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Please see audio journal entry 03/24/2017, for some reason collar space will not let me do an
Trans Submissive, 45,  Arizona US

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Please see audio journal entry 03/24/2017, for some reason collar space will not let me do an audio greeting.

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Hai, I am kayli but many call me "kitty" or "Creampuff". I am a lot of things but at the end of the day I am a kind hearted lovig submissive little transsexual girl that has her kitten moments and loves being a pet sometimes. I am also very frisky playful and many naughty moments but extremely shy as well so i look to my Dom/Domme for guidance.

I am not perfect i have some flaws but i try to look pretty and i try to be a good girl. I do suffer with ptsd and anxiety issues. I wont get too much into those issues but if You wish to know more please feel free to ask me anything.


I love stuffies, games, fairies, manga/anime, Disney princesses, and I love coloring. I love being called babygirl, princess, little girl, little one, kitten/kitty, Creampuff or Cupcake. I also luffs to cuddles as well. I love sweets and Doll-like fashion. I also love hello kitty and my little pony stuffs. -blushes- I also love watching hentai.

Now for the naughty stuff hehe...

I love oral both receiving and giving and i love to swallow and keep my Dom/Domme clean after sexual stuffs whether from me or another partner. I am ok with penetration as well -blushes- When it comes to the masochist side of me, I like some pain but not sure how much pain i could handle because everyone i meet is too scared and honestly would really like to be pushed to my limits someday.

I believe in pleasing my Dom/Domme first before being rewarded and i am ok with chastity and orgasm denial as a form of punishment but do not believe in not being rewarded for being a good girl to my Dom/Domme. I would love to train to be your naughty little cum swallowing kitten.


This girl is very innocent when it comes to knowing things in the world of BDSM but she is extremely open minded and willing to learn new things. I know i love being tied up and i know that i love being blindfolded and helpless. I love the element of surprise and by being blindfolded that can be made possible.

This girl also likes the idea of being someones Doll and being Dollified


What this girl is seeking...

I am seeking a Mommy Domme/Mistress or Daddy Dom/Master that this girl can submit to maybe even one day give my self completely as your slave. I am not no fake or tease when it comes to this. I love the idea of being collared. I have experienced this before and i miss it.

I need guidance and rules, love, a firm hand and whatever else. I believe in communication and honesty. I believe in earning trust and respect and that it should go both ways. My submission is mine to give and not yours to take so if you dont feel the same then maybe you should look elsewhere. I do believe in TPE to the right Domme/Dom



Journal Entries:
4/22/2017 7:43:36 AM
feeling a little better thankfully. I has birthday tomorrow hehe

4/13/2017 4:42:13 PM
i am so sowwys to those messaging me, i have been weally bad sick now going on almost a week. ive been running fever anf feel like a freight train hitteed me. Im sowwys for letting people down thaqt are writing me. I will try to responds tomorrow if i can. I was hoping this would be gone by now and i dun have no one to take care of me so i have to do it alone

3/31/2017 12:12:26 PM
Today i returned back to school to finish up what i started now if i can just find a Daddy or Mommy to make sure i stick with it this time and not melt when things get overwhelming for this kitty.

3/28/2017 5:03:24 PM
-sighs- it really bothers my confidence when i find interesting Dom/Dommes on collarspace that are looking for a transsexual girl like myself. Some of them fit purrfect for what this kitty is looking for but then there is that part on Their profile that states im looking for a perfectly passable beautiful trans girl. Well I wont even respond to those not because it bothers me they mention something like that but rather i have such a low self esteem about my looks, somedays i dont feel i pass others i do. 

This kitty would love to be told she is beautiful on a daily basis and to have a Dom/Domme that can see past her flaws. ionno i guess i dont think im very pretty. I look at these gurls in porns and they are so beautiful compared to this kitty :'( if i had all the money in the world i probably could look as pretty as the most passable transsexual girl. I dont have that luxury so i have to rely on luck in hopes that someone sees past my flaws and sees the beauty that shines from within.

3/28/2017 1:42:03 PM
I am a kitty, i am a little, i am a submissive girl, i could be your slave...this little kitty would love to one day submit to a collar and be a Dom/Dommes slave but it is my submission to give and will only happen when You allow this kitty to see that she is safe in Your arms and can trust You. Please dont expect it overnight.

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