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Skype: ciel.rosevein Kik: clair.belfior I love serving straight Men! There is something so d
Male Submissive, 21,  Mississippi

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BisexualMale Dominant
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 170 lbs.
Location: Virginia
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Skype: ciel.rosevein

Kik: clair.belfior

I love serving straight Men! There is something so degrading about serving someone who wants nothing sexual from me while I crave them constantly with no hope of ever servicing them.


Primarily looking for a Man with a Dog that needs it to have a bitch. I'd love to serve as your Dog's beta bitch and service it however I can. 


Verbally abusive and degradation people preferred. Fag and mutt are my favorite names. 


I want to be treated like a dog at all times! Im nothing but a stupid, pathetic mutt. I need an owner to train me and use me like the bitch i am. My darker fantasies include: being choked out and raped, and being forced to live the life of a urinal. I very into humiliation, degradation, pet play, age regression, and breathe play. I don't really like to show my face that often because i was abused by a Dom a few years ago and have since developed trust issues. Sorry if thats not ok with you, but thats how i feel.


Journal Entries:
12/24/2016 11:46:32 PM
Being a litte and a pet is fun and all, but i really miss being a crinkly butt sometimes.

10/25/2015 1:41:30 PM
I just really want someone to send me a metal cock cage and the lock that goes with it. The thought of having a random key holder is so fucking hot and not knowing when ill be let out (if ever) is even hotter.

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