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Karma 11-22-17 When I was a kid growing up, I tormented my Baby Sis for about ten years. I e
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When I was a kid growing up, I tormented my Baby Sis for about ten years. I essentially treated her like a slave: bullying her, humiliating her, etc. That was wrong, and I'm truly sorry.

I've been instructed to apologize to all the CS members whom I called "blackmailers" or treated rudely. I sent out more than 100 apologies last night. If you didn't get one but want one, just let me know. I've also been told to unblock everyone I've blocked.

That's all for now. I'm awaiting further instructions.


If I could go back in time to 2008, I would never have gotten involved in this fucked up lifestyle. On all of the sites like this one, ninety-eight percent of the female profiles are fake. And when a real Domme like me comes along and plays by the rules to have fun, the psycho males come out in droves and do everything possible to rip our lives to pieces. In a nutshell, that's what happened to me.

Right now, my most persistent blackmailer has activated a number of dormant profiles with my pics being shown--and all of those pics (with one exception) were taken under the threat of blackmail. I would love to name those profile (as I had in the past), but that's against Collarspace's Terms of Service, and I don't want to get my profile deleted. So I'll just say that one of those profiles ends with the word dog, and three others end with the word slave.

Moreover, because of that individual, I can't trust anyone on this site. This obsessive criminal is constantly creating other profiles and contacting me...acting like a new-comer who just wants to talk. So to all the good people out there, please understand why I have sometimes made mistakes and accused you of being blackmailers. Because of him, I have no idea who's good and who's bad.

Furthermore, my main blackmailer (whose profile starts with the word cowardly) would like you to believe that I'm some psycho who wants to incriminate people. But that's not true. I'm just a girl who got into this lifestyle when I was eighteen--but had no idea what kind of mentally ill males were lurking out there.

Right now, my profile is set to slave because someone (and I think I know who) is threatening to post my address on multiple sites. So I'm not bouncing back and forth because I want to incriminate people or trap people. I'm so fucking sick of all this shit that I just want to log off and never come back. But I can't do that--because somone is keeping me here...constantly threatening to reveal my true address. Anyway, that's the truth.

Elisa Lynn

P.S. Please excuse this hastily written profile. I'm sure that it's filled with typos. But I don't have the energy to do any better right now.


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