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Okay guys, here it is. . .   I am a young submissive looking for a long term or p
Female Submissive, 27,  Mountain View, California US

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 44, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 181 lbs.
Location: friendship_is#1, Arizona
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 Submissive Female

 Mountain View 


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Dominant Male

Okay guys, here it is. . . 

 I am a young submissive looking for a long term or permanant arrangment. However please keep in mind I am a submissive not a slave. How/why yhou ask? Well the way i see it is that every D/s relation could become a master/slave relationship and honestly in the end thats what one would ideally want, right? But When you are trying to build a bond like that it takes time.  Without trust there is nothing, and trust takes time. Uhtil that point is reached i am a submissive because i do have hard limits and always reserve my right to say no and leave. I doubt I would but still that right is there, unlike for a slave who instantly gives total control to her dom and has no limits.

So about me. . . I am quirky, wierd, energetic, driven, smart yet ditzy all in one. I enjoy being out in nature, sports, reading, trying new things, eating, I love cars, I love the rain and the night, I love the beach and rivers and lakes, I am a very hands on  kind of person. I'd rather do it myself than chance someone else fucking it up. And when I say I am smart I have no degrees, no college education but I am always learning something from a book, or from a documentary or from where ever it may be. I do not know everything but I can say that I know a little bit about almost everything. LOL. I like to laugh and have fun, and adventure and so on. I think I am a pretty well rounded person who is somewhat mildly interesting. But that is just my opinion. Sub wise i only aim to pleqse and crave for that one man who no matter what as soon as he is near I want to drop to my knees before hima nd and him my leash. Althoguh I can be bvratty sometimes, but that keeps it interesting right?

What I am looking for. . .I am looking for a caring, loving, solo Dom who wants to totally dominate me, mind, body and soul. He needs to be smart, funny, independent, DOMINANT, not married or attached, not into sharing, and  needs to be more into BDSM than just choking. I like choking but I want more than that. bondage, collars, caning, ect. He also needs to be balanced and able to realize that this is a real relationship for me and must have some comprehension of how that works lol. And he must be okay with puppies because mine is my world (since I am Domless currently). No either way I love my dog very much and would never get rid of him. He needs to be aware that just like my right to serve is earned, so is my full submission. I dont just give it to whoever tells me to! Also He must be attractive (at least somewhat) and between the ages of 27 -44, however if you are older or younger and feel that you are the one for me than okay whatever go ahead and try!.

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR PENPALS OR FUCK BUDDY AND IF YOU THINK I AM JUST GOING TO PUT OUT KEEP MOVING. Oh and HE MUST BE A HE.  He needs to make me feel protected and cherished and wanted most of all. How can I long to serve one who does not want me? And after all I am a personal, private plaything that is to be cherished and coveted right?


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