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Some of you have seen my pics on other profiles.. Those profiles were made by a very unstable
Female Submissive, 30,  Woodside, New York US

Link to this profile:













 Submissive Female


 New York


 125 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Friends Only

Online Romance

Some of you have seen my pics on other profiles..
Those profiles were made by a very unstable loser who can't handle rejection ..

He has been harrasing me for over 6 months
He wss able to take one of my pics and do an image search and find my fb page and my real name, info, friends etc etc .. I had to close my fb page

Please don't help him harass and bully me

If you are exchanging messages with those profiles you are talking to a guy

His goal is to chase me off this site or he's just so desperate for my attention ...

(I think he feels if he can't be with me then nobody should)

I reported him but Cs is to slow to act or don't care

If you see those profiles PLEASE do me a favor and report them maybe if enough reports come in CS will do something

Be careful what you post on your profiles this could easily happen to you

Because of this I am not looking for anything with anyone at this time unless I know you don't bother messaging me because I won't be replying

I was a domme for a long time .. Hence the name .. but a few years ago I started having submissive thoughts .. The more I denied them the more they grew .. The more extreme they got ... The Thrill I got from standing over a man as he groveled at my feet is long gone. Now an empty space just remains. The whole thing just slowly grew like a plant from a seed, A seed that was planted when i was a teenager.


I am attracted to extreme doms. Looking for someone older... but not bald and fat. someone sane 

I have daddy/daughter fantasies.. Blackmail fantasies and Rape fantasies 





I am 30 years old. Work full time and have a young daughter (who wouldn't be any part of this)




Journal Entries:
3/24/2017 12:14:25 PM

so... maybe 8 months ago there was a male dom I chatted with once in awhile
he was in texas .. as time went by he got more and more aggressive with asking personal questions and for some reason i just felt compelled to answer ..

he would act like he was entitled to answers or like i owed him answers
the more I answered his questions .. the more personal the questions got

he was very aggressive .. and i sort of felt like .. pushed into a corner like i had no choice to answer

and sometimes when he didn't understand .. I would have to explain situations to him

(My life at times can be very complicated)

it was easy to open up to him because we had never met and we were never going to meet

this whole thing sort of morphed into a daddy daughter thing with him controlling everything that happened in my sex life

like if a guy asked me out I would say.. let me think about it .. then ask daddy and he would decide... before the date we would get together on gmail chat and go over what i was gonna wear and what would happen

flirt with this guy
stay away from that guy
when i had sex with my BF how it was gonna happen and how he would cum
etc etc

he was like a mentor but at other times sadistic
but as the months past once in awhile he would say things that raised a red flag
and when i lost trust for him it just fell apart

when the "thing" fell apart it sort of left a void ...
been looking for someone ever since but...

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