations!  If that's what you consider to be a primary form of communication, then look elsewhere for a like-minded soul.  


I want a slave. I want financial peace of mind. I want to be spoiled and pampered! It's that simple! No, I am Not saying rich, wealthy, or have a big account of any type. I am saying, not destitute!  If you are a superior slave and you think you've got what it takes to make me happy, drop me a note and convince me to give you the time of day. Otherwise, don't waste my time, I'd rather do without than settle for less than what I want.  Your heart, soul, loyalty and dedication are more important to me than whether or not you're a masochist or have tons of money.  So, again, convince me first, if you want any of my time!  


I'm having a problem trying to post a photo here, so if you're curious, check out my primary profile at TheLadyTJ1.


"You have to be willing to let go of the life you planned in order to make the life you are meant to live."  Maria Shriver


TRUST is the hardest thing to find in real life and the easiest to lose! Here it is everyone.... I'm in this for the service I receive from a slave for 24/7 TPE, as well as acknowledging the responsibilities on me as that slave's owner. Needless to say, priority goes to those who are close enough to serve. For any others, you can bet your cute little ass, that if you want to only play, or do cam, phone or long distance domination, then open your billfold. What I get out of this is the real life control. If there is no real life control for me, then there is no satisfaction for me unless you pay.


I'm definitely difficult, exacting, have high expectations, enjoy being pampered and spoiled, and Love being sadistic.  Don't like it?  Look elsewhere.  And before you ask, I have several profiles.... no secret, just wanting to mix things up a bit and will be narrowing down later. I have a frugal life, but would like to travel now, and live more graciously. Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Northern Italy are places I hope to visit again and Alaska, New Zealand, Iceland and Scandinavia are also on my "bucket list".  If you have a home with the china, crystal, and sterling, then I am a Mistress who can oversee the preparations for events and entertainments. If you are a slave, you will do the work, and may be part of the entertainment. :) But since there is much Life in Lifestyle, you will also work with a number of tasks involving a home and home comforts.


My idea of luxury is being able to go to a Good grocery store, and getting whatever I want (ie,fill up the pantry and freezer)! I can have "nothing" to eat in the house, but have flour and yeast, so can make bread. I have eggs, milk and a bit of sugar so can make pancakes and pastries. I have veggies from the garden, so with wild rice can make a fantastic soup or stew.


Of course, flowers and pretty things are soooo sweet, but a huge turn on for me is to have a "project" on my list completed or accomplished. Oh gee, wait, that isn't luxury, that's happiness! Give me pearls and emeralds and win my heart. Give me the practical and help me Accomplish things and my mind and soul will be won as well!


My nickname says it all, if you are a masochist, welcome. If you're only a doormat, I have no use for you. I also have no use for liars, "do-me" types, thieves, manipulators, players, or those with mental deficiencies. I'll use you as I see fit, and I promise I will hurt you, but I won't harm you. I'll use you, but will oversee your overall welfare.  My responsibilities to those who serve me are paramount to me.  I seek real and forever as Matriarch of a potential multi-slave home. If you are greedy, jealous, or overly possessive, move on.  I will NOT promise monogamy to anyone!  I will fuck who I want, when I want.  I may use you during the process, but then again, I may not! I am Not a democracy 


If you don't have the guts to follow through, don't bother me!

Journal Entries:
1/9/2018 6:29:05 AM

The first thing to when deciding to approach a Domme is to forget all the wild porn s__t.

Are there fabulously beautiful, six foot, blonde, aristocratic, extremely wealthy women who live in castles with living furniture and keep a stable of human horses on the chateau grounds, who crap in human toilets mouths, and castrate wayward boys who dare to look them in the eye?

Maybe, but I kinda doubt it.

Are there snarling, man eating, evil bitches who would think nothing of ripping the hide off your back just for an afternoons amusement?

Definitely. But why in hell would any sane man want that?

Are there extremely high protocol Dommes who expect you to be in total and constant slave mode 24/7? Never, NEVER wanting you to have a single thought or opinion of your own? Expecting you to live as an automaton with 300 rules of protocol to remember even in your sleep?

Probably. See snarling evil bitches for the answer.

Are there Dommes who NEVER take those six inch spikes off, wear perfect evil slut make-up 24/7, is ALWAYS ready for playtime, prefer tight laced corsets and thigh high boots to faded jeans and a t-shirt, and never says those dreaded words.."Honey, we need to talk?"

If you find her my number is 555-go for it.

Are there women who pay bills, work at K-mart, clean the poop up when Fido decides he doesn't want to go in the yard, raises children, babysits grand kids three days a week, gets as dirty as a pig when she mows the lawn and weeds the flower bed, puts her hair up when she is cleaning house, crys when she wonders how in hell she is going to deal with whatever calamity befalls her, but who has a deep need to find a man who will worship her, serve her, be her friend and confidante, and be ready when she finally has time to indulge her wicked, kinky side and allow her to live out her wildest fantasies?

BINGO.....THAT is what most Dommes are gentlemen. Get over the stupid fantasies and embrace reality. You will find that these very normal women can become of their own desire, the Dominatrix of your dreams. But they are just like you. They live very normal, even mundane lives at times. Your honest, heart felt desire to make their lives better and allow them to be the Domme THEY wish to be, will see more of your own desires realized than you ever could have imagined.

1/9/2018 6:19:23 AM
Just keep in mind, the toes you step on today, just might be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow!

10/7/2017 6:20:21 PM
Why are some of the low-lifes on here so desperate to wank off, that they build another up to a nice meeting and then don't show... without any decency to say so?

Why is this difficult?  I want a good slave, I want financial peace of mind and I want to be spoiled rotten.  That means that in order to find that, a Dominant Woman has to be able tp properly care for a potentially valuable property?  Don't potential slaves understand that after the "games" there are still 23 hours more in the day??  

8/15/2017 10:34:22 PM
Maine is truly a beautiful state, and even though the winters might be rough, I believe I'll be stuck inside less here than I was in the south..... more time to play outside!!! ;)

4/19/2017 9:14:11 AM
Well, as is part of life, things change.  For the time being I'll be remaining in Raleigh, NC. Right now, it's the right thing for me to do for a number or reasons. I absolutely despise the heat and sun in the summers, because I'm not able to be outside or enjoy being outside, but I'll manage for now.  

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