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I may have found my forever One. Not sure yet. When I am sure, I will no longer be here. (Than
Female Submissive, 40,  Oklahoma










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Dominant Male

I may have found my forever One. Not sure yet. When I am sure, I will no longer be here. (Thank goodness!!!!)


To the extremely slim few here who get the true meaning of this lifestyle: Don’t give up in your search. Don’t lower your standards and desires. Your search and the wait will be well worth it in the end. In the meantime, work on you. Enjoy and love life. You can still live life without someone by your side. 


To the rest here who use and abuse this lifestyle or who are cheating in their current relationships: Grow up! Time to be an adult. Learn to admit your faults. Stop your abusive behavior. Stop the lies and cheating. Time to be an adult with adult responsibilities. 


If you feel the need to message me to tell me I should contact you “if it doesn’t work out”, you will be ignored and blocked. 


I know what my needs, wants, and desires are. Everything that I expect from my Dom, I also expect the same from myself. So when I tell you that you had better have your shit together, take care of yourself physically/emotionally/spiritually/financially, be a law abiding responsible human being who exercises common sense, realize that this lifestyle relationship is a give and take on BOTH sides, etc........I myself am already at this level of expectation. Rather pathetic that I have to say that, but that’s due to the mentality of this site and the general population these days. 

Journal Entries:
10/22/2017 4:25:41 PM
Unavailable for an unknown amount of time.

9/8/2017 7:14:18 AM
I do not care if you don't like my profile or my pics or journal entries. I do not care if you think I am not a "true submissive". I do not care if you are rude or disrespectful. I do not care if you choose to be offended by me or my words and actions. I do not care if you think "you are the dominant for me" and then appear to be desperate. I do not care that most here think "bully" also means "dominant" or that "doormat" means "submissive". I do not care what your thoughts or opinions are of me. I know who and what I am. I also know my value and my worth. I know what I want and need and will not stop looking until I find my One.

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