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Hello I'm  an experienced sub/slave and I am looking for a true Female Dominant who truly beli
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Hello I'm  an experienced sub/slave and I am looking for a true Female Dominant who truly believes in total power exchange between a Mistress and the slave. The mind is a truly an open playground conditioned if artfully trained. To receive gifts of smell, vision,sounds,a touch and taste. We can be reborn, trained to react magnificently by a faint wiff of a fragrance which can calm or excite based on association of well planned sequential action by an owner. Magic happens, trust in a natural way, as the bond of Master slave is created.
I'm a slave that knows what to expect and not looking to live a limited life. As a true slave I need a strong lady to feel complete with my life, needs to be owned totally. In the real world I will continue in a management position, and others will not see the submissive deep inside that completes my balance driven by the woman in my life.

To the others I would appear to have the perfect relationship, devoted my other half, but would they know that beneath my attire I am locked firmly and secured with a chastity device and my lovely Goddess holding the keys. I'm not interested in anyone that believes even an experienced sub/slave will not need to be trained, all females that take a slave are different I what they expect it takes the training to bond. I will submit as blank canvas to forget what I have learned to be completely owned by you. If your profile is full of don't and better not and rants we are off on the wrong path and failure. It will be what you enjoy and teach me. These things learned from you is where I will find peace and comfort knowing I am doing your will. I come to you an open book, a blank canvas and know that pleasing you is the most important thing in his world. I am looking for a true D/s relationship living together situation that leads to a true FLR relationship. Perhaps we should explore the possibilities. If your interested then send me a message.


++++--+I had been seeing a Mistress G for about 2 years .. we met at an hourly hotel agreed on weekdays afternoons. She was the best at mixing things up and staying in complete control. The core to all dates was lots of pussy licking. Mixed in new adventures. Ms G. Blindfolded me this day having me cover my eyes without even a look around the room. She ordered my clothes off, walked around me touching me only by her finger nails. Like hypnosis the inspection took me to another state of mind under her control brain relaxed nothing on my mind.
I assumed position between her legs and began licking.. once she was satisfied she said I want you to do something for me. Still blindfolded she took my hand stood me up next to the bed. By the hand she walked me to the wall it was facing the foot of the bed. Then she put my hand on a man's cock asking what is that. Although I was pretty sure I hesitated not to make a mistake what's the eventual answer. We did this 4 times. There we're four men standing at the foot of the bed while I had service Miss G.. next would come what I was so accustomed to would you do for me started that sentence. The sentence ended with suck each Cock 2 minutes and describe it to me. The words hardly escaped her mouth when I said no. Lesson 1 think before you speak... Immediately she responded saying go lay on the bed and don't take the blindfold off.

She instructed the 4 men to dress and leave. What became clear eventually she also exited. I never heard from her again.

MOST INTERESTED IN DOING. Being in long term Chastity device. I have a few but cannot get comfortable fit.

Most liked_. True edge play
bound tight and jumping with each perfectly timed stroke. Screaming at the slightest touch, biting my lip almost off.. go

Journal Entries:
1/15/2018 4:17:07 PM
A Goddess with her confidence gleaming, this exotic beauty took over my mind and desire with her natural ability to instill magical change. This night would be one of abundance, blessed with her ability to control my thoughts, desires and energy. A slave's dream, the thought of submission brought pleasure never felt before. I was mentally hand cuffed long before I realizes it. Without a thought I was ready to do any and all. Then without hesitation she had me naked gone was the gap between fantasy and reality. Although, she has ability to stay emotionally detached and distant she is passionate while taking what she wants and greedy to use me for pleasure. Her mental handcuffs act as the perfect type of bondage to sutily torture and take out any and all emotions of resistance. She wanted her nipples sucked hard after they had both quadrupled in size from hard sucking. I was directed to touch her lips and trace around her pussy with one finger 4 times around. Then gently spread apart the lips . Then lightly touch her clit slowly till it was hard. Once it was hard and it was so wet I was to spread open gently and directly put my tounge just to the clit. Hold the tip barely touching she gave a loud long moan. Next with just my tongue push firmer slowly firmer till I could push no harder. Before I got to as a hard as I could push she was moaning louder and then with a shill then deep gasp she came and squirted, extreme squirt. She pulled me in full service now and I have no idea how many times she said 20 plus times from her pleasure boy toy. The acts of pleasing her eventually was my only real desire, I can only want more I will worship her unconditionally pleasing her every whim, burning with desire to be the one to make all of her fantasies come to life, and satisfy them in a deep way. I am bonded to her by my promise not to touch myself, that she will harvest what is hers. When she sees fit there will be cum harvest of every last drop .

1/12/2018 8:40:47 PM
I am not the man I want to be, I am not the man i used to be. I can only hope to find a lady who will teach me to be the slave..she desires . My Lady will be the one who tells me when she is pleased with her slave. That is the man I want to be. I have not been trained properly, I will submit as blank canvas to be trained to best fit my master.

1/12/2018 7:00:23 PM
I need to be 100 % honest . Willing to bear all and knowing I am not perfect. A dominant who will take the path to teach me how to service her, take my Duty's as slave and explain how to proceed. Communication they foundation both written at times as well as verbal. That I may serve with out disappointment of my owner I will listen and speak when ask or as trained by other jesture used to give me the ok. you will gain knowledge about how I think behave by having me talk about what I think, what I know, and how aware I am in service by picking up your actions, movements and sounds. I will your interests and desire by what I retain from sutle gestures and words you speak. In this process I will become aware of a higher order that is an FLR committed relationship. Once you Know who I was and I am in an emotional frame of mind invested in service to my Dominant. This communication will lead to training. The reproraming to create the slave that serves completely, what ever learning techniques that change the cognitive thinking to your needs and wants raising my level of awareness and focus of my Dominant.

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