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Hi I am 22 years old and am searching for a Mistress who is interested in owning my bitch ass
Slave, 22,  Syr, buff, roc, New York US

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 Male Slave

 Syr, buff, roc 

 New York

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Dominant Female

Hi I am 22 years old and am searching for a Mistress who is interested in owning my bitch ass as soon as possible. I am fully ready to take on the responsibilities of being your total porperty to use and abuse however you see fit no matter how painful or degrading and i am excited to totally submit and agree to being your slave for as long as you want to own my pathetic ass and will sign any contract/agreement to give up total power and free will to My Mistress and become her property to do whatever she desires with no option for me to back out under any circumstances. I am 100% willing and able to relocate permanently if it is reuired for me to serve as your full time slave. I don't have much experience so I might cry and squirm around like a bitch if you have to punish me but if im ever being a bitch just force my weak ass to the ground and tie me up so you can have your complete way with me. I love to be humiliated and degraded so feel free to be as cruel and harsh as you want :) I like to be reminded of my place and put down by my queen Limits: Absolutely nothing I am your toy to use and abuse however, whenever, and wherever you want especially if you want to own me as you're property and we make it final through blackmail and/or contract then my free will is dead What am I looking for? Tied up and abused however my mistress wants :)feel free to do anything and everything, my biggest turn on is when I realize im in over my head and I have absolutely no choice whether or not I want to do something and having the suspense that anything can happen to me and I cant do a damn thing about it Experience? (Only realy one experience as slave but here it is...) One time I was forced to get down on ground and kiss feet in a restaurant, my heart started racing because I knew I didn't have any choice but to obey and i got a pit in my stomach realizing how real this was and how I for was wasnt the w we one with the power and I no longer had the free will to do what I want to do or stand up for myself when I am being degraded and abused while everyone is watching, feeling like a deer in headlights just knowing that it is too late and theres no escaping this because I m nothing but a prop for my Mistress amusement. I soo desperately didnt want anyone to see me and have face the bitter humiliation of being used like a ragdoll and ridiculed at a restaurant. I came up with the idea to pretend fo knock my fork off the table and when and when i knelt down to pick it up i was going to try to sneak in a quick kiss hopefully satsfying my Mistress' order and being able to slip by undetected without being ridiculed. Noticing that I was trying to hide what I was doing when I gave her foot the quickest peck of a kiss humanly possible and tried to return to my seat she kicked me and ordered I stay down. She then made me suck on each of her toes before I could return to my seat and said if I tried to half ass anything ever again by being discrete rather than be efficient in following orders that I would be severely punished giving the other restaurant goers a reason to burst out in laughter at my expense Seeking: Total domination and humiliation, no mercy. I would love to serve a strict harsh mistress that can put my pathetic ass in my place :) hoenestly the meaner and bitchier my Mistress is the more I feel compelled to serve with dedication and passion.

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