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Welcome You couldn't stay away, that's wonderful. Already you are becoming totally absorbed by
Female Dominant, 32,  Cincinnati , Ohio












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 Dominant Female



 5' 7"

 175 lbs





 27 minutes

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Submissive Male

Switch Men

Submissive Trans

Welcome You couldn't stay away, that's wonderful. Already you are becoming totally absorbed by me, utterly unable to resist my sinister smile, eyes that pierce and full delicious body. You will be enveloped by my voice, my sweet and sadistic giggle brought forth by your torment. Feel yourself grow weak for me. Slip into that happy blissful state of obedience. It feels good to have me in your head, doesn't it? The more you resist, the deeper you will be entangled within my web. It feels so good to be trapped... To be obedient. Give in to your desires. Memorize your new mantra; Obedience is Pleasure. Come take a peek inside my creative and sadistic mind. I will explore, exploit and consume you, and you will love every moment.


Twitter: MistressTemper


Journal Entries:
12/17/2017 4:09:16 AM
Currently I am interested in the following: Chastity slaves - under monthly or yearly contract. In support of Female Supremacy and self improvement. Finsubs - To enjoy abuse and humiliation from a Superior Being while enhancing my life via regular monthly tribute, shopping, adopt-a-bill, cashmeets etc... Professional Sessions: I currently am booking sessions in San Diego, CA until Feb 2018 Before sending an inquiry keep in mind I am inundated with emails daily.  Ask yourself: Have I made a positive impression to MistressTemper  yet? Why should she consider me? Have I improved her life today? Tributes are accepted via Venmo, Google Wallet or Bitcoin. 

12/9/2017 12:25:38 PM
Venmo and Circle pay -

11/29/2017 1:42:54 PM
Christmas is coming! Still time to spoil Me Hi. Check out this list:

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