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Having issues accessing my previous account.  So had to start a new one....   Good
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Having issues accessing my previous account.  So had to start a new one....


Goodness, that's why I need to take my own advice and not rush things. Some women can be so psychotic. Okay, let's see if men can read. My profile says "Lesbian" for a reason. See if you can figure it out.


I have to admit that my life is a bit of an oxymoron. On one side I have spent seven years getting my BA and MA in order to pursue a career I love. I own a home and owe tons in student loan debt. I have a loving family and so many good things in life.

Yet on the other side I have become exposed to this life of slavery. And no matter how much I think I might not really be slave material, the aching inside grows. I can't deny what I am. But I can't just walk away from my life as it is.


How will it turn out? Well, time will tell. Let me say this one thing though. If You are a domme...whether a good one or not...I will extend You the simple courtesy of showing You respect. But please do not assume respect for You means I am suddenly going to become Your slave.

I am interested in learning more. I am interesting in being patient. And I am interested in friendships. Beyond that I have no set goals.

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