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Female Dominants you may as well move along as well. I am not a switch or a submissive. I will save and search any pics you send me I've uncovered hundreds of frauds.

OK time to redo my profile so I’ll keep this simple. I’m here to find sub or slaves who really want to explore this. I don’t role play but I do like erotic chat where we discuss what you’re looking to explore. 


I’m fine with starting online and gradually work up to talking on the phone, skype etc. I’m in no rush as I believe, truly believe that the mental side of this is far more important than the physical.


As for distance don’t let that stop you from speaking with me. I live In Charlotte NC, but travel a lot and I have no trouble arranging a meet if I’m in your area. I want people who really want to explore and push themselves into this.


I am a DOMME not a switch nor am I looking to explore that. I’ve been in this lifestyle awhile and have always been a DOMME and no I have no desire to explore anything submissive or slave with anyone.


Since I have gotten so many requests for the first part of the story on how I met Judith I have decided to repost it in my Journal. There some fact to the story you need to understand


1. The story itself is true I just changed some of the time frames but they have nothing to do with the scenes or her progression into this lifestyle.

2. I am the Miss in the story and she was my teacher.

3. She still serves me on occasion.

4. if any of you have the courage to "play as she was instructed on how to in the story" I’d love to hear what you did. Here is Judith's instructions on how to play.


"You may also make yourself cum."




"But," Miss cut her off, "only with you tasting a pair of panties."


"You mean tasting them?" Judith asked, making a face.


"Smelling or tasting."


"I think I'd rather just wait."


"Like that'll last," Miss mocked, "you're insatiable."


"Am not," Judith protested, as Miss headed for the door.


"We'll see if you make it then. I'll see you at school, Monday," she finished, leaving the teacher alone.


Groaning deeply, Judith reveled in her debasement. There she was fucking herself with a vibrator and burying her face in a pair of her worn panties. All at the whim of a teenage girl her student even. Miss wasn't even present, but still was manipulating the poor teacher into obeying her barest command.


Those of you truly willing to learn and read more will be pushed to open yourselves up to Miss and tell me why the story or what part turns you on the most.


I may look sexy and sweet but I can be deliciously evil when I need to be. Please be warned. Woman if you have something to say to me please email me,blank profiles tell me you haven't taken the time to put yourself out there so why should I.


Sydney University and all other institutions, media, and/or individuals using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.



Journal Entries:
9/27/2017 7:53:57 AM

She felt rung out as her three tormentors, Sir, Toby and Miss, untied her legs and lifted her off the bed. She tried to struggle but the riding they had just given her and the force of her orgasm, unexpected as it had been, had her drained of strength.

"Please..." she managed to beg, " more." But her captors just laughed and carried the buxom beauty towards her next ordeal.

As she was manhandled from one room to the next she let her thoughts drift back on how this had occurred.

Earlier that day She had no idea that she was to be caught in her own home and forced to sexually service three people she barely knew. She was holding an open house. Her home had been on the market for a month and barely anyone had come by to see it. That's when Sir, a neighbor from down the street, approached her. She had seen him several times and he seemed a nice enough sort. A big man, he was almost 6'4" and She found him a little intimidating. Still, he had commiserated with her about the real estate market today and she had found a sympathetic ear. He told her that he had the same trouble when he tried to sell his own house a year or so ago. Finally he said, he had made a video open house. He and a couple of friends had gone through and video taped a tour of his home. Thrown in a little humor, a little sex appeal in the form of an attractive tour guide...and viola! He had sold his home in less than a month.

She thought that sounded wonderful. But she could never afford to hire a professional videographer and she herself had no knowledge about that sort of thing.

"Tell you what" Sir told her, "I'm a bachelor and haven't had a good home cooked meal in months. You make us a nice big dinner and I'm sure my friends who did my place would be happy to help you out with a video for yours. "You'd have to pay for the tape and such, but that shouldn't be too bad." Sir even told her he'd help edit the shoot on his home computer. She was thrilled. She readily agreed to make a great dinner for everyone and the deal was set.

She was broken out of her reverie as she was dumped on the floor of her living room. She tried to roll over, sit up and look around but her arms were grabbed by Toby and Sir and pulled up, above her head. Even as she gathered her wits to try and pull free she felt a pair of hard leather cuffs being placed on her wrists. Quickly and efficiently, they hooked these together and then attached them to a chain that hung down from her ceiling. She gazed up and saw that at some point a hook and winch had been set into one of the support beams of her high arched ceiling. The winch now began to wind up as Miss operated the mechanism and She was forced to stand or be pulled upright by her wrists. The chain continued to rise and She soon found herself standing on tiptoes, her arms stretched high above her head. Miss stopped the winch just before it would have lifted She completely off the ground.


Now stretched taught and upright, her entire body was open and available to these perverts. Her large breasts swayed as she pulled uselessly on her chains. "Haven't you done enough to me? For pity sakes, stop it Please".


Miss walked up and stood in front of her.


"Not nearly enough yet darling," She purred. She took her hands and cupped She's large breasts. She squeezed them and took She's sensitive nipples in her thumb and forefinger and pulled on them, stretching them out and shaking them, making her breasts jiggle and bounce.


"ooohhh, nnooo please..." moaned She. Her tits still hurt from the mauling and sucking Toby had given them, but even so she could feel the sparks of feeling tingle through her. Her breasts had always been a huge erogenous zone and since she had had a baby a few months ago, even more so. The thought of her child made She glad she had at least sent her to her parents for the week.


Miss continued to pinch and pull at She's swollen breasts and smiled as she began to cause milk to start seeping from her nipples. This just made She groan in embarrassment.


"Ooohhh" cooed Miss, "Seems like someone's titties are full of milk. I bet that's unpleasant." She grinned and pulled particularly hard on She's tit, making it squirt milk.


"Uugghh. No...please stop that.... It's too much...please!"


Miss smiled and let go, stepping back from the hanging She. She thought for a moment that Miss was actually stopping. Then she gasped as she saw what Miss was pulling out of a large bag she had. It was a small electric breast pump. She held it up and moved towards She.


"Maybe this will help relieve some of that pressure, hhmmm?"


She's eyes widened. They wouldn't do that would they?


"No...Please don't use that. Please!" She began to thrash and beg louder and louder. Miss turned to Sir.


"Shut her up will you. I'll get this started and then you two can have your fun!"


"Yes Ma'am" Sir responded. He walked over to the bag that Miss had gotten the pump from and reached in, pulling out a large red ball gag. Moving quickly to She he grabbed her face and squeezed at her jaws, forcing her mouth open. Even as she tried to squeal a protest, Sir shoved the large red ball into her mouth, between her teeth. It spread her mouth very wide. Then he quickly and efficiently buckled the strap around the back of her head, locking the gag into place.


"mmpphhrrggg" She tried to yell at them, beg them to stop but the gag kept all but a gurgle from coming out.


Miss meanwhile moved up and took She's right breast in one hand and squeezed. She winced as she was electrified by the feelings of this woman feeling her up against her wishes. Miss squeezed and pulled on her large milk-ladened breast, lifting it so she could fit the large suction cup end of the pump over it. It was a tight squeeze but she managed to get it in, tightly filling the cup. Then she looked up at She and smiled.




She tried to scream through her gag and shook her head violently. Miss just laughed and turned on the pump. Immediately suction was applied to She's right nipple. It began to pull and suck on her tit, drawing and stretching it out, then releasing and starting to do it again. It pulled and milked her tit, as it began to draw the milk into its container. She groaned and jumped. She had always had trouble using any kind of a pump on her breasts because it always stimulated her. Now as this diabolical machine milked her breast she could feel the heat rising in her. Even though none of this was her wish, she was getting turned on. She moaned through the gag, managing only to drool down her chi a bit.


This seemed all the encouragement the other two men needed. They were already mostly undressed and quickly shucked their remaining clothes. Sir moved to in front of She and Toby behind her. Sir grasped her ass and pulled She's body towards him. His large hard cock now resting at She's wide-open pussy. A pussy that was still wet from the orgasm Miss had brought her too and was getting wetter each moment from the pump sucking at her nipple. Then she felt Toby's hands on her ass. A finger brushed her asshole, spreading a cool gel all around it. Suddenly she realized what he had planned and squealed, shoving her hips forward to evade the probing finger. That just helped Sir stick the head of his waiting cock into her. She gasped at the intrusion and instinctively tried to pull back only to find Toby's waiting cock now brushing her hind-end whole. She groaned through the gag, shaking her head, her thick black hair flying about. Toby and Sir seemed to pause a moment and then, on some unseen signal, both men thrust forward, sinking their shafts deep into She's two holes and slamming their hips against her, pinning her between them.


She shrieked at the invasion and grunted and puffed through her gag, trying to catch her breath. The two men held her trapped there for a moment and then began to pull out. Each pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her once more. Again She grunted and squealed. She had never been filled so fully and yet her pussy and ass both burned with a desire she couldn't explain. She couldn't be enjoying this, could she?


Miss just squeezed higher on her breast and kept the pump working, milking her for all it was worth. Sir and Toby began to alternate their movements, Toby pulling out and then sliding back in while Sir Pulled out. Then he would slam forward and Toby would pull out again. These two picked up the pace and began to thrust and pull, faster and faster. She, caught between them found herself gasping for air as her pleasure and pain mingled to give rise to a feeling spreading quickly from her pussy throughout her body. Once again these rapists were bringing her to orgasm. She cried as she grew closer and closer to the inevitable. How could she be feeling this way? Was she truly a slut to be used for anyone's pleasure? She groaned loudly as the two men matched their tempos and kept up their fucking of her. More and more they slammed in and out. Miss helped the pump along, pulling and raising the pump so She felt as if her tit has stretched several inches. The tube was already half filled with milk and Miss showed no signs of stopping.


Sir and Toby began to grunt, their breathing becoming ragged. She could feel their cocks stiffening even more. She too felt the wave of pleasure almost at its peak. She shuddered and screamed through her gag as both men slammed home and held her tight. Cum squirted from them both, filling her pussy and ass as she began to shake and jump under the force of her own orgasm, this one even more powerful than the last one. The two men held her tightly between them as they clenched and ground their final thrusts into her. She still shuddered and jumped her body betraying her as she continued to cum. She could barely breathe. Her eyes were wide and her breasts swollen with Milk and excitement, her body tingled and shuddered at even the slight brush of the air conditioning across it. Finally Toby gripped her ass and spread her cheeks wide, sliding out. Sir waited a moment more and then slowly pulled out as well. Miss looked at the full, almost overflowing bottle of milk that had been pumped from She's breast and smiled, flicking off the switch and allowing her misused tit to pop free. Her nipple was large and stiff and swollen. She sagged in her bonds, sweat pouring off of her, her throat parched, and drool covering her chin and chest. She looked up slowly at the three of them through sweat soaked hair, her eyes begging to be set free.


Sir surveyed her up and down and grinned. It was not a pleasant grin


"Damn, This bitch really got off on that. She should love what comes next!"


She's eyes widened and she groaned into her gag, knowing that willing or not, Sir was right and her body would accept whatever they did to her. She shuddered at the thought of what was to cum...knowing it would undoubtedly be her, again!

4/23/2017 1:47:24 PM

She struggled against moving towards Sirs cock but his hands were firmly wrapped in her thick curly black hair, pulling those beautiful lips ever closer towards his waiting member. Her lips touched the head of his now quivering cock and she could taste the salty precum that dribbled from it. She shook her head, or tried to but he held it tight.


 She would have kicked if she hadn't been tied spread-eagled to her bedposts. Slowly her lips spread across his large shaft and her teeth touched the tip. She had already been warned about biting and she knew Sir was not one to utter idle threats so her mouth was slowly forced open and Sir inexorably pushed his cock into her mouth. She grunted to try and plead with him but was blocked from uttering any intelligible words. She tried to use her tongue to force the invading organ away but just succeeded in stroking his shaft liberally. He moaned from the pleasure she was giving him and shoved her head deeper onto his massive cock.


 Meanwhile, Sirs Friend still found delight in playing with her tits. She had always been well endowed and having just given birth a month or two ago they were still swollen to their larger more sensitive size. Sirs Friend squeezed them and pulled at the nipples, tweaking and twisting them, causing them to ache and worse, dribble milk from them. As she arched and struggled against his manipulations, she felt his mouth descend upon one nipple and begin to bite and suck. His other hand still squeezed and milked her aching breast. She still struggled but now had fully engulfed Sirs cock and was being forced to slide up and down on it. Gasping and groaning at the torment her tits were taking caused her to unavoidably suck and lick him harder and harder. Sensing this he increased the tempo and she found her head bobbing up and down, faster and faster on his throbbing shaft.


 Suddenly she shrieked, surprised by a hard stinging slap on her raised ass. It quivered through her body and surprised her so much she sunk her mouth fully upon Sirs cock, deep-throating him. Sir groaned and held her head there tight, apparently enjoying the sensation. She gagged and moaned, trying to plead with him to stop but that only fueled his ardor and she was forced to continue orally satisfying him. The slap that had startled her so was repeated a moment later. It must be Sirs Slave. She hadn't thought that Sirs Slave was going to join in, only film this embarrassing act, but now she could feel her sinister neighbor actually stroking her pussy with one hand, spreading her lips wide and searching for her clit while her other hand repeatedly slapped her plump, rounded ass, harder and harder. She groaned in frustration and shame. Here she was servicing these horrid people, forced to suck and fuck them and all the while her pussy was growing hotter and hotter. How could anyone enjoy this? But it was unavoidable...If not emotionally, at least physically she was getting off on this treatment!


 "Ugghhh-mmmppphhh!" She groaned and sucked on Sirs cock as Sirs Slave found her sensitive clit and began to stroke and flick it. Her ass quivered under more slaps, reddening and heating up, as the warmth she felt grew stronger and stronger. She moaned in frustration as Sirs Friend pulled her nipple especially hard and continued to milk and suck on her sensitive tits. Sir was obviously enjoying her forced attentions. His cock was quivering and she could feel him begin to thrust with his hips. Soon he would reach climax and fill her mouth with his cum. Worse, her hips were now no longer struggling to keep away from Sirs Slave but actually thrusting back to meet her hand as she was finger fucked faster and faster.


 Tears started to come to She's eyes as she realized she was going to cum. They had her. She was too excited to resist any longer. The force was building up inside her and like it or not they had her. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked harder and faster on Sir and her hips began to match Sirs Slave's rhythm as two fingers were now inserted and she was pumped still harder. Her grunts only increased Sirs pleasure and Sirs Friend took these as encouragement too, sucking harder on her milk-swollen tits and squeezing and pinching more and more. She and her captors were as one fucking machine, pistoning up and down, back and forth rising higher and faster towards the undeniable end. Sirs cock quivered in her mouth and stiffened. She felt his hands tighten in her hair and then he was cumming, shooting his load deep and full into her mouth. He held her so tight she couldn't do anything but swallow or choke. Then her own orgasm rushed up and took control. She yelped and groaned as Sirs Slave's finger fucking took her over the edge and her body began to shake and tremble with her own orgasm. Sirs Friend kept at her tits and this just increased the fire. She shook, swallowing Sirs cum as he ground her face onto his cock. It seemed to last forever but finally Sir began to relax and Sirs Slave's fingers slowed their pumping. Her body quivered with the force of her mighty orgasm and she slowly slumped fully onto the bed, her face in Sirs lap. Sirs Friend released her tits and stood up. Sirs Slave pulled her fingers from She's pussy and just kept a hand stroking her ass.


 She managed to raise her head slightly and look up at Sir.


 "Am I done now? Please!" Sir just smiled and shook his head.


 "You really seemed to get off on that. I think you're just warming up."


 "Besides", said Sirs Slave, "I brought all these toys just to play with you. You wouldn't want me to stop before you had a chance to try them all, would you?"


 Her cold smile was echoed in Sirs broad grin and She knew there was much more to come. She groaned, knowing her fate was sealed.



She felt rung out as her three tormentors, Sir, Sirs Friend and Sirs Slave, untied her legs and lifted her off the bed. She tried to struggle but the riding they had just given her and the force of her orgasm, unexpected as it had been, had her drained of strength.


 "Please..." she managed to beg, " more." But her captors just laughed and carried the buxom beauty towards her next ordeal.

4/21/2017 9:40:02 AM
GoddessKathy999 is a fraud anyone wanting to see the pics of this fraud let Miss know. He's a fatty with a little penis 🍌lol I'll be posting them to my Tumblr blog soon as well.

3/9/2017 2:41:39 PM
 A scene done awhile ago between me and my Dom/Mentor. Read it and enjoy

He noticed the hotel room door was open, and couldn't resist peeking inside. He saw a woman inside, spread out on the bed, deep asleep. She was still wearing her party clothes...high heeled sandals, black stockings, a marilyn monroe-ish halter dress that barely contained her big tits.

He stood inside the doorway, debating. She was breathing heavily and evenly. She'd probablly had a lot to drink and passed out. He felt safe having a closer look.

Shutting the door quietly he walked into the room. A bottle of wine sat in a bucket, all the ice melted. He picked it up and held it to the light- it was almost empty. As he got close to the bed he saw a preion bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand.

He smiled to himself as he looked down at her. Those big creamy white mounds strained against the flimsy halter top of the dress. Gingerly he ran his fingertips along the rounded side of the one nearest to him. She didn't stir.

Sitting down gently on the bed, watching her face closely for any sign of reaction, he cupped her melon sized breast and squeezed it gently. She was completely unaware. He felt his hard cock jump in his pants as he squeezed her breast again, this time reaching across to grab the other one. His hands were full of a complete strangers huge luscious tits.

He gently pulled the halter top to the sides of her breasts, exposing her nipples. Pushed over, the panels of the halter top acted like supports, squeezing her breasts together. Leaning over he filled his hands with her breasts again, sucking the nipples into his mouth. A few times he nervously glanced up to make sure she was out cold. Each time he saw that she was, and the sheer thrill of getting away with his innapropriate fondling made his cock throb and ache.

Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, he had to free his aching dick. Standing by the bed as he undid his pants, he surveyed her stretched out frame. Her head was turned to one side, long blond hair splayed out on the pillow. Her arms were above her head, almost as if she had fallen asleep in the middle of a good stretch. Her milky tits were exposed and pressed together, framed by her red dress. He let his cock spring free as his eyes traveled down to the hem of her dress, down her slightly spread stocking clad legs, to the high heeled shoes on her small feet. He slowly stroked himself as his gaze traveled back up, resting on the hidden pussy underneath the skirt of that red dress.

Still stroking his cock lightly, he hooked a few fingers of his free hand under the hem of her dress slowly drawing it back. Precum oozed from the head of his cock as he saw stocking tops, garters....and then a completely bald pussy unencumbered by panties of any kind. He dropped the dress at her waist.

She still slept deeply. Once again he gently sat on the edge of the bed, this time by her knees. Gently he trailed his fingers over her thighs, and still she slept. Brushing his fingers over the mound of her perfectly smooth pussy didn't rouse her either. High on the adrenaline rush of getting away with such molestation, he gently worked his hand between her thighs. Pushing lightly, he spread her thighs wide open.

Standing up again he walked to the end of the bed. Once again he just stood and gazed, stroking his cock. She was spread and exposed like a wanton whore, fast asleep. He stripped as he took in the sight, and then crawled up between her legs.

He ran his finger down her slit, finding it warm and wet. He wondered if she had been reacting to his caresses, or if another man had fucked her earlier in the evening. He decided he didn't care.

Sliding two fingers inside her, he found she was tight. He worked a third finger in, stretching her a bit as he watched her face. Nothing. She was like a living, breathing sex doll.

Positioning himself over top of her, he slid his cock in all the way to his balls. Her wet pussy gripped him and sucked at him, the heat of her box making him throb. He hit bottom and dug in, holding himself there, revelling in the feelings overwhelming his cock. She softly grunted, ever so slowly turning her head to the other side, and then lay still again.

He lay down on top of her, enjoying the way her breasts felt mashed against his chest. He felt her weakly buck underneath him, a sound came from her throat that might have been an attempt at speech, but he didn't care. He knew she was too far gone to wake up. All he cared about was how good she felt.

He lay there for a minute basking in the way it felt to be laying on top of this woman, with her pussy caressing his cock, not caring how she felt about it or what she wanted. He decided she wasn't even a person to him, just a body for him to use. That thought made him harder than he had ever been in his life.

He began to stroke in her slow and deep. Each time he hit bottom she would rock and softly grunt underneath him. It felt so good, almost like he was about to start coming the whole time. But as long as he went slow the pleasure continued.

He started thinking about where he wanted to come...across her pretty face, or maybe those big tits. Maybe stain that red dress. But then he thought about coming in her pussy. He always pulled out with other girls so that he wouldn't knock them up. But this girl didn't even know him. She didn't even realize he was fucking her. There was no way for her to ever know his name or what he looked like.

He could feel the come building up in his balls as he thought about coming deep inside her tight hot pussy, knocking her up. As he thought about what those big tits would look like engorged to twice that size and streaming with milk his cock started to jerk rythmically.

He pushed in as deep and as hard as he could, forcing the head of his dick right against her cervix. He groaned as he came, spurting his come directly into her womb. The sheer wrongness of it made his orgasm so intense he thought he might pass out.

When it was over he lay on top of her until his cock softened and plopped out of her with a squishy noise. He got up on shaky legs and cleaned himself up in the bathroom. As he dressed at the end of the bed he surveyed the mess that he had made. He didn't regret it one bit. He decided to leave her just like that...spread open and leaking. No one saw him as he left the room, or wondered why he seemed so happy at dinner.

6/25/2016 3:14:54 PM
LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyrighted by the author who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. The halls were crowded, the final bell had rung and all the students were anxious to get out and get home. Lockers slammed, people walked back and forth, and voices rose to be heard over the racket.


Miss stood at her locker, staring at her bag and what it contained. Should I go through with it? she mused to herself. Taking a deep breath, she decided. She grabbed the bag and headed to the classroom, ready to alter her destiny.


Judith Jones was an English teacher. At forty-two, she did her best to stay fit and it toned. She was a slim, petite woman standing 5'4'' with shoulder length red hair. She dressed nicely, but modestly, for work. Today she was wearing dark slacks with an embroidered white blouse. Still very attractive, she looked at least ten years younger than her age. She was aware many of the young men in her classes had "improper" thoughts about her, and she secretly enjoyed the attention. She wasn't aware of the thoughts one of the girls in her class had, nor just how improper those thoughts were.


She was a soft-spoken woman, demure and just a little shy. Miss had chosen Mrs. Jones because she was quiet, and seemed to avoid confrontations and reacted very nervously when she couldn't.


While erasing the white-board, Mrs. Jones turned as she heard the door open. She gave Miss a warm smile as she saw the girl enter.


"Miss, what can I do for you?" she asked. She gave a look of confusion as the younger woman locked the door. "What are you doing?" Then Miss was advancing on her, walking purposefully towards the smaller woman.


Instinctively, Judith backed up. "Wait," she began, but Miss kept advancing. Miss moved into Mrs. Jones's personal space. At 5'8'', the younger girl was standing so close that the teacher had to look up to meet her face.


"P-please," the teacher began, stammering, but Miss merely took another step forward. That forced the teacher to backpedal again. "S-stop," Mrs. Jones said on the verge of panic, but her voice was pleading, not commanding. With a predatory smile, the brunette teen walked another step closer, causing her teacher to flee once more.


Using nothing more than purposeful strides, Miss backed her teacher into a corner. Every time Mrs. Jones began to say something Miss would move forward again, cutting her off. Judith let out a small gasp as she felt her back wedge against the walls. Miss pressed close, standing near enough that her extra height made her seem to loom over the smaller woman.


Judith cowered in the corner, fidgeting. She couldn't flee anymore, and the only escape was through Miss. A smaller woman, and one not used to confrontations of any sort, Mrs. Jones wasn't sure she could get past Miss. And then what? She had no idea what to do, couldn't think of anything she was even able to do. So she just stood there, frightened, and tried to will herself to disappear so this would be over.


"Please let me go," the cornered teacher said in a soft voice.


"Take off your blouse," Miss replied calmly. Mrs. Jones jerked in shock at the words.


"W-what?" Judith sputtered.


"Your blouse. Take it off," Miss told her in a firm voice.


"N-no. I c-can't. You can't..." but Judith's words were again cut short when Miss reached out and took the teacher's chin in her hand. She raised the trembling teacher's face up so that they were looking into each other’s eyes. Then, with her other hand, she slapped Mrs. Jones lightly across her cheek.


It wasn't a hard blow, not even enough to leave a mark. But, the older woman let out a surprised yip anyway. Miss had done it to get the teacher's attention, and scare her into obedience. Judith flushed, then paled, then flushed again with humiliation. When Miss released Mrs. Jones's chin, the older woman's eyes immediately returned to the floor.


"Now," Miss told her, "remove your blouse."


With of soft whine, and a couple tears escaping her eyes, Judith reached up with shaking fingers and began to undo her buttons. One corner of Miss's moth twisted upwards in a small smirk of triumph. As the last button came undone, Judith hesitantly shrugged herself out of the blouse--revealing her simple peach colored bra. She held it uncertainly before her, until Miss took it from her hands and laid it across a nearby shelf.


Next, Miss moved back a bit and pulled a digital camera from her pocket. Seeing the camera, Mrs. Jones's eyes widened in horror.


"No!" she said, but the camera went off with a flash. The teacher’s hands came up to try and cover herself.


"Hands down," Miss demanded. With a whimper, a couple more tears, Judith complied, allowing the teen to snap a few more pictures. "Now your pants," was Miss's next instruction.


Hearing this, the hapless teacher squeezed her eyes tightly shut, again wishing she were anywhere else. But, with no further prodding, Judith unclasped her slacks and lowered the zipper. Miss, standing back, continued to take pictures as her teacher let her pants fall, revealing a matching pair of bikini-cut panties. Judith then stepped out of her shoes, and pulled her pants the rest of the way off, finally putting them with her discarded blouse.


"Very nice," Miss complimented her. "You know what comes next," she continued, "go ahead and take off the underwear."


With another flush of embarrassment, Judith shook her head in denial, but her hands moved to comply. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra. Without the support, her breasts hung a little lower, but didn't fall much. Pulling the straps from her shoulders, Judith allowed her breasts to be revealed; her nipples were hard from the chill. With a flash, that image too was captured by the domineering teen. The breasts were medium-sized, but looked larger on the Judith's small frame.


Smiling, Miss told her teacher, "Good girl, very nice. Now, keep going."


Judith, embarrassed and ashamed, shuddered at the words. What choice do I have? she thought to herself, for things had already gone so far out of hand. Surrendering to the inevitable, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed the peach cloth down her legs, revealing her sparse patch of fine, red hairs. Miss continued to flash pictures, capturing each moment forever. Stepping out of the panties, Judith moved to place them with the rest of her cloths, but Miss held out her hand for them instead. With a flush, the teacher handed them over to her young tormentor.


"What's this?" Miss asked as she brought the panties up to her nose. "Smells like someone's enjoying herself, naughty-naughty," she taunted, causing Judith's flush to deepen. "Someone smells wet, don't they?" the schoolgirl asked, holding the damp cloth up to her teacher's nose. Judith, her blush now deep red and spreading down past her breasts from humiliation, smelled her own arousal from the moist panties the imperious teen held to her nostrils. Grinning in the face of her teacher's shame, Miss stuffed the knickers into her pocket.


Next, Miss made the older woman pose for her, increasing her uneasiness. The subjugation made the poor teacher even more aroused, which only further humiliated Judith.


Stepping back to the desk, Miss beckoned Judith closer. She stopped the teacher a foot or two before her.


"Kneel," she commanded Judith. Judith gulped, suspecting what was coming next and knowing for some time that it was going to happen. Awkwardly, the self-conscious teacher sank to her knees. Confirming Judith's suspicions, Miss kicked off her shoes and quickly slid out of her pants and panties. She sat down on the edge of the desk and spread her thighs. The sight seemed to mesmerize the older woman.


Reaching out, Miss slid her fingers behind Judith's head and pulled her face between her thighs. Holding her head, Miss slid her teacher's nose up and down her slit, parting the folds. Then, she pressed Judith closer.


"You know what to do," Miss told her, "show me how much of a good girl you can be."


Eyes level with her student’s dark brown muff, Judith slid out her tongue and got her first taste of Miss's intimate treasures. Miss leaned back with a low groan. Only part of it was from the sensations; the act of control and domination was much more arousing to the teen than the actual physical touch.


Reluctantly at first, but then with increasing enthusiasm, Judith began to explore Miss's sex. In her mind she thought her ordeal was nearly over, that this was all she had left to endure. Meanwhile, Miss had enough presence of mind left to grab her camera once more. Switching it to video mode, she captured her demure teacher lapping at her cunt. Resigned to the situation, Judith strove to please her young captor--hoping that it would all be over that much sooner.


Bringing her hands up to hold the younger woman's thighs open, Judith continued to explore the soft folds with her tongue as Miss captured all the action. The seeping moisture began to coat the teacher's cheeks and chin, making them glisten with Miss's arousal. Spreading the lips with her thumbs, Judith slid deeper inside the dominant teen's cunt. As her pleasure grew, Miss laid the camera aside so she could better concentrate on the sensations her captive was giving her.


Miss pulled off her shirt, then undid her bra. Her hands came up to cup and massage her own breasts. Judith watched her student's reaction, and became even more eager with her ministrations. Seeing Miss's flesh darken, and her breathing increase, Judith knew it wouldn't be much longer before she brought her to an orgasm. Tentatively at first, as if not sure if she'd be scolded, Judith slid a finger inside of her captor.


When the first finger brought no objection, Judith added a second. She worked the two digits in and out of the teen's tight channel, all the while still licking and probing with her tongue. Miss's hips started rocking more and more, and lifting up to meet Judith as her back arched. With a gasp, followed by a deep moan, Miss's body spasmed with pleasure. Judith felt the contractions squeeze tight around her invading fingers.


Miss's hips continued to slowly gyrate as she came down from her orgasm, and Judith gradually slowed her tongue and fingers. Miss took a deep, sighing breath and pushed Judith back away from her sensitive flesh. Judith stayed complacently on her knees, waiting while Miss recovered. Part of her hoped that her ordeal was now over, but another part was more worried about her own pleasure.


"Mmmm," Miss said with a languid smile as she sat back up. She reached down and scooped the excess moisture from Judith's face with a finger and started to feed it to the kneeling teacher. Judith, having come this far, accepted this without hesitation, sucking and licking the finger clean each time. That done, Miss bent down and gave Judith a kiss on the forehead.


"Very good girl," Miss said.


"May I get dressed?" Judith asked timorously, causing Miss to smile.


"No, little one, we're not near done yet."


With that, Judith watched as Miss moved to her discarded bag. Judith's eyes widened in shock as the teen removed a strap-on dildo. As she watched Miss put it on and tighten the straps, Judith felt several contrary emotions warring within her. Part of her was nervous, even afraid. But, another part was aroused and excited, and that part made her ashamed.


"Where did you get that?" Judith blurted out.


"I bought it for the occasion," Miss told her with a grin, causing the teacher to blush once more.


Miss approached her again, this time with the phallus affixed between her legs. The dildo seemed to be about eight to nine inches long. Cheeks turning slightly pink, Judith realized it was slightly both longer and thicker than her husband, and wondered how something larger than she was used to would feel. The eighteen-year-old stopped before her teacher's face.


"Do you give your husband head?" Miss asked.


"Yes, sometimes," Judith whispered, nodding her head slightly.


"Good, because you're going to make it all nice and wet," Miss said while stroking her new cock. "Not that it needs it. You're already nice and wet, aren't you?"


"Yes," Judith said, humiliated by the admission even as her wetness coated her inner thighs.


Miss placed the tip cock against Judith's lips, and the teacher dutifully parted them to allow the invader in. Miss's hips rocked gently back and forth while Judith's head bobbed up and down the length. Again, Miss brought up the camera and captured another priceless moment of the subjugation of Mrs. Jones. Resting a single hand on Judith's head, Miss let the older woman go at her own pace for a few minutes.


Leaning her body back, Miss caused the dildo to slide out of her teacher's mouth with a pop. Briefly, Judith's face registered disappointment, even a little pout. In that moment, there was a flash as another picture was taken. Judith blushed with chagrin as she realized the expression on her face made her desire obvious. Miss looked down at her captive with a predatory grin, and even got tiny smile in return as Judith responded to the look.


"Bend over the desk," Miss told her.


Judith did as ordered, standing up and bending herself over the desk. Miss pressed a hand into her back, lowering the teacher further down until her nipples just barely grazed the cool surface.


Moving behind her, Miss placed the tip of strap-on against Judith's opening. Grasping the shaft, she slid the head up and down over Judith's sensitive lips. Miss pushed forward, sinking the first couple inches inside of her teacher. Judith gave a low moan in response. Miss withdrew slightly, then pressed forward again, sinking another inch deeper. Over and over she did this, gaining an inch at a time; each thrust opened up Judith's passage a little more. Miss paused once all the way inside.


"Do you like that?" Miss asked her impaled teacher.


"Mmm-hmm," was Judith's reply. Miss rotated her hips, causing the fake cock to squirm inside Judith.


"What was that?"


"Mmm, yes," Judith said.


"Yes what?" Miss asked, insistently.


"Yes, yes, I like it!"


"Good," Miss said, starting to move once more. Slowly at first, she began to rock her hips back and forth, working the shaft in and out. "Have you ever fantasized about this?" Miss asked. "Being bent over your desk and taken by a student?"


Whimpering, Judith admitted the truth, "Never by a girl."


"Oh," Miss said with a chuckle, "but you have fantasized about it? We'll have to make sure it's always me in your fantasies from now on..." Grabbing Judith's hips tightly, Miss increased her tempo. As she picked up speed, Judith's body rocked back and forth--both from the impact and as the she thrust her hips back to meet each thrust. The motion caused her nipples to drag across the surface of the desk, rubbing back and forth with each lunge Miss made into her body.


Very aroused before Miss ever bent her over the desk, Judith's excitement was building rapidly with the passionate fucking that the teen was giving her. Miss shifted herself forward, leaning slightly over her prey so that the shaft was pointed slightly downward. The new angle allowed the artificial cock to rub itself over the teacher's g-spot with every stroke. Judith let out a startled groan the first time the shaft glided over that secret spot.


Soon, Judith was gasping as each stroke bottomed out. Her breath was coming in pleasurable pants as Miss took her, driving the rod deep into her with every shove of her hips.


"What a naughty teacher," Miss said, "getting off while bent over her desk." Judith moaned, the words embarrassed her, but that only seemed to feed her pleasure more. "Look at you, getting off being taken by one of the girls you teach."


"Oh...oh," was all Judith could say in reply.


"Hear that squishing sound?" Miss taunted. "That's you. That's how wet you are," she continued, "that's how wet getting fucked in your classroom makes you. Your leaking cunt has gotten my thighs all damp, you're such a dirty girl!"


That final jeer seemed to trigger Judith's orgasm. Her body jerked as she heard it, as if hit with an electrical shock. She felt her muscles clamp down tight around the invading phallus and she bucked hard against Miss and the desk. Seeing her teacher peak, Miss pressed her down hard into the desk as she gave her several deeper, hard thrusts. Held against the unyielding surface, Judith felt her cheek pressed into the hard wood as she gave a deep, animalistic groan from her pleasure. Miss held deep within her, rotating her hips to grind the shaft into her teacher as they rode out her orgasm.


Once it had faded, Miss slid wetly out of Judith.


"Turn around," Miss told her, patting her on the butt.


Judith spun herself around, and partly sat up facing the teen. Already, she was glowing and had a contented smile. That was one of the best orgasms she'd had in years. There was no more resistance in Judith, she felt prepared to do whatever else Miss wished.


Miss reached back into her bag, withdrawing a bottle of lubricant. Judith watched, puzzled, as Miss applied some to the strap-on. Why bother with that? Judith thought. It's already glistening with moisture. Unless...


"Oh, god no," Judith said, nervous once more.


"Oh, yes," Miss said mockingly as she lubed up the artificial cock. "Have you ever?" Miss asked. Judith replied with a shake of her head. "Well, then that will belong to me alone."


Finished lubing up, Miss stepped between Judith's legs again. "Lay back, little one," the teen told the older woman. Miss took the camera up in one hand again as she positioned herself, she wanted the next few moments preserved. Recording in movie mode again, Miss place the tip of her cock against the small, pink opening.


Miss slid the view of the camera up over Judith's body, until the shot was focused on the teacher's face. Miss captured Judith's face as she shoved forward with her hips, penetrating her ass for the first time. The camera captured the looks of surprise and discomfort as the older woman was anally deflowered.


Judith's eyes were wide as Miss continued to press forward, pushing deeper into her bowels. Breathing in pants, Judith felt a growing sense of fullness like she'd never experienced before. She was soon blinking in surprise as she felt Miss bottom out inside of her. Miss paused there, giving her a chance to adjust.


"What do you think?" Miss asked.


"Uh...I don't know," Judith admitted. "Uncomfortable, but not really painful. Mostly odd, I guess."


"Don't worry," Miss said, "you'll love it before it's over. You're far too horny a girl not to."


Miss captured the resulting blush on camera, and then started to work the dildo back and forth. Taking Judith's right hand, she led it to the teacher’s breast. Then, she directed the remaining hand to the red-head's sex. The teacher massaged her own breast and rubbed her own clit while her student sodomized her. And, Miss caught all the action with her camera.


Slowly, the pleasure from her clit began to spread. Before long, Judith found that the rhythmic plundering of her butt was intensifying her pleasure. Noticing her victim relaxing into the experience, Miss began to gradually intensify her thrusts. She zoomed in with the camera, focusing on the stiff rod plunging in and out of the petite teacher's ass. Then she'd move the view upwards to capture the look of pleasure and arousal on her face.


"You're going to come again," Miss said. "You're going to come while a girl rapes your ass."


"God, yes!" Judith panted.


"You want to, don't you?"


"Yes, yes."


"Then beg for it," Miss ordered.




"Beg for it, or I stop."


"No!" Judith said, "don't stop, not now."


"So, beg."


"Please, please don't stop!"


"You can do better," Miss said between thrusts.


"Please, keep going," Judith gasped. "Take me, use me."


How?" Miss asked as Judith groaned.


"Fuck me!" Judith exclaimed. "Fuck my ass," she continued, "take it, use it, just don't stop fucking me!" Miss sped up more, responding to the teacher’s dirty urgings. Judith, climbing towards another climax, increased the tempo with her hands as well. "Pound my tight little butt, bugger me!"


The mixed pleasure, coming from different areas, kept building within Judith. The sensations, the new experience, and the humiliation of her situation all combined to drive her higher and higher. Through it all, Miss drilled mercilessly at her nether hole while Judith kept up a litany of babbling dirty-talk.


Then, the sensations went into overload as Judith peaked again.


"Oh, god," Judith groaned as she came, "Yes, yes! Rape my little virgin ass!" she gushed. Miss kept her camera locked on the spasming teacher's face as she climaxed. She continued to pump rhythmically throughout the older woman's climax.


Having captured Judith's first anal orgasm, Miss set the camera aside once the teacher's climax had faded. Next, she shifted he legs, moving so that the each thrust of the dildo rubbed the nub against her clit more. She continued to fuck her teacher, now using Judith's body for her own pleasure. She drove her hips into the pliant older woman, knowing it wouldn't take long as worked up as she was.


Miss leaned down, pressing her body into Judith's She continued until their breasts were pressed together, rubbing against one another with each thrust. Miss gazed into the submissive woman's eyes as she fucked, listening to her teacher whimper as her sensitive flesh was abused. In and out she worked the shaft, causing friction over her clit. Then, eyes still locked, Miss came.


She shuddered with her orgasm, grinding the cock deeper into her captive. The feelings of pleasure, excitement, and, even more importantly, control washed over the domineering teen. Miss moaned with her release and collapsed onto her teacher. Still panting, Miss lifted herself back up.


Pulling out, Miss watched Judith's legs and hips writhe obscenely as the long shaft escaped her rectum. The abused teacher whined as she felt it rub once more through her little ring of flesh. Then, with a pop more felt than heard, it was gone.


"Very good girl," Miss cooed at Judith, as the teacher lay glowing and wrung out. Then, Miss began to shed the strap-on, and gather up her clothes.


"How do you feel?" Miss asked, while redressing.


"Mmm," Judith said, "Good. Worn out.... Sore," she finished with a small smile. Miss grinned back at her as she pulled on her pants.


Now dressed, Miss move closer to the nude and basking teacher. She lifted the camera up where Judith could easily see it.


"I don't have to say it, do I?" Miss inquired.


"Mm, no," Judith said.


"Good. From now on, whatever I want..?"


"Yes. Of course," Judith confirmed.


"Very good," Miss said, gathering up her things, "Very good, indeed. I'll give you more details, later. You may get dressed, now."


"Oh, if I can," the English teacher protested.


"You'll manage," Miss said, smiling.


"It'll be a week before I can walk right again."


"If not longer," Miss said as she walked towards the door.


"Longer?" Judith asked, surprised.


"You don't really think I'm going to wait a week to do this again, do you?" Miss questioned as she stepped out the door.


Miss spent most of that evening sitting at her computer. First, she backed up all the pictures and video clips she had taken that day while she forced herself on her English teacher, Judith Jones. Then, she began to go through them and piece them together. Many of the single shots, plus some still frames, became a slide-show collection that showed Judith stripping, then going down on Miss, and finally being anally deflowered.


Next, Miss went through the videos. She edited some, and then combined them all into one movie. That done, she took the slide show and movie and recorded it onto DVD, making two copies. Finished, she shut off the computer and got ready for bed, tomorrow was another school day.




Early the next day, Miss was once again heading towards Judith's classroom. Judith looked up as Miss entered, and her eyes widened as the teen locked the door behind her.


"Miss, please, we can't," Judith said. "Students will start showing up for homeroom before long."


"Relax," Miss told her, smiling, "that's not why I'm here. I want to give you something, and have a bit of a chat. It won't take long." Judith relaxed--slightly. Miss took out a slip of paper and handed it to her teacher. "I set up this email address for you," the teen informed her, "I want you to check it every morning, first thing. Sometimes, I'll leave instructions for you, I expect you to follow them. Understand?"


"Yes," Judith said, taking the paper.


"Good. What do you feel about all this, do you like it?"


Judith thought about that for a moment, and her cheeks reddened slightly as she remembered the events of the day before. "I don't like how this..." she hesitated, not sure of the right word.




Judith blushed at the term. Seeing that, Miss winked at her which made the blush deepen.


"Fine, but I don't like how it started," she said firmly, still avoiding the word. "You attacked me."


"Yes. But what else would have worked?" Judith response was a flinty gaze. Smiling at her teacher, she said, "What about after that? Did you like it in the end? And what about now?" Judith considered for a few moments.


"I think...I'd rather not get into that."




"I... I just would be happier not discussing it. Can we just say I don't plan on resisting you much?"


"Fair enough," Miss smiled. She set the DVD she had recorded the previous night on the desk before her teacher. "I brought you a souvenir." Printed clearly on the cover were the words: THE RAPE OF MRS. JONES


Judith stared at it, reddening in shame again. "I want you to watch it this weekend. Play with yourself, but you're not to come."


"Alright," Judith said.


"You can sleep with your husband normally, but no anal with him. You may play with yourself, but for now you can't bring yourself to orgasm, not till I tell you differently. You're not to engage in any other sex without my permission. Got all that?"




"Good," Miss told her. "Now, stand up." Judith got up, and moved so that she stood before the teen. "Lift your skirt up."


"What? You said..." Judith began, but Miss cut her off.


"Hush. We're not, this is something different." Sighing, Judith grabbed the hem of her dark skirt and lifted. Revealing her nylon clad thighs. Soon the hem was up to her waist showing off her panties hidden behind her hose. "Thought so. No more pantyhose, not without permission. Stockings or thigh-highs."


"I don't have many stockings," Judith objected.


"Well, you'll just have to get some," Miss told her. She reached out and started unbuttoning the teacher's blouse. Judith made no objection, but kept her eyes downcast and looking off to the side. She felt incredibly embarrassed, standing in front of one of her students holding up her skirt while the girl unbuttoned her blouse.


Once unbuttoned, Miss reached into the shirt and slid her hands behind Judith's back. She unfastened the older woman's bra and then redid it, using a tighter set of hooks. Next, she adjusted the shoulder straps so that they too were a little tighter. Sliding her hands into the bra cups, Miss began to adjust the breasts themselves. Judith gasped as she felt her student's hands on her bare breasts. When Miss was done, Judith felt almost as if she were about to spill out, with her breasts pushed up and pressed closer together. Miss fastened her teacher's blouse back up, leaving the top three buttons undone displaying a bit of cleavage but nothing blatant.


"There, leave it like that," Miss said.


"I can't," Judith protested, "It's too much, and uncomfortable."


"You can, and it's supposed to be uncomfortable. I want you to be constantly reminded; I don't want you able to forget."


"Fine." Closed her eyes for a moment. The things Miss was making her to do were embarrassing, yet she was getting turned on. What's wrong with me? Judith found herself wondering. Do I just get off being embarrassed? Do I like being 'forced' to do things? I don't want to do these things, so why do I enjoy it? She had no answers for herself, it was all still too new and confusing.


"Start dressing sexier. You don't have to be slutty, but dress to be noticed."


"I'll try."


"Good girl." Judith felt a small thrill of pleasure at those words, but tried to push it away.


Miss hopped off the desk, and stood close, facing the older woman. She slid her fingers between Judith's thighs, rubbing her fingers across Judith's lips through the cloth of her panties and hose. Letting out a small, appreciative sigh, Judith bit her lip and let her head roll back as she savored the feeling.


"Wet already." Miss smirked as she removed her fingers, eliciting a frustrated groan from Judith. Miss tugged the hem of Judith's skirt free of the teacher's hands and turned to leave. "Time to get going," Miss said. "Class will start before too long."


"Enjoy your day," the teen said while flashing one last smile as she walked out of the classroom.


Judith sighed to herself and tried to push the thoughts and feelings aside, to prepare for the day ahead. She was only partly successful.




The day was long and frustrating for Judith. Miss was right; the discomfort of her bra was a constant reminder. That coupled with her getting more looks than usual, from both males and females, kept Judith at a constant simmer. Many more idle fantasies formed in her mind than she was used to. It was a constant assault on her sensibilities: the discomfort of her bra, and knowing it was due to Miss's domination, the extra attention everyone was giving her, and her own illicit fantasies. All of these combined to keep her arousal kindled.


As Miss's class period approached, Judith looked forward to it with trepidation, but also, undeniably with some anticipation. She was nervous about what the girl might do but, at the same time, Judith found herself so worked up she hoped Miss would do something. With each tick of the clock, that second voice seemed to become more strident. Judith couldn't reject the fact that she enjoyed herself yesterday. She didn't like how it all started, but more and more she was coming to revel in where she was now, and where she seemed to be going. What will happen next, where will she take me? Judith wondered, relishing the possibilities and the unknown.


Finally the time for Miss's class arrived. What is she going to do? Judith asked herself. By then she was convinced that Miss had to do something. She must know how worked up I am... But, Miss seemed oblivious, paying Judith no more mind than any of the rest of the students. Judith, though, couldn't stop glancing at the eighteen year old. She was afraid she'd miss some signal or clue that might lead to her relief.


To Judith, the class seemed to drag on forever, but finally the bell rang and the students started streaming out. The teacher's eyes followed the younger woman with a look of fear and anticipation. Miss merely walked out the door, turning to give Judith a sly smile and a wink. Judith was stunned.


That little bitch! Judith fumed inside her head. She's going to keep me like this all day? An entire day of teasing? Slowly, Judith took a couple deep breaths. The day's almost over, I can make it.


The rest of the school day passed without incident, but Judith felt worn out from being in a constant state of sexual excitement. She sat and waited for Miss to make her appearance. She tried to occupy herself grading papers, but couldn't stay focused. As time passed, it dawned on her that maybe Miss wouldn't show up.


With a sigh, Judith decided it was a lost cause. She felt stood-up, but tried to dismiss it. Miss had never said she'd come. Judith toyed with the idea of checking the halls, seeing if Miss was still around school somewhere, but rejected it. God, I want to track her down and rub my body against her, like a cat in heat! How did she do this to me in one day? Judith asked herself as she gathered her things to leave.




The house was empty when Judith got home. Her husband was away until the following week, and her daughter was already out with friends and wouldn't be back until late. Immediately, she went to change clothes. By now the straps of her bra were killing her. She had thought about unhooking it on the drive home, but a small voice inside told her that would be cheating. She fought the voice, but couldn't find the will to disobey it.


Judith stripped off her clothes, tossing away the too-tight bra. She dropped her sodden panties onto the floor; they too had become uncomfortable during the day. Even before lunchtime, she had soaked them through. Perhaps she would start carrying a fresh pair to work if this kept up? But then decided she had better ask Miss. Dammit! she shouted inside her head, annoyed at her spontaneous submission. I don't need permission, she thought. But even as she warred with herself, she knew she'd do nothing without asking Miss.


She redressed herself in silky pajamas and fresh undies. Trying to keep her mind off Miss, Judith began looking for ways to occupy her attention. She made herself some dinner, and tried reading and watching television, but the thoughts of the domineering girl kept invading her mind.


Finally, Judith decided to watch the disk Miss had given her. She sat down at her computer with a glass of wine and opened up her 'souvenir', as the girl had called it. The first few pictures of the slide show brought a twinge of anger, an echo of what she had felt when the girl attacked her. But as the stills progressed, desire began to overtake all other feelings--just as it had during the event.


She undid the bottom button on her pajama top and slid her hand inside. While one hand slowly rubbed circles on her belly, Judith used the other to stroke her thighs. The images kept changing, each one racier than the last. She continued to tease herself with her fingers, wishing the hands touching her belonged to Miss, or her husband, or nearly anyone else--she wanted desperately to be touched.


As the images advanced, the posing gave way to the action. Judith shifted her hands. She slid forward in the chair, giving herself better access. The hand on her belly trailed upwards, along the underside of her breasts, caressing them. Then, one at a time, she lifted and cupped them, squeezing gently. At the same time, she slipped her other hand under the waistband of her pajamas and stroked her fingers down between her legs, rubbing her cunt through the panties.


Judith kept stroking herself while, on the screen, she watched herself going down on Miss. The sensations were different Miss, but the pictures--and the memories they provoked--took Judith back to the original experience. She saw her own face looking up from between the teenager's thighs, and remembered the smells and tastes. She re-lived the feelings of desire and subservience, especially knowing that, even now, she was doing as the younger woman had commanded.


As the slide show ended, Judith felt her wetness seep through the panties. She moved her hand inside the humid confines of her undies and began to watch the movie. Seeing and hearing herself subjected to Miss's perverse whims on screen, her fingers deftly parted her lower lips. Working two fingers inside her wet hole, Judith watched in awe as the film played out. Without realizing it, the hand on her breast progressed from teasing caresses to more direct manipulation.


The double assault of her hands, combined with the escapades on screen and her memories of the sensations, soon had Judith nearing the brink. But, conscious of Miss's instructions, Judith pulled back. She would ease off, feel herself regain some control, and continue. Each time the point where she had to slow herself down came quicker; each time it was harder to stay obedient and let the feeling partially fade.


Breathing in ragged pants, Judith kept pulling herself back from the edge. Sweat dampened her skin, and a quick lick brought the salty tang from her glistening upper lip. It became harder for her to focus. Her eyes wanted to close, to better savor the sensations, but she had to keep them open in order to watch.


The video moved on from her oral submission and began showing Judith her own anal violation. The emotional echoes of the experience wracked the older woman as she watched it replayed before her eyes. Additionally, she was amazed every time she saw the artificial cock penetrating her butt. How on earth did it fit? Judith wondered as she watched the large phallus plunder her tiny hole on screen. But, she knew it had fit. She was seeing it, and she still felt the traces of tenderness there from the previous day's ordeal.


Judith reached a point where she could no longer continue her masturbation; she was simply too aroused. It felt as if any more stimulation would cause her to come apart completely. Instead, she kept her hand between her legs and she squeezed it tight, rhythmically, between her thighs. She wanted more, but knew her control would shatter and she would disobey. Part of her wanted to disobey, and not just for the release. In her lust-fevered mind, she wondered if Miss would punish that disobedience. In her current state, part of Judith liked that idea very much.


Refusing to give in, Judith kept watching. The idea of a punishment certainly appealed to her, but she resisted. The older woman decided that Miss must have a reason for telling her not to come. Judith had faith that her mistress had plans for her. Miss? She thought, horrified at herself. No! No, no, no! Judith didn't know where that word had come from, or what had triggered it popping into her head, but already it was taking root.


"Nooo," Judith groaned out loud as she accepted that the idea wasn't going away. She hung her head, knowing it to be true. Inside, she felt broken; she felt she was broken to Miss's will. And, it felt good. Mistress. Merely thinking it to herself brought a small wave of pleasure, feeling to Judith almost like a tiny orgasm. There was no denying it, Mistress: the word had a truth that resonated deep inside Judith's body.


In the movie, Judith reached her climax, spasming with her first-ever anally induced orgasm. Longing to join her on-screen self in the moment, Judith felt cheated. And, something else: with a shock, she realized it was jealousy, she was jealous of herself. Not just for the orgasm, but because her video alter-ego was receiving Miss's attentions. Judith found herself replaying the last couple minutes, witnessing that climax several times.


Each viewing aroused her more, but didn't bring her the vicarious satisfaction she was searching for. And every time it played, Judith again felt that little twinge of jealousy. She couldn't help envy the woman in the video and the attention she was receiving. Finally, Judith let the ending run one last time.


The screen going dark, Judith sat back panting as she recovered from her prolonged near-orgasmic state. She was flushed and sweaty, and filled with such a longing that Judith could feel it radiating from her body. She felt like, had there been anyone else around, she would have thrown herself on them in hope of release. The overwhelmed teacher thought to herself, if Miss were here, I would rape her.


Recovering a little, Judith rose and cleaned up after herself. When she pulled her hand from her panties, it was dripping with proof of her desire. Thinking about what would be most likely to please Miss; she brought the hand to her mouth and suckled the glistening fingers clean as she left the computer area.


A quick shower seemed necessary, and Judith stripped down once more. The water rinsed away the sweat, and other traces, of her earlier exertions and leeched some of the heat from her body. Drying off, Judith returned to the bedroom. She stepped into yet another fresh pair of undies. Then, she considered her discarded pajamas on the floor but decided not to bother--she was too wrung out. Instead, she climbed under the covers as she was.


While drifting to sleep, Judith's last thought was: She better have something planned for me, or I'm never going to be able to hold out...


When she awoke the next morning, Judith went to the computer right away. She checked the email account Miss had set up for her. She hoped for permission to relieve her tension, or some instruction that would lead to release, but she found nothing; there was no message from Miss. Growling in frustration, Judith got back up and started planning her day, searching for something to distract her from the aching need growing inside of her.




Early Saturday afternoon, Miss was at the mall. She was coming out of a bookstore when she spotted Judith, and was startled to encounter the older woman. Her eyes tracked the teacher, and then glanced to see where she was heading: Victoria's Secret. Ah, stockings, the teen thought to herself in amusement, remembering what she had told her teacher yesterday morning. Not wanting to miss this unexpected opportunity, Miss moved to intercept Judith.


"Hello, Mrs. Jones," Miss said in a lilting voice as she moved into step behind the teacher. Judith came to an abrupt halt at the sound.




"Miss..." Judith whispered breathily. She had frozen in place, a minute tremor going through her body, like a rabbit that knows it's being watched by a predator. But, if she was like a rabbit, she was very much a bunny that wanted to be caught. While a small part of her wanted to flee, an even larger part of her wanted to stay. Caught, she thought to herself. Just the word sending a thrilling chill down her spine.


As Miss watched the teacher, she slowly formed a calculating smile while her eyes danced with mischief. It was clear how worked up the older woman was, and seeing her like that had a definite effect on Miss. She leaned close to the flustered teacher and told her to meet her at the restroom, then walked away.


Judith felt disoriented, being found by Miss had stunned her. But now she headed off after the younger girl in anticipation of possible release. A small part of her still wanted out of this situation, but a much larger part didn't--and Judith found that unbelievable. God, I'd probably strip down right here if she told me to, the teacher chided herself. She didn't believe it; she thought she still had enough willpower to resist something like that. But she wasn't certain.


Judith stopped at the passageway to the restrooms and saw Miss waiting for her. The teen beckoned her with a finger and slipped inside the door. Judith followed after her. It was a unisex bathroom, made for individuals but over-sized to accommodate a wheelchair. As the teacher stepped in, Miss locked the door behind her. She immediately pressed Judith against the wall, invading her personal space.


Judith leaned back against the wall, hands behind her, and looked up at the girl who seemed to have become the center of her world. Miss leaned down and kissed the shorter woman, Judith accepted the kiss passively but allowed her lips to part. Accepting the invitation, Miss darted her tongue inside the teacher's mouth. Letting the kiss linger for a few moments, Miss eventually pulled away. By then Judith felt a dreamy smile playing at her lips and her pale-green eyes were half lidded.


"And how are you, little one?" the domineering teen asked.


"Mmm, horny," Judith admitted, suddenly blushing as the word escaped. Miss chuckled softly in response. Fine! Judith shouted to herself, embarrassed, I was supposed to say "fine."


"Oh? I'd have thought you'd have attacked your hubby by now," Miss teased.


"He's..." Judith began, but her breath caught as Miss moved close, circling an arm around her waist. "He's out of town."


"Poor baby," Miss mocked her gently. "When will he be back?"




"That long? How will you survive?"


"Please, no. Please don't make me wait that long."


"We'll see," Miss smiled, then bent her head to nuzzle along the teacher's neck. Judith inhaled a sharp, shuddering breath as she archer her back and offered up her throat. "Mmm," Miss breathed, the syllable vibrating against Judith's delicate skin. "Did you watch your disk?"


"Oh. Yes, I watched it," said Judith, luxuriating in the sensations as the teen nibbled her way along Judith's neck, to up behind her ear. "I did what you asked. And I made sure not to do what you said I couldn't."


"Which is why you're so horny," Miss said between nibbles, whispering in Judith's ear.


"Oh, yes. Yes, mistress," Judith said, then froze as she felt her face and chest turn scarlet. No! screamed Judith's internal voice, you were not supposed to use that word, what's wrong with me? Miss pulled back upon hearing the word, looking the other woman in the eyes.


"Mistress?" Miss asked, arching an eyebrow with an amused, inquisitive look.


"Um," Judith explained, "I-I...I..." she faltered, then took a deep breath, "Sorry. It just came to me last night. I won't use it if you tell me not to."


"Oh no, by all means," Miss smiled.


"Yes, ma'am," Judith said, her voice conveying irony despite the circumstances.


"None of that," Miss scolded, mock-sternly, but still smiling. "Besides, the teacher can't very well call her own pupil ma'am."


"Yes, miss."


"Now, that I like," Miss said, then she leaned forward and placed a small kiss on her teacher's nose. Judith relaxed then as the teen's lips traveled back to her neck.


"Oh," Judith said as she remembered, "I had a question."


"Yes?" Miss asked moving a hand under the teacher's t-shirt and caressing the small of her back. Judith purred in response.


"Mmm, yes. I wanted to ask, may I bring spare panties to work, so I can change into a fresh pair?" Judith asked, causing Miss to stop and look at her with a surprised expression. Judith, disappointed that the ministrations stopped, heard herself continue speaking before she could stop it, "I went through three pair last night." Why can't I control my mouth? Judith growled to herself, I wasn't going to share that. The older woman felt her cheek flaming again. But, she simply resigned herself to blushing; she seemed determined to share the most embarrassing details whether she consciously wanted to or not.


"Three?" Miss asked, her body shaking against Judith's in silent laughter.


"Um," Judith said, still red-faced. "Yes. I changed when I got home, and put on a new pair. But after the, well, the video they were wet too. So I slept in another pair..." Then Miss was kissing her again, and her babbling was cut off. One of the girl's hands traveled up the teacher's side, fingers softly grazing. They touched a point on her ribs and stroked lightly, causing the older woman to melt against her, groaning into Miss's mouth as they continued to kiss. Oohh, Judith thought wonderingly, how did she find that spot?


Miss's other hand was around her waist, pulling Judith close. She pressed them together, Judith's hips pressed into the taller girl's thighs. Miss swayed her hips, rocking both of them back and forth while they kissed. Then, pulling back, Miss moved over to the sink and started to undo her jeans. Judith stayed glued to the wall with her eyes closed, absorbing the experience.


"Come here, little one," Miss said, "I have something for you." She had stripped to the waist and was leaning back against the sink. She winced as her butt encountered the cold, hard surface, but she settled back again.


Judith eyes opened and she saw the half-naked teen. Wordlessly, she crossed the intervening space and lowered herself before Miss's splayed legs. Head descending, Judith began to tease the younger girls exposed lips. Miss leaned back, supporting herself with her hands, and made appreciative sounds as the teacher began lapping.


Miss rocked back with the sensations, her eyes tightly closing and her head falling back. Judith, for her part, embraced the feelings of subservience she felt. She was there, crouched down feasting on a girl not even half her age...why? Because she was ordered to. And she reveled in it.


Acting on impulse, Judith turned her face and rubbed her cheek against the younger woman's center, smearing the wetness against her face and then turning the other cheek to repeat the act. Miss's eyes widened when she witnessed the display. Then, the teacher resumed her lapping, working her tongue inside the girl.


Miss let out a deep groan as Judith's tongue ghosted over her most sensitive areas. She gasped as the teacher enter her with a finger, and then add a second. The teen writhed in pleasure while perched atop the sink, Judith's tongue making Miss's body dance. As the teacher worked furiously between her legs, causing the girl's legs to spread wider as her cunt was explored.


Trembling with delight already, Miss shuddered as Judith teasingly nipped at her flesh.


"You're getting good at this," Miss growled, causing the older woman to glow from the compliment. "Mmm, yes, very good," Miss continued while Judith laced her tongue within the girl's cunt.


Judith knew her attentions had Miss building to release and intensified her efforts. Moments later, Miss exploded with the pleasure. She rocked her hips, trying to grind herself into Judith's lips, as gasped loudly from the sensations. Miss's fingers clamped tightly on the cool, white sink, her knuckles whitening.


Miss pushed Judith back slightly, breaking contact. Judith waited patiently as the teen's breathing gradually slowed. Miss leaned back on the sink, looking down at the older woman with a contented smile. Judith rested her head on the teen's inner thigh and looked up at her, ready for her next command.


Pulling Judith upright, Miss's mouth closed with hers again. The embrace lasted several moments as they slowly probed each other's mouth. Breaking the kiss, Miss made as if to gather up her things. Judith looked puzzled, and mildly startled.


"No," Judith said in confusion.




"You can't leave me like this," the older woman insisted.


"Can't I?" Miss asked, a teasing smile on her face.


"Please, don't leave me like this."


"Like what, little one?" Miss asked.


Looking miffed, Judith spelled it out, "I need to cum." Miss's smile grew in response.


"And," the teen asked, "why should I help you?"


Judith considered this. "I've been a good girl," she answered simply.


"You have. And good girls deserve to be rewarded, don't they?"


The older woman nodded her head with enthusiasm.


Miss stepped close once more, moving the two of them back against the wall again. Judith wrapped her arms around the girl's neck, while Miss trailed a hand down the center of her chest. Her hand made its way to the waistband of Judith's pants, and started to pull them open. Miss left them hanging open, but didn't bother to push them down. Instead, she just pushed a hand inside, between the denim and the softer cloth of the teacher's panties. Closing her eyes, Judith simply surrendered herself to the Miss's hands.


Judith's body convulsed as she felt the girl's fingers make contact. All her misgivings, and her concerns about their location, washed away at that first touch. She let out a grunt of appreciation as she felt the fingers begin to rub. They were only there a few moments when Judith felt the hand start to withdraw. She gave a whimper of frustration, which turned into a contented sigh as Miss brought her hand back--this time slipping underneath the teacher's panties.


The girl glided her hand downward. First, through the trimmed curls, then into the wet treasure below. Miss rubbed her hand along the outside of the teacher's cunt. Wanting more, Judith spread her legs wider and tried to grind in an attempt to force her student's hand to where she most desired it. Miss resisted, and continued her teasing touches for a little while longer. Deciding she had tormented the older woman enough, Miss pressed two fingers into Judith's warm center.


Judith's legs buckled as she was penetrated; only the wall and her arms around Miss's neck kept her upright. She emitted a long, low groan that intensified as the young woman's digits sank inside of her. As she felt the invaders working in and out of her, Judith's head rolled back, exposing her neck. Miss accepted the invitation, and began nuzzling along the teacher's throat. The combination of that and the hand playing between her thighs had ripples of excitement coursing through Judith's body.


Miss didn't allow her partner time to grow passive. Still working her fingers, the teen brought her thumb up to find Judith's clit. The teacher's body jerked with a jolt of pleasure as she felt the touch on her magic button. Now Miss's hand was producing even more pleasure, and through it all the girl's mouth was working at Judith's neck; lips kissing and sucking, while her teeth gently nibbled.


Feeling her pleasure climb, Judith gave a sharp whine. Then, with a gasp followed by a shuddering breath, she came. Her body spasmed against the wall as if she were trying to climb it. Miss pressed close into her, grinding her fingers inside as she felt the wet inner walls squeeze tight. Judith's head moved into Miss's shoulder, and her mouth bit down on the girl's collarbone as she came. Miss winced, startled, but didn't object. As the moment passed, Judith relaxed and released her mouth from the other woman's shoulder. Instead, she merely rested her head against it while taking labored breaths.


"Sorry," Judith murmured.


"It's ok, I didn't mind," Miss said as she brought her fingers to a halt. After giving the teacher a little time to recover, Miss stepped back and pulled her hand free. She brought one of the glistening fingers to her lips and sucked it clean, then offered the second to Judith. The older woman extended her tongue and gave it a slow lick, while staring into the young woman's hazel eyes.


Miss moved over to the sink to wash up. Judith stayed leaning against the wall.


"I want more," Judith complained, causing Miss to chuckle.


"Too bad, you don't get more."


Judith made a small whimpering sound, trying for pity. Miss grinned at her as she stepped back into her pants. She walked back to the older woman, and gave her a quick kiss.


"We can't, we've been here too long as is. We don't really want a mall cop finding us," Miss said. Judith sighed and nodded in agreement. "Back to your question," Miss continued, "You can bring changes of panties to work."


"Thank you," Judith said, blushing again.


"But, you must ask permission before changing them." Miss gave her a smug smile.


"Bitch," Judith said, but without much protest. She couldn't imagine the shame of tracking the teen down in the middle of school, all for permission to change her underwear.


"Keep that up and I'll make you wait till your hubby gets back for another orgasm."


"Yes, Miss," Judith said, contritely. But, she stuck her tongue out, ruining the effect. Miss gave a small laugh and kissed her again.


"You may also make yourself cum."




"But," Miss cut her off, "only with your face in a pair of panties."


"You mean smelling them?" Judith asked, making a face.


"Smelling or tasting."


"I think I'd rather just wait."


"Like that'll last," Miss mocked, "you're insatiable."


"Am not," Judith protested, as Miss headed for the door.


"We'll see if you make it then. I'll see you at school, Monday," she finished, leaving the teacher alone.


Judith's weekend passed in a haze of embarrassment. It had all started Friday morning when Miss, her teenaged tormentress, had called upon her before school had started. Miss had given her instructions, adjusted her clothes, and teased the teacher enough to keep Judith on edge throughout the day. Then, when school was over, Miss did something even worse—she ignored Judith and left her to stew alone.


That night, following the instructions Miss had given her, Judith watched the video from the day before when Miss had taken her. She had played with herself as instructed, but wasn't allowed to come. That left her with a burning frustration; an aching yearning that gnawed at her without respite.


A chance encounter with Miss at the mall led to an all-too-brief encounter. Judith's new mistress had granted her a small release, but it was soon apparent to the teacher that the orgasm that Miss gave her in the mall bathroom was just more fuel for her fire. A fire that was raging inside of her, consuming what was left of her self-control.


This all led to Saturday night with Judith sitting in her bed, holding a pair of her panties in one hand and a vibrator in the other. Miss's final orders kept ringing inside Judith's head, "You may also make yourself come. But, only with your face in a pair of panties."


At the time, Judith had scoffed at the idea. A couple hours later, as her need mounted, Judith started contemplating the idea. She rejected the notion again, but as the day went on her mind kept drawing back to it as her only source of release. Each time she considered it Judith felt her resistance crumbling a little more.


Fuck it, the horny teacher thought to herself as she decided to give in. She lay back in bed and turned the vibrator on low. Judith gently pressed the toy against her sex, her already aroused nerves coming alive with the vibration. Moving the panties to her nose, she inhaled deep while sliding the vibrator inside of her. Her fragrance saturated the silk. The pure sexual smell of it hit her like a hammer blow.


Groaning deeply, Judith reveled in her debasement. There she was fucking herself with a vibrator and burying her face in a pair of her worn panties. All at the whim of a teenage girl—her student even. Miss wasn't even present, but still was manipulating the poor teacher into obeying her barest command.


She knew, the little bitch knew. Judith thought to herself as she writhed in pleasure, bringing herself off. She was awash with embarrassment, shame, and humiliation. In her present circumstances such things were like gasoline thrown onto an open flame; they simply intensified the strength of her sexual response.


Working toward her second orgasm, Judith's thoughts turned again to Miss. She contemplated the teen with wonderment. Miss manipulated her with such ease, and was able to accurately predict and anticipate her response.


That was just the first time Judith gave in. Her relief and satisfaction proved to be only temporary. It was a scene that Judith found herself repeating every couple of hours, but each time with less reluctance. Then she did it once more before going to bed.


Sunday morning Judith checked the e-mail account Miss had given her but again found nothing. With no direction from her young mistress, Judith spent the day mostly as she normally would. Several times that day she succumbed to her arousal, each time following Miss's directions.


Monday morning Judith checked her e-mail for instructions again and this time there was a message waiting for her:


Good morning,


How is my little panty-sniffer this morning? No playing with yourself at work. Plan on being occupied after work, if you can't, tell me immediately.




Judith's excitement grew at the brief note; she couldn't wait to be "occupied" by Miss again. Already feeling the anticipation, she began getting ready for work. Remembering Miss's words, she put extra care into choosing her clothes. She picked a gray pants suit. She knew the pants clung to her butt nicely when she walked. She rejected the usual blouse and instead wore a red camisole, so that the lacy top would peak out from her jacket.


Once at school the day stretched long for Judith. She seemed to be more or less constantly aroused since Miss first took her. Added to that was the anticipation of meeting with Miss again after school. Between the two, Judith was wet—embarrassingly so. By ten o'clock, the teacher already felt the need to change her underwear but first she had to find Miss and seek permission. Judith had a free period and knew Miss had a study hall at the same time. Judith hoped she could catch her and find enough privacy to ask then.




Miss was sitting in a quiet corner of the library, reading during her study period. Hearing the door open, she glanced up and saw Judith enter the room. The teacher looked around until she saw Miss and headed her way.


Miss felt the corner of her mouth quirk up in a sly little half smile as the teacher made her way toward her. Miss could sense her discomfort and reveled in it. Judith stopped at Miss's table, her cheeks already turning pink from the embarrassing situation. She was silent a moment while Miss gave her an expectant look.


"About what we discussed on Saturday," Judith said in a quiet voice, "would now be a good time?"


"Hmm?" Miss asked.


Judith looked miffed when it became obvious Miss wasn't going to let her out of this gracefully.


"Miss," the abashed teacher said while her blush deepened, "may I change my panties?" Judith leaned down, looked Miss in the eyes and whispered in a throaty voice, "The ones I'm wearing are all wet…"


Miss flashed a grin and thought, Very nice, but this game is still being played.


"Of course you may, little one. Go over there and change them," Miss said, pointing to an empty row of bookshelves. Judith froze and paled at the words. Then her features started turning red with a gradual, deep blush.


"I can't," Judith whispered urgently.


"Of course you can. More importantly, you will."


"I'll be caught."


"Unlikely. The library is almost deserted, and hardly anyone comes back this way. So you're pretty safe, but the longer you take the more likely it is someone will wander by. So, if I were you, I'd hurry your cute little ass."


Judith gulped and nodded before she headed for the aisle Miss had indicated. Miss slipped her camera from her bag and, holding it under the table to keep anyone else from seeing it, pointed it at Judith.


Once she reached the relative privacy of the shelves, Judith turned to face Miss. Miss saw her eyes focus on the camera, and the teacher stuck out her tongue at it in childish defiance. Not only were Judith's hands shaking, but Miss could see a fine tremor running through her body.


She's trembling in fear, literally, Miss thought to herself. The teen almost decided she'd pushed the older woman too far this time; she was about to stop Judith and let her off the hook. Before she did, she saw the teacher close her eyes and take a couple deep breaths. It seemed to steady her, whatever she did. When she reopened her eyes, Judith seemed nervous but no longer on the verge of panic.


Miss, watching from a table several feet away, saw Judith pull her fresh panties from her pocket and set them on a shelf. Next, she slipped out of her shoes. Taking one last look to make sure no one else was around, Judith reached down and unfastened her pants. Her hands still weren’t steady, so she had a little trouble at first. Once they were open, Judith quickly pushed them down.


Stepping out of her clothes, Judith grabbed her fresh undies and jerked them up her legs. Her old panties were a sodden mess when she pulled them free of her pants. She set her wet knickers aside and struggled back into her pants. Finished redressing, Judith marched back to her young mistress with her discarded panties clutched in her hand.


"Happy?" Judith asked, still red-faced with embarrassment.


"Very. You've been a good girl," Miss said, watching her teacher shiver with the emphasized words. Miss gave her a sly, knowing smile. "I plan on being here again during lunch break, after I eat, just in case there's anything you want to ask me later today. Why don't you run along for now?"


Judith's eyes narrowed and she glared down at Miss. When the look didn't seem to accomplish anything Judith turned and walked away with a sigh. Miss grinned to herself and returned to her book.




Judith was in emotional turmoil when she left the library. At first, all she felt was lingering embarrassment from her most recent ordeal. Anger soon over-wrote the shame. As she walked, Judith was consumed with a silent rage at allowing Miss to put her into that situation. Her initial anger just was. It was all encompassing and left no room for specific thoughts.


As Judith's initial fury cooled, she began to fume, her thoughts forming internal rants. How could she? I could have been caught; I could have lost my job. Never mind my job, imagine how humiliating it would be—caught half-naked in the school library. Why do I let her do things like that to me? Judith realized that part of her wanted to do them, but didn't want to admit it.


I need to refuse things like that. But I can't, I can't seem to refuse her at all. Whatever she tells me I just go along with like an obedient puppy. She told me to change my panties in the library, and I just did it. As she thought that, Judith pictured the scene in her mind: her standing there among the books, stripping from the waist, as Miss looked on with an amused, superior expression.


The image provoked a wave of lust that washed away most of Judith's anger. She did it to me again, she thought to herself. I'm just a plaything for her. Judith felt a flutter of arousal pass through her as she called herself Miss's plaything. She growled at herself in annoyance at the reaction.


Judith stomped back to her classroom to prepare for her next class. She tried to bury herself in work. It was only a partially successful tactic. She was able to concentrate on teaching, but the feelings of desire and anticipation were with her constantly.


Lunchtime found her back in the library. The room had even less people in it the second time. It was mostly a repeat performance, but Judith had gotten over some of her nervousness and indignation; the second time was much easier for her. Feeling more playful now, Judith even did a complete turn to give Miss's camera the full view.


The period for Miss's class finally came up. Judith felt herself getting nervous again. Other than tracking her down in the halls, or pulling her out of another class, this was the last time she would see Miss during the school day. She had to find a way to ask permission without drawing attention—which would be a hopeless task if Miss decided to play more games with her.


When the class ended, Judith noticed Miss was moving a little slower, letting most of the rest of the class leave before getting up to leave.


"Miss?" Judith called as the girl was walking past her desk. Miss stopped and looked at her expectantly. "Can I?" Judith asked, muttering the words under her breath. Judith saw a corner of the teen's mouth quirk up at the question. Oh god, she's going to make me say it. There are still students here. If she makes me say it I'll just blurt it out, I know I will.


Miss just nodded instead, and then continued walking as if nothing had happened. Breathing easy again, Judith slipped out between classes to visit the faculty restroom for a quick change.




Judith desired the final bell to ring, at least as much as her students did. On a regular day she wasn't nearly so eager. Miss had changed that. When the bell rang dismissing school Judith was ecstatic; she was glad the school day was over. The end of school wasn't the end of her waiting however, and soon the teacher found herself knotted with anticipation.


Judith knew Miss couldn't do anything while students and faculty were still wandering the halls. This was the first time Judith knew that Miss was coming; it wasn't a hope or an assumption, she had been told. The minutes dragged by with agonizing slowness, and her body was soon vibrating with need.


School letting out had also ended Judith's responsibilities for now. Without them, the teacher was free to give in to her desires. As she sat there waiting, Judith felt her body growing warm with arousal, her skin getting hotter like she was burning from within. She didn't know what the girl was planning for her, but she knew Miss was going to do something. The mystery was part of the appeal Judith knew. She craved Miss's attention, as she never had anything else.


Judith stewed in her lust for half an hour, waiting for the younger woman's appearance. When Miss strode into the classroom, she found the teacher flushed with excitement, her breathing already turned heavy. The girl smirked at her lover, clearly seeing her need. Miss turned slowly, casually locking the door.


Judith wanted to yell at her to hurry, to rush to her and take her, to do anything to make things happen now. She did none of that. Judith knew that, in this relationship, she was the taken, not the taker—and that's how she wanted it, that's what she craved. Watching Miss walk towards her, Judith felt herself getting hotter with each step. By the time the girl stood in front of her Judith was panting with eagerness.


Miss slipped her fingers into Judith's hair and pulled her head back; the older woman hissed and arched her back. Bending over her, Miss gave Judith a deep kiss. Judith's hand came up and gripped her young mistress's hips—her fingers clawing at her through the denim. Miss pulled back, giving Judith a superior, self-satisfied smile.


"Want something?" Miss asked her very aroused teacher. Judith just writhed in her seat, whimpering with longing. "What was that? Use words."


"Yes," Judith hissed, her breath ragged.


"But, do you deserve what you want?"






Judith gave another frustrated whimper before responding. "I've been a good girl."




"And," Judith said, "good girls get rewarded."


"True," Miss said, smiling. She reached down and opened the jacket of Judith's pants suit. Miss casually slid her hand around Judith's breast, cupping it and giving it a squeeze. Judith loved the way the younger woman handled her, it was so confident and proprietary. The teen's entire demeanor seemed to say, "This is mine, of course I can play with it." Judith cherished it, and watched her mistress fondling her with smoldering eyes.


"So you want your reward?" Miss asked.


"Oh, yes, please."




The horny teacher went into action with a growl, shedding her clothes as fast as she could. The only thing that slowed her was fear of tearing them. In moments, Judith stood naked and panting in front of Miss, eagerly awaiting her next order. Miss pushed her back, pressing her down onto her desk. Judith laid spread out on the wooden surface like some kind of offering.


Miss turned away from her teacher for a moment. She stripped from her waist, and then retrieved her strap-on from her bag. Buckling it around her hips, she turned back to Judith. The impudent teen fished her teacher's moist panties from the pile of discarded clothes. Taking the lacy red cloth, Miss rubbed it into Judith's dripping sex. Standing between her teacher's legs, Miss took the wet knickers and shoved them into Judith's mouth.


Judith opened her eyes wide in surprise. The panties were still warm from her body, and now saturated with her taste. Before the startled teacher could protest, Miss slid the dildo into Judith's wet cunt penetrating her quickly. Any concerns Judith had vanished the instant Miss impaled her.


Judith moaned loudly, even with her improvised gag. Miss placed her hands on Judith's inner thighs and pushed them open wide. The dominant teen shoved the phallus deep into her submissive teacher, causing her to groan deeply in pleasure. Miss began pumping the fake cock in and out of Judith's wet pussy, each stroke making the pinned teacher mewl in hedonistic delight.


This fucking at the hands of the domineering teen was what Judith wanted, what she'd been longing for all weekend. The teasing and frustration she'd experienced all day, the masturbation she'd indulged in, even the encounter in the mall—it was all just a prelude to what she was experiencing now. Three days of foreplay, and now Miss was giving her the main event. Finally, Judith was able to give herself to Miss.


No, not giving. I'm being taken. With that thought, the over-stimulated teacher came. Judith's thighs clamped shut around Miss's hips, and her hands clenched at the air. This orgasm gave her deeper satisfaction than any she gave herself, or even those given to her by anyone else. The pleasure was much more intense. Miss gave her something no one else did. Judith didn't know what it was, but she knew she was now addicted to it; it instilled in her a craving stronger than any drug.


Miss pushed the older woman's thighs back apart and continued to bear down on her. The teen worked her fake cock into and out of Judith, rapidly pushing her toward another peak. Sliding her hands along Judith's body, Miss squeezed her teacher's breasts. Her hands gripped the pliant flesh, causing Judith to groan.


Still thrusting with her hips, Miss leaned down. A small curl of red lace was sticking from Judith's mouth, and Miss took it between her teeth. Jerking her head, Miss pulled the impromptu gag from Judith's mouth and flung it aside. With the gag gone, teacher and student's lips met together and each explored the other's mouth.


The constant building pleasure from the fucking she was receiving kept Judith moaning into Miss's mouth as the two shared a series of deep, lingering kisses. Breaking the kiss, Miss stood up straighter. She grabbed Judith's hips in a firm grip and began fucking her in earnest. Each thrust caused the desk to shift position—drawers rattled and the legs squeaked across the floor.


Judith tried to meet her mistress's thrusts, but mostly she just writhed and squirmed beneath her. Miss's firm grip on her hips kept Judith centered on the desk, but the rest of her body was in constant motion. Judith reached out and clutched in mindless exhilaration. They found the sides of the desk and gripped. She squeezed hard enough that the edge of the wood bit into her palms enough to cause pain. She licked her lips and tasted the salt from her sweat.


Miss fucked the submissive woman hard and fast, soon bringing her to a second climax. Miss didn't stop there, or even slow; she kept going at an unrelenting pace. Looking up at her mistress, Judith saw Miss's hair fly in every direction with the motion of the teen's body. Miss's face was flushed and beaded with perspiration. As Judith watched, and droplet of sweat rolled down Miss's nose and fell onto her heaving chest.


Judith was shuddering through her third orgasm by the time Miss came. The teen squeezed the older woman's hips hard and pushed in deep. Grinding the fake cock into Judith's cunt, Miss let out a deep moan. Judith watched the girl squeeze her eyes shut tight as her body shuddered.


Miss leaned down on the desk, supporting herself on her elbows. The strap-on still buried inside Judith, Miss loomed over the prone teacher panting from the exertion. Judith lay limp beneath her with eyes half-lidded and breath still ragged. Still damp from her sweat, her skin turned cool as she reclined in repose. Judith felt detached from her body, and from the world. She felt like she was floating somewhere between worlds, in a place without time or thought.


She continued to drift there until Miss pulled out of her. The artificial cock slid from Judith's lips with a wet, sucking sound. Emitting a sound between a whine and a keen, Judith jerked back into alertness when the hard length of the exiting phallus rubbed across her over sensitive flesh. She cupped her hand protectively over her empty sex and gave Miss a look of betrayal.


Collapsing into her teacher's chair, Miss chuckled in amusement and satisfaction at the look Judith shot her. The girl sprawled carelessly in the chair. She looked both sexy and odd to Judith, with her bare legs stretched out before her and the strap-on glistening with Judith's wetness. Judith turned on her side, facing Miss, and gave her a contented smile. Miss gave Judith's cheek a gentle stroke, causing the teacher to purr with pleasure.


Standing up, Miss moved to her pile of discarded clothes. She unfastened the strap-on and began to get dressed again.


"Did you enjoy your reward?" Miss asked.


"Mmm, yes. Of course," Judith said.




"I love it. I love what you do to me. I seem to always crave it."


"I've noticed," Miss said, smirking.


"It's hard sometimes," Judith said, blushing slightly. "It's confusing. I don't understand how you have this effect over me."


"It's not hard, it's simple," Miss told her. The teen moved back in front of her teacher, who laid curled up on the desk. "You're mine. You know it, and you're happiest when you accept it."


Judith felt a tingle run through her body, and gave a small shiver and moan at the girl's words. She looked up at her young mistress with longing in her eyes. Miss gave her a smug smile.


"Oh no," Miss said. "We're done for today." Judith pouted at her student, sticking her lower lip out. "Don't worry, you'll get more tomorrow. You're following me home."


"What about your parents?" Judith asked in surprise.


"They won't be there." Miss gathered up her things and headed to the door. "Get up, get dressed, and go home," Miss said as she opened the door to leave. "See you tomorrow."


After Miss departed, Judith got ready to head home. She couldn't help but wonder what the next day would bring.

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