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I am a sophisticated, private, and no nonsense gentleman with over 27 years of real exper
Male Dominant, 47,  Charlotte, North Carolina











 Dominant Male


 North Carolina

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Submissive Female

I am a sophisticated, private, and no nonsense gentleman with over 27 years of real experience who enjoys the company of mature minded intellectuals that hold themselves to a higher level in this lifestyle and vanilla life. 


I understand and employ power dynamics on all levels (TPE). I enjoy intelligent and challenging conversations on various subjects inside and outside of the life.


I enjoy making new friends and honestly speak my mind.  You do not have to agree nor is it my purpose to sway you one way or another.  Truth is truth.


I surround myself with people who want to grow and learn about this life.  The internet and movies have allowed undesirables and the ignorant to enter this life and hurt people.


I have Old Guard beliefs and enjoy empowering people to go to higher levels and not hurting people for sexual pleasures or a cheap thrill. 


I am not interested in any interaction with the entitled and/or spoiled, big mouthed, nosy, pushy, no patience, hardheaded, lazy, or limited mindset people. 


I do not have a photo on my profile for professional reasons. If I want you to have it, I will send it.  A pic should not deter  you from getting to know someone.


If you use the letter "u" in place of the word you or any other illiteracy, do not contact me as that makes you lazy. It is not cute or intelligent.


If you believe naked pictures are going to get someone to talk to you on any kind of serious level outside of sex, you are sorely mistaken. No one is going to put serious effort into getting to know you. 


If you are looking for money for bills or a sugar daddy in exchange for service, stop prostituting yourself. 


I believe people should have something in common inside and outside of the BDSM arena.  I believe a mature man should have enough common sense to know when to mentor and when to involve himself in a relationship with someone no matter the age but with honest intent. 


A true Master should love his sub and knows when to be firm and when not to be firm. A true Master is also brave enough to release his sub or slave for their best interests. I am a man who loves intelligence.


To the CD/Transgender people, I have no interest outside of friendship. This does not make me a phobic of any kind. It is my preference.  I do not force myself onto you and I expect the same in return. 


If you are bold enough, feel free to engage me.



Journal Entries:
1/17/2018 7:08:50 AM
Time to celebrate:

I have been reading on times when someone should celebrate a time in their life. It is always a time when special and good things happen in your life. The acceptance of a Higher Being, the birth of a child, marriage, a wonderful job, and other things.

I would like to challenge people on things not so wonderful. I believe you should also celebrate the bad items or people who have made you stronger based on their ignorance.

Be happy and celebrate when a person who is not on your level leaves your life. Celebrate that parasite that takes your power and energy when they leave. Celebrate people who bring you down when they leave.

Mark those dates and smile when you have an anniversary of freedom. It will hurt at first but should ease over time.

Here are my good bye people dates by their own accord:


Get your mindset and strength back for those who have left.


1/14/2018 4:32:47 PM
The look of surrender:

I have been talking to some people and asked what it is that I find attractive about my subs and slaves. I explained that It was the look of surrender.  They mentioned it was when after a scene or sex.  I am talking about this in a female sub or slave position.

I am sure it is the same for male subs or slave, but I have no experience in that arena.

I explained no. I explained that the looked of surrender comes way before the scenes or sex come into play. It is when yo have quieted her mind and she trusts you with her inner self. 

It is when all the defenses are down and she is completely naked in your eyes. If you are keen enough, you will see this in her face and mannerisms. My subs and slaves were shy around me and often smiled when talking.  It was also when my title was given in public and they did not care who was around.

It is the point that you can ask anything within reason and she will do it not questions or foolishness involved. If you are both on the same page whether you are still with this person or not, that you can still feel this surrender.

It is the power that you feel from her. It is not the height of the sexual experience but the depth of her submission.

I find that most people have that part backward and it is especially when people are not properly introduced to the life or just do not wish to learn their craft. I have always found playful banter exciting. I enjoy the teasing to bring her to a point of release, then slowing it down. Again, I am talking about conversation not sex or scene.

It is the connect that is important to me. It can last a lifetime or a brief moment. I prefer the lifetime.


1/8/2018 9:23:30 AM
I take this serious:

I wonder when the fun in this lifestyle left. I hear and read profiles about I take this serious. The profile is so serious and why would anyone want to interact with someone like that unless they are a masochist.

It is important to have fun along with the serious to keep the balance. I made a bet over the weekend with a former slave of mine and I lost.  I did not cry or whine about it. I just accepted the consequences.

The bet was that if I won, she would have to cut her hair and if I lost, I would have to dye my hair, get it cut , and shave my beard into a goatee. Because we are both professionals and in the public eye, the bet had to be low key.

I have always had salt and pepper hair since I was 25 including my facial hair. I have let the hair grow since, but not looking like someone from the 70s. I finally did all of that.

I have a problem with looking younger than my true age thus why I keep the salt and pepper. I saw her at lunch today and the look was amazing. We both laughed as I was carded for ordering my normal drink.

It was all in fun and I have to keep my look like this for a month.  She kept feeling my face and smiling. I know she was feeling more than she suggested.

It was a good lunch and a pleasant afternoon. No as you can see nothing has to be so serious.


1/8/2018 8:30:27 AM
The Human Ego:

I find nothing more fascinating that the human ego. I find it to be strong at times and also fragile as well. This is not geared to a man or a woman. It has nothing to do with race, but some people believe my entries are about them and their fragile egos. My posts are general in nature. Personal attacks prove nothing.

I spoke with a sub who I had helped, but found that she was not close to the level that most people want to get as in that power exchange.  With all things, criticism is made to better the person and not in a demeaning manner but a you could work on this or that kind of manner to help you get to the high level.

I found that her ego would not allow it.  People who believe they are a princess or they have some special value about themselves among all the humans on this planet is delusional.

Another person claimed to be a king and should be treated as such. I explained that not everyone is a king but that is earned. Just as being anything else. After a lengthy conversation, he ended the conversation.

Another person who has the same profession as me found himself in a position where his slave was his boss at work.  He was having a hard time with duality.  I explained to him that he has to adapt to the situation or leave.  Again, the ego falls into place, it is the same as a woman making more money or has more education than a man.

At the end of the day, it should not matter.

I do not have to tell you that both blocked me. I suppose that when one says the truth and their ego can not take it, the sole option is to block someone instead of saying, do not contact me again.  My approach is the latter.

I know for a certain that there is always someone better than me in some things. I accept that and fine with it.  I can only be me and the best me I can be. I strive to improve myself and if asked the people around me.

I only care about the opinions of people who are in my circle. I can take good and bad criticism and strive to make the proper adjustments as should other people.

That is not the case in some situations. Their ego is so tight the growing is impossible.

Men and women who have egos call others derogatory terms to provide their superiority and refuse to listen to anything. Still others show themselves as the victims in a situation that they brought upon themselves.

Most people cannot tell the difference between confidence and ego. These are the people who call people arrogant and other names to allow their ego to stay in place with no change.

Change happens in life, everyone has to adapt to it man and female alike. The strong people will read this and ponder on it. The weak people will not.


1/6/2018 5:37:43 PM

I have been told that struggle is hard. I completely agree. Struggle is hard and you can attempt to avoid it but it will always be there. I am reminded of people in my past who have struggled but progressed by challenging themselves to step into the light.

I always remember the phrase "Without Struggle, there is no progress." If you do not know who said those words, I suggest you get to looking. I am proud of a friend who boldly put herself out there as it relates to the abuse in her life.

We have been talking for months and I shared a sermon from my church with her. I suppose it was the talks, therapy, and most of all the sermon that convinced her to shed light on incest and rape.

Two items that I take very seriously and never accept. I am glad my friend was bold enough to put her face in the open, but that incurs addition struggles as in how people will react to what she said.

I told her to take it one day at a time, do not worry what people will say or think, but take it one day at a time.  I know with her friends that they will help when they are able. 

As each day goes passes, I can see her getting stronger not only in the life, but as a person. She is one that listens, thinks, then applies.  She can appreciate good non attacking help and criticism and not take it personally.

She is also smart enough to figure a way around a problem and can ask for help when looking for a direction to go. Advise can be given, but ultimately, they decision is hers

She knows that once you are a friend to me, it tends to stay that way. I do not hide behind sexy smiles and be two faced, but I am protective of my friends as people should do.

Nicely done to my friend.


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