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welcome to my corner of my world .where to start I have been in the lifestyle many years I hav
Male Dominant, 46,  Illinois


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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 43, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 280 lbs.
Location: collinsville, Illinois
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welcome to my corner of my world .where to start I have been in the lifestyle many years I have done online and real . I love to read, talk, play video games, and computer games I like to bake ,cuddle, spend time with family ,camp I love star trek and star wars, DC and anime and marvel I love to watch movies .



 I can be funny , loving ,caring, respectful, honest , truthful , loyal , I don't judge anyone by their looks or size or if they in relationship looking for something new . I only judge them by their actions and deeds.


I have been in lifestyle over 20 years I have had my fair share of good and bad times. I have been a Dom , a pet owner and Daddy type . but enough about me for now on to other things.


If you are a adult baby looking for a Daddy to keep you in diapers and bottle feed you and nurture you please stop by. or if you are some one looking for a Daddy to make you wear diapers and go in them please stop by.


if you are a Daddy girl or a baby girl who in to or not in to age play but like the security and protection a Daddy gives and the love and attention please step in .


if you are a pet who looking to be owned weather it part time or full time collared leashed made to eat or drink for bowl put in kennel or not made to potty outside or not please bark at the door


if you are a sub or slave looking for a Sir weather new or a little experience please feel free to walk in or walk in and kneel


all are welcome


now back to the boring mundane


if you stuck around so far good for you now for rest and see if you stay haha.



more about me ( medical )


 was born 6 weeks premature and born with half a nose and no upper lip
when nurse went to move  to table she bumped my head on table causing me to have cerebral hemorrhage which in turn caused a stroke which caused me to be blind deaf and paralyzed the doctors told family that i would never talk walk see or hear with the surgery they went in to drain the fluid that was seeping in to the brain while on the table during surgery i died 3 times . i have regained eyesight hearing both legs left arm and hand not all of right arm and only 5 %use Right hand at age 18 I started having seizures last 2 years I haven't had any . knock on wood lol


if you are still reading then please feel free to knock , crawl, bark, speak, say hello, or what ever you like .


BUT PLEASE LEAVE ALL NEGATIVE RUDE MEAN HATEFUL comments outside or to yourself there enough of that going on.

Journal Entries:
1/14/2018 10:19:15 AM
ugh now found out where pain is from now have to get root cannel

1/13/2018 11:44:27 AM
dentist appointment tomorrow hope they pull tooth and deal with cavity so tired of pain and no sleep

1/2/2018 8:06:35 AM
hate being in pain from leg and teeth hate being up all night long in pain hate getting maybe 20 hours sleep in 7 days . pain makes it so you cant think or want to do things .... got to love dr and dentist lmao

12/10/2017 3:54:34 PM
this lifestyle is not about a quick fix , fast move in , sex, beating , treating people like crap, the bdsm lifestyle is meant to be respect , loyalty ,kindness honesty, trust,

12/6/2017 8:27:46 AM
I see where some of you say online is stupid or unfair or not real or it fake * taps screen * hello people where do you think you are or what you are doing by being on a site like this you are online ... but yes online relationships have good points and bad points I an not going to go in to listing them but needless to say .. you have to start a relationship some where more so if you have marked willing to relocate  on your profile . how else are you going to learn to build trust , honesty, relationship ?  If you like me you aren't going to move the person in right away after a couple words been there done that bought the t-shirt got burnt and hurt sold the shirt lol. online may not be your cup of tea or coffee or anything but to some it works

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