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I am Mistress Beth. I am a Goddess. Welcome to my world. Welcome to my rules. I am sad
Female Dominant, 25,  Washington












 Dominant Female


 5' 6"

 112 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Submissive Trans

I am Mistress Beth. I am a Goddess. Welcome to my world. Welcome to my rules.

I am sadistic. I hurt boys and girls for fun. I derive intense pleasure from ritualistically and methodically using different types of whips over your entire body. I am cold and calculating in my torture of you.

Needless to say, you had better be a pain slut.

NO. I don't Skype. NO. I don't do "online". Too tactile, I'm afraid. Nothing replaces the feel of a whip in my hand.

So now that I've put this information here, I will hereby delete any message (without offering a response) that comes to me asking for the above. Especially since you have likely been too lazy to actually read this profile.

Note: I am not, nor will I ever be, a "Financial Domme" or "ProDomina". There are many wonderful CollarMe whores just waiting to take your wealth. I have my own money and have no desire for yours, thank you. Note also that I do not engage in "black mail" Domination either. Do yourself a favor and don't ask for either one. Asking = Instant Block.

Know that to serve me is practically impossible. Just to make it clear upfront. I have oh-so-many boys and girls who have proclaimed their worship and adoration and yet, when allowed to visit and put through paces, the discovery is made that their infatuation with me is purely temporal. They were living a fantasy and could not endure the reality of slavery. 

Hence, I have initiated a routine, my little bitch boys and girls. If you really want the chance to feel my whip? I will test your resolve. The tests will be potentially embarrassing and painful. I have found that only a few endure. Those who have completed the tests? Are even now enjoying the privilege of feeling my whip, serving my needs 24/7 in my home, and have their very own cages to sleep in. Think hard before initiating contact with me. Ask yourself, "How real is my desire to do this?"

Best of luck, slaves. You will most certainly need it.

Mistress Beth

Journal Entries:
10/14/2017 4:54:23 AM
It's that time of year for the 2017 All Hallows Eve Celebration/Gathering.

Single Doms/Dommes feel welcome. There are always plenty of slaves needing to be hurt and to serve your needs.

The property and house will be opened at 3pm. Dinner will be catered. Slaves will eat from dog bowls as usual. Everyone will be expected to bring their own whips, etc.

We are looking to have another memorable Gathering. The usual rules apply, which include leaving your cell phones in your vehicles.

9/12/2017 10:23:15 PM
The Seminar went wonderfully this evening. So many people had requested to attend that I had to limit the function to Doms/Dommes solely as the Seminar was basically for their benefit as wielders of the whips. My personal slaves were our test subjects for the evening and not one failed me. Not that I had expected any less of them.

8/18/2017 12:00:18 PM
At the behest of friends of the Seattle and Portland munches I attend when time allows, I will be holding a seminar entitled "Beginning & Advanced Whipping Techniques". In this Seminar I will be teaching Safety, Whip Types, Materials, Techniques, and Whip Care. The Seminar will be on Saturday, September 16 at my home here in Westport, Washington (State).

If you would like to attend, send a request with your (actual) name, your Collarspace profile name, and a phone number where you can be reached, to my private email at:

The Seminar will be from 1pm until evening. Dinner will be catered. There is no attendance fee. Audience participation will be encouraged, either as Dom/Domme or submissive/slave.

The Seminar will have a MAXIMUM of 100 attendees.

8/5/2017 5:30:40 PM
I will be attending THE fetish event in London on August 19 at the request of StrapperJohnMD. If you are attending and wish to say hello to me you may approach us and introduce yourself; do NOT make a nuisance of yourself.

7/27/2017 12:21:04 PM
It would appear that I have aquired a new detractor today. Most likely a submissive who had been previously rejected.

Here is his message:



7/31/17 2:47 PM 

little dude! you are one creative little gay boy.  Tell me about the real you.  You're pouring it on thick here. tone it down to be believable little buddy.  :-)

My first thought, of course, was the irony of the appropriateness of his chosen profile name. Wouldn't you agree?

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