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Owned By Mrs Grey Hello Dear Collarspace users. I set up a profile here to try and find frie
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Owned By Mrs Grey
Hello Dear Collarspace users. I set up a profile here to try and find friendly, like minded people to chat to and possibly more. I am interested in finding a real time partner, to submit too and please. *Not interested in financial domination, or dodgy onetime tributes*. This dosen't mean I am cheap however, I enjoy giving gifts and surprises to people I like. However they cease to be either if demanded. And yes I am able to travel. I don't drive currently sadly, but I do always have the money and commitment to meet commited people.

I enjoy the psychological aspects of D/s, and find myself enthralled by the power exchange. The simple act of being there to be useful, in whatever way required. I enjoy domestic service and other service orientated positions. The act of being useful ouside of a sexual setting, and actually being submissive through choice, and adoration for the dominat partner.

I try to be as upront, and genuine as possible and very much would love to find a wonderful dominant, whom I can do my best to serve and improve her life. I have a lot of kinks, which I don't expect my partners to neccesarily share. Being open minded, mature and adventurous is far more imortant. Some personal favourites are Bondage, anal play, chastity play, domestic servitude, body worship and humiliation.

Have a wondeful day if you have so happened to read this. Please feel free to message me if there's anything you'd like to know. Good luck on your search!

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