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A Poly Household

BDSM/Fetish group based in the eastern SD, western MN, and southeastern ND region since Dec 2008.  Our meetings move around, and the profile's current location is where the next munch (see below) will be held


If we look at your profile, but don't write, it was because the information presented was either 1) to sparse, 2) indicated it had been a year or more since you were on, 3) lists a financial/tribute expectation, or 4) there is a disagreement between your zip code location (used for the search) and the location shown in your profile.  In any case, you are still welcome to attend the upcoming munch in your area, please feel free to contact us for details.


We host monthly, real-time (face to face) meetings known as munches.  These are informal meet-and-greet events that allow area kinksters to converse with others who share an interest in alternative lifestyles.   The munches are normally held in a private room of a public restaurant and are open to any who wish to attend, but are only advertised on kink-friendly sites (such as this one).  All experience levels are welcome, from the long-time lifestylers to those who are just starting their voyage of self discovery.


We are GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered) friendly, and are open to just about all fetishes as long as they are based on the principles of informed consent by all parties.  We do ask that attendees respect each other's choices and interests - you certainly don't have to participate in them yourselves, but we ask that you are accepting of people who's choices may be different then your own.


We do, however, have some limits as a group ourselves. 


CONSENT is a primary component of what we do, and it is expected that all parties involved in any fetish activity have given informed consent to participate. 


We expect discretion from all who attend our events.  Don't bring outside life into the group, and don't take what happens at the group back to the outside world.


The group is all about having a place where you can be accepted for who you are and what you enjoy - so be accepting of the choices of others, as well.


We disallow any form of financial play or professional services at group functions.  We understand that this can be a viable fetish for many people, but our events are not the proper format for indulging in them. 


We will normally endeavor to contact all profiles that are "local" (within 100 miles) of the next munch site provided that:

          The profile has been active within the last year

          The profile is at least moderately filled out (pic are not required, but text is).

          The profile makes no reference to "pro", "blackmail", or "financial" services.

          You have not replied and asked to be removed.

          We have not sent 2 prior notices without reply (after 2, we stop unless asked)

We normally start initiating contact for the next munch within days of the last munch ending, and will contact as many people as we can (there are daily limits on the site, which we fully approve of, for how many messages can be sent, so it takes time to contact everyone) until the week prior to the munch when we assume that notice will be to short to be practical.


If you have not received a message, and wish to attend, please feel free to contact us, and we can provide the details.


Also, if you have questions, please feel free to contact this profile, or email us on Yahoo (CdPdSgroup).


Hope to see you at a munch.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Last Munch - Saturday, March 17 in Jamestown, ND (Multi-group munch)


Next munch -  Saturday, Apr 7th 3rd in Watertown, SD

On Deck - Saturday, May 5th in Sioux Falls, SD (Multi-group munch)

In the Hole -Saturday, June 2nd in Morris, Mn (two-group munch)

also -

- CdPdS 2018 Camp Out coming in July - get your tickets now!




Journal Entries:
10/2/2014 6:32:27 AM
WOW, great turnout in Sioux Falls Saturday.  Last count I took was 33 people and I think there were up to 6 more more came in later.

Had some great conversations with people, and missed talking to others that I would have loved to have met.  Also had a pretty good formal discussion on what the munches and munch groups are, upcoming events, and (as always) safety when meeting new people in this lifestyle.

9/16/2014 5:38:11 PM
Had a nice time in Jamestown for the multi-group munch.  Definitely covered all the corners in Eastern ND with people there from Bismarck, Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo, an Jamestown itself; as well as from South Dakota.  Great turn-out, and great people.

9/2/2014 4:18:22 AM
Getting ready to head to the Montevideo munch soon, the first of four in a 29 day span. 

Everybody who had responded should have gotten the address and directions to the munch, but if you didn't, please let us know.  Will check in here again around 10am, and then roughly 1pm.

8/8/2014 7:17:50 AM
Our munches are open to (almost) anybody who wish to attend and learn more about the various lifestyles we represent - or who just wants to be around other people who accept their lifestyle choices.

The parenthetical "almost" in the previous paragraph is there because we do have three rules that guide everything we do -- Acceptance, Discretion, and Consent. If somebody doesn't agree with any of the three, the munch/group is NOT the place for them.

CONSENT: this specifically means Informed Consent - The cardinal rule is that everybody who participates in any given activity, must do so of their own free will after fully understanding the nature of what they are being asked to do. In the shortest form, this simply means that you will never have to do anything you don't wish to, but it also hits on a couple of other areas. Informed consent can, by our definition, never be given by somebody who is under the age of 18, is intoxicated/high, or is mentally under-developed -- as result, nobody under the age of 18 can attend (even though no activity happens at the munch, we still enforce this rule, and do reserve the right to card somebody and ask them to leave if they appear to be underage)

DISCRETION: simply means that you don't discus other members with people not in the group. You can talk about the group itself, the things we do, even invite people to the next meeting, but you DO NOT do anything that could identify somebody who belongs to the group. Some people are very open and don't care who knows what they do, but others are very private and don't want their interest in the things we do to become public knowledge. To steal the over-used Vegas line, what happens in the group, stays in the group.

ACCEPTANCE: in many ways this can be the hardest one for people. One of the reasons we attend the munches and other group events is to hang out where we feel we "belong". We all have fetishes/fantasies that "normal" society deems odd and acts judgmental about, and we want to get away from that and find a place where people accept us for who we are. The potential issue is that you also need to be willing to accept OTHERS, even when their choices don't match your own. Choices of both fetish and partners.

In the fetish aspect of this, it goes both ways: you may find other people's interests way more extreme, or way more boring, then what you are looking for. In either case, we ask that you refrain from saying anything derogatory about what they are into. If somebody says that they "Want to do something really kinky, like leave the lights on when they kiss," try to remember that we all have our idea of what is and isn't normal, and it's the act of stepping outside what they felt they had to do, to embrace what they want to do, that we support in the group. Conversely, I can almost guarantee that there will be people around who will be into something you find shocking, and maybe even "wrong", but do your best to refrain from commenting on that too. Always remember that there are a lot of people "out there" who may think that what you like is "sick and wrong" too. As long as it doesn't violate the Consent rule, we want people to feel free to do what they like to do.

Acceptance also extends to people's choice in partner(s). We are an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgenderd) group every bit as much as we are a strait group. Again, you don't have to engage in any activity with anybody you don't wish to (consent still applies), but we do ask that you respect the choices of others in the group.

We welcome any type of fetish interest (as long as it conforms to the rules above), and have members involved with a wide range of different activities. The largest interest area in the group, however, is S&M (Sado-masochism, or the mixing of pain and pleasure, from spankings, to pulling hair, to flogging, to more extreme forms), with Bondage also being well represented, and some Dominate/submissive aspects popular as well. If these aren't your area, that is fine, you are still welcome and will be accepted for whatever you do like, those are just the ones you will see displayed most often in our conversations (and sometimes in practice at our private events).

There is a lot of variety in the group, and a wide range of experience. The munches are actually designed more for "new" people to find out more about the things we do, and to hopefully make some friends in the group. Since the munches are attended by kink-aware people, but no actual kink activity (other then conversation) goes on at them, they are a good place to learn about the things you are curious about, without committing to participating in those activities. (Once you are known to the groups, you may get invited to other events where actual fetish activity does take place. You can then watch to see how it is done, and may be able to try some of the things we do for yourself if you desire, but the munches are strictly a conversational gathering.)

Some of the people who are in the group have been doing this for 40 years, some still don't know if they want to do it at all. All are welcome and we hope that the later will be able to talk with the former about how to get started, and the "right" way to do things. (Please note, this does not mean that there is ever only "one right way" to do anything, most of what we do is predicated on finding the way that works for you and your partner(s); there are, however, WRONG -ie dangerous- ways of doing things.)

While we hope that members can form lasting friendships with each other, and maybe even allow people to find their match, we do not exist (in either real-time or on-line) to function as a "singles mixer". The owners and moderators reserve the right to refuse access to anybody we feel is abusing the group by using it for a "hook-up" resource.

3/14/2013 7:15:40 AM

Montevideo had a beautiful setting for the munch; nice, private back room, good food, and it was easy to find... to bad we couldn't get more Minnesotans interested.  We only had seven people at the munch, and only two of them were from Minnesota.  We've held events in Marshall, Breckenridge, and now Monte, but just can't seem to draw a Minnesota crowd :(

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