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Diana & Rogue Update: 08-16-17 We know it's you. We suspected you as early as the spring
Female Dominant, 27,  California US

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 Dominant Female


 5' 8"

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Diana & Rogue

Update: 08-16-17

We know it's you. We suspected you as early as the spring of 2016 when you accidentally uttered my alias name four times in a month-long span (yes, we have it recorded). But we knew for sure this past February. You doubt me...right? Listen: one branch of government doesn't always know what the other branch is doing. And very often, the people in one department don't even know what their own department is doing at a higher level (or a deeper level). Think about that. Think hard...if you value your freedom.

On a separate note, why are you scared to meet us at the #^(*!#% Police Department? I'll even settle for a formal deposition (I'll fly to you tomorrow with my attorney). And why are you scared to leave an electronic trail? All I ever wanted was to get you the fuck out of my life--and "his" life (you know whom I mean). All you need to do is text me and tell me that you're sorry--and that you lied. By the way, I have video evidence that you lied (three videos to be exact). After confessing that you lied, go your own way, and we'll go our way. I've been telling you that for more than a year. So...what's your answer? What do you want: peace or war?

Elisa Lynn

P.S. By the way, Diana, professionals do not use anything digital to communicate important messages (only sloppy bears resort to digital communication). Rather, we professionals use paper, pencil, argots, encryption, signals, dead drops, unwitting couriers, etc. We also leave dozens of false trails. Thus, we're always one step ahead of the amateurs. In your case, we're hundreds of steps ahead. Finally, you should have trusted me. I was honest with you. But you chose to trust an amateur.

P.S. One CS profile keeps showing up at different distance from me: 4, 8, 17, 210, 215, 216, 503, 636, 746, 888, 970, 989, 1308, 1567, 1719, 1762, 2221, 2557, 2590. I'm sure that there are many more distances I miss while I'm not logged on. How can one profile change distances like that? Moreover, this person's profile has also shown up in Germany--and then the language in the profile itself changed to German--meaning even CS's words for height, weight, etc. I don't get it. Can someone explain this to me?

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