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*During all BD/SM scenes and settings I prefer to be called Mistress or Goddess Tai. You must
Female Dominant, 25,  Hamilton, Ohio













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 Dominant Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

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*During all BD/SM scenes and settings I prefer to be called Mistress or Goddess Tai. You must have permission to call me by/know my personal name.**

I am:
* forceful
* opinionated
* intelligent
* comical
* beautiful
* fierce

Educated and experienced Domme who has been into the lifestyle for over seven years and I would love to meet and share stories with new friends, fans, and admirers.

Sassy BBW who loves spanking, biting, flogging, pegging, giving hickies, dollification, sissification, online domination, body worship, TeamViewer sessions, CFNM, SPH, JOI, CEI, and participating in other various forms of fun-time activities. I am very accepting and open-minded, but expect others to respect my limits. I will always be respectful of yours.

Queer- Sexually Fluid. My libido can never make it's mind up.

Current Sexual Bucket list:
1) Makeout/fuck someone who wears braces
2) Threesome/Orgy/Groupsex with **all attention on me**
3) Have a steamy scene while Hozier's *Take Me To Church* is playing
4) Fuck on a trampoline on an Autumn evening under the stars


In my more vanilla aspects life, I'm an activist, recent college graduate, media junkie, geek, social networking addict, and a pretty hilarious person. I quite enjoy singing, watching Food Network, and finding new ways to doll myself up. (Get it- doll, dollification? Haha

Recently graduated with degrees in Communication and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I'm incredibly interested in all things sexual, especially fetishes. <3 I'm always up for a conversation about any aspect of human sexuality, or anything else that may strike your fancy.

Wanna make me a happy dolly-domme? Here's my wishlist!


Thanks for stopping by!

Tai xx

Journal Entries:
1/6/2018 7:05:07 PM
Many subs on here have asked me on advice for having a first-time pegging session. I decided to reply to a particular message, and I feel as though the answer should be shared with others who have similar concerns!

Hello subby!


Oooo, pegging is an exciting step forward!! The first time, just as any kind of sex, will be AWKWARD. Things won't go as planned, it will not be as you expect, and it will take adjusting, but you will still get the experience, and that alone is enough to make subs addicted. You'll want to try it again and again and again in attempts to 'perfect' it. Practicing will be all you'll want to do- and that's okay! With time, and the understanding of your body, you will begin to have a more pleasurable and erotic experience with pegging. One KEY piece of advice for a novice is to make sure your asshole is ready for the instrument you'll be pegged with. If you try with too large of a toy, you can cause serious damage to the tissues in your anal canal. Ouch! So make sure the attachment for the harness is of acceptable size before you begin. Another tip would be to make sure you're 'cleaned out' before any pegging happens. Nothing is a mood-killer like a potty-break mid-session. (Well, for most people... LOL.) And a final key point to make would be to assure both parties are well-hydrated, as pegging can be QUITE the vigorous activity... ;) Otherwise, have fun, be safe, and keep and open mind!!! It might not be wonderful at first, but in time it becomes magical. (: I hope this helps!!!

Goddess Tai

Let me know what your thoughts are. For those subs who have been pegged, what was your first time like?! Has the experience with pegging changed over time for you? For new peggys, what are you hoping to get from pegging? Do you see yourself getting pegged anytime soon? Thanks for reading!!!


12/27/2017 7:39:50 AM
HAPPY NEW YEARS, COLLARSPACE!!! What are your kinky highlights from the year 2017?! For me it was a big step forward in foot worship. (pun intended. ;p ) Dated a lovely subby who had an eager and willing mouth- and my toes and soles loved every minute of it! Nothing better than having your feet worshiped through a pair of lace socks!!!!! <3 <3 (Check Fetlife if you want to see a photo!) I hope I get a chance to do more in the near future. (:Tell me what your kinky resolutions are for 2018! Have a happy, healthy, and hot New Year!

12/21/2017 12:27:31 PM
Happy holidays to all of Collarspace!!!!!!!! I had a lovely Christmas today. (: I made a huge meal for me and my mother to enjoy. I also gave my neighbors who didn't have a meal a bunch of food so they could have a wonderful day as well!!!! <3 (Yes, us Dommes can be sweet sometimes... ;p) I hope everyone else had a jolly day full of fun.Thank you to femsaresuperior for getting me a Christmas present from my wishlist!!!! I can't wait to try my new eyeshadow!!!! <3 May everyone else get what they desired today! (Even those of us who like to stay on the 'Naughty list'.... ;p )


11/30/2017 12:01:35 PM
WriteForMe Task for LOSERS!!!! NOW POSTED!!!

If link doesn't work, look up Huemannequin on WriteForMe!!


11/25/2017 5:42:55 PM

Now that I have your attention, I want your advice/help! As a Domme, I often put my subbies in chastity. Being a SSC (safe/sane/consensual) player, I want to make sure I can optimize the experience for both myself and the sub! That's where your help comes in slaves! What are some good tips/tricks for long-term chastity device use? Where did you find a device? How did you find out what size device was appropriate? What are tricks which allow you to prevent bruising? Hygiene advice? Other than your Keyholder, what motivates you to remain in long-term lockdown? Tips for avoiding temptations?

Any replies can be sent to me on here and would be greatly appreciated!! <3

Goddess Tai

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