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Hello I am a sexy Brazilian and German girl looking for a man to be my dom and roommate willin
Female Submissive, 20,  Brooklyn, New York US

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Straight Male Dominant
Age: 35, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
Location: Manhattan, New York
Last on 2/18/17 at 10:15 AM

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Hello I am a sexy Brazilian and German girl looking for a man to be my dom and roommate willing to relocate I am going to college studding music I love to be under a man in to a lot of this but being 100% someone's property is my dream but more like a marriage with out the ring to me I am a simple gal with simple needs sex is not on that list I like to be a slave or better yet a pet if you will being held on a higher pedestal then slave actually I like being someone's property but not sure in to being a slave a pet is more my thing someone to pet me and play with me like the little kitten I am I love older white men not to old but with in ten years to 15 years older is cool I like to be renamed and calmed as yours beaten browned left for hours in a cage thing of that natural still just getting in to this whole life style would love and older man to train me in the art of obedience a few beating may be needed ;3 well that my in a nut she'll

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