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Read all the way through, it'll be important later! If what I am bothers you in anyway, jus
Female Dominant, 32,  Ohio


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BisexualMale Submissive
Age: 45
Location: at your feet, Michigan
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Read all the way through, it'll be important later!

If what I am bothers you in anyway, just pass me on by. Don't send me hatemail, don't stalk my profile, don't send me mail wishing me to reconsider to play with you. My main fetish is financial domination. I'm interested in a sub that wants to work hard for the betterment of his domme. I want the sweat of my subs brow to be for me. All that my sub does will be for me. 

Don't send me numerous messages claiming you're a paypig, a human atm or you want me to clean you out either. Because you're fake, a real pay piggy, human atm or cash cow asks for nothing. They know how to get attention in a sea of fakes who love to play games, they stand out, they're easily noticeable.

This is my world, my playground, your fantasies, what you want, what you perceive that I want? Forget about it, what I want, I will tell you. It's your job, to give it to me.

I always give a view back to those that appear on my list, those that stand out and impress me I send a message, those that don't I'm waiting for you to send me a message and impress me. Those that have their dick out for their main picture, I block. If you favorite me without even sending me a message I may block you. Don't stand at the edge of Darkness and hide and wish and dream, take a chance and see what lies in the darkness

If you have your pathetic cock in your main profile picture, your message will be deleted. If you have nothing of substance in your profile, your message will be deleted. If your message is filled with your pathetic mewling so you have a chance to get off while we talk, your message will be deleted. If you're married, and hiding it from your Wife, I will block you and blast you the minute I find out. If your journal and profile are filled with the usual generic blathering on and on about how you're a slave or a submissive and you fill the entire thing with you blasting people, insulting people or generally be an ignorant little good for nothing that runs their mouth like they're better than everyone else, I will block your ass

I take on both men and women, but to be useful to me you must also be sincere, unique, intelligent and worth a damn. At this moment though I am far more interested in female playtoys. Depraved, slutty, whorish girls who want to do anything, and be anything for me

I enjoy making little sissy maids, little boys who dream to be girls as their pathetic little cocks are locked away where they belong and their boy cunts are filled with fat plugs. Men who dream of providing my every non sexual need while they're in a frilly feminine dress.

I enjoy pretty little girls who've accepted the fact that they're nothing more than a playtoy for a Superior and that as a Superior I should have my every need, want and desires met

Pathetic little men who would do anything to keep Princess happy, if I'm not happy, entertained or interested I will just leave. I'm a busy lady and there are more important things I could be doing. If we're messaging I will not force you to speak to me. If we're messaging and I'm getting cues like; simple, short, uninvolved messages or one word replies, or you ghost and then need some easy attention, or it's clearly going nowhere, or I'm doing most/all of the work, you really don't have to keep replying. Just delete my message, and be on your merry way.

If your message or any reply is 1 word, or less than an actual sentence, it will be deleted. You will be blocked. If you continue to reiterate something like "we're just talking", we're done. No shit sherlock.

I am sorry but if your message was read, and then marked as Spam and deleted, I'm not interested. I'd never get anything done if all I had to do was tell people no thanks.

Do not send me a message and right off the bat try to get into my dominant pants. Yanno not where you're trying to have sex with me, but where you're trying to get me to dominate you. Don't send me a message telling me "you enjoyed my profile". Tell me why you enjoyed my profile, what spoke to you, how did it speak to you, what does it mean to you, what do you want?

This is MY world, my play space, if you want to play with me understand that you serve me. Don't spew your male driven fantasies at me, don't spew your same old tired bullshit thst I've seen and heard a billion times. Don't ask for pictures, don't ask me to get on Skype and verify for you when you haven't done jack for me

Approach me like you would any Lady, and you just might get somewhere. Asking something of ME shouldn't be your first message to a Mistress AT ALL- Do you enjoy...- Use me, so on and so on*If you are not in my city, don't bother me. You should also know that I do not behave like any Dominant you may have ever known, if I have an interest in you I will flirt horribly, I also make jokes. If that scares you away, then so be it

Some of my interests include bondage, pain, no strings attached housework, forced fem, forced bi, anal play, long term chastity, fisting, cuckolding, keeping a lady plugged and locked up, bimbofication, pet play, race play, uniforms and a slew of other things

*You get one chance, make a good impression or move on to the next*

I am not into keeping you, but you can still be of use to me. Please be intelligent, articulate and pathetic only in the sense that I am Superior to you.*

I have a boy, I've had him for about 16 years. You won't replace him, but you can provide entertainment and pleasure. My entertainment, my pleasure. I don't care about yours. I also have an online relationship with a cuck and his wife, as well as a couple other toys. If you want me to notice you; be unique, don't be afraid to be who you are. I'm not Jesus, not here to judge you. First impressions count, and if you send me an empty message, or a “I need attention” message, your message will be marked as Spam and Deleted, and we're done

Journal Entries:
1/9/2018 7:48:04 PM
If we had spoken before and were in the process of building something and you just stopped speaking, but yet I can very clearly see that you are on all day everyday, you probably got blocked. If you didn't even bother introducing yourself but you bothered to "admire" me, you were blocked. If you were wasting my time, you got blocked. Plain and simple; from here on out, you either impress me or you're discarded. Tired of male and female submissives wasting my time.

12/26/2017 6:12:27 AM
Very commonly uttered after receiving a new message "I've heard that before"

12/19/2017 9:49:11 AM
I put up some photos today. Before he came to me he lied to women that he was straight, even after he came to serve me he continually tried to claim he was straight, lying to every woman he met. But as you can see he eventually came to tell the truth, he's a completely gay sissy that loves to serve men's cock. Do you live in Mexico and need a cock loving sissy? Contact me

12/13/2017 1:13:27 AM
After being asked about it numerous times I've decided that to those who are interested I will begin selling care packages These vary greatly, but basic things I can include are worn underwear(how long they've been worn is entirely up to you), I can even sell you a pair that I've worn during my period, bras, worn socks, shoes, private pictures, packages of my favorite candies, personalized notes. I can customize the package to a holiday, or if you’re going through a time of great stress to include different self care items 💕 Prices vary on what you choose, and I’m open to suggestions. All prices in USD, shipping will be calculated based upon your address and included with your total. Confirmation numbers and pictures of receipt will be sent once package is sent. Packages will be sent out no later than one week after payment is recieved 😄

11/18/2017 5:58:03 PM
Anymore on this site when messaging someone you should get in the habit of copying the message you're trying to send someone, before you hit send. That way if after you hit send you get booted off you can just go back and paste it without putting in all of that work numerous times

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