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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

I am not single! I do not want your dick! I never know how to start these stupid things, bu
Female Switch, 27,  Bellingham , Washington












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 Female Switch



 5' 3"

 140 lbs





 15 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Friends Only


I am not single! I do not want your dick!

I never know how to start these stupid things, but who does? Just looking for friends and conversation. I am not going to play with you, unless you have a vagina and are a very specific kind of person. In all likelihood though, no. Not even online.

What am I doing here? In short; amusing myself.

Men: Please only contact me if you are looking for conversation only. I don't play in public, I don't have skype, I won't face time you or snapchat or kik, or whatever else you have. I will chat with you here, or not at all. This is for my own comfort.

Contacting me to tell me you don't like my profile will lead to you being mocked, mercilessly. I don't care if you hate everything about me and everything about what this profile says. You don't need to contact me. Just move along, thanks.

Also, I hate pet names. I really loathe them, don't contact me with familiar terms unless we are familiar.

My writings are a good indication on my thoughts on primal dynamics and my role in the kink community. As for me, here we go. (Hint: any of these topics is a good place to start conversations!)


Harry Potter
Hunger Games
More? I can't think it's 2am. There are more fandoms.


My dog Luna
My cat Pazu
My bearded dragon Pancake.
Reading all the things.
Adult coloring books
Nail art
Philip Defranco
Kinky sex... obviously.

Hobbies include:

Watching the same TV shows until I know every episode by heart.
Gluing things to canvas and calling it art
Walking my dog
Pretending I am crafty while gluing my hands to things.
Snuggling fluffy kitties named Pazu
Raising my own crickets


Imagine Dragons
Rise Against
Alt J
Marina and the Diamonds
Lana Del Rey
Of Monsters and Men
Mumford and Sons
Ed Sheeran
Shovels and Rope
(this is what I could think of off the top of my head. As soon as I hit enter like 10 more will pop up in there)


The youngest of five kids
I can sing!
Weed/dabs/420 life
Impressive wine drinker
Unimpressive Tequila drinker
Funny (sometimes)
Sarcasm is my first language
I don't like assholes. Don't contact me if you're an asshole, okay? I won't be nice.

I am really super fucking liberal, it's a thing. I am a feminist, but not a misandrist.

I don't care what the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, etc, you have a place in this world and as long as we can speak to each other respectfully, you can have a place in my life too.

I have been part of this website off and on for nearly 6 years. I am not here seeking partners, or even really meetups. If I happened to meet a person on here that I thought a genuine real life friend level connection with was possible, that could potentially change?

As of this moment right now, if you are contacting me, you need to know that the chances of meeting up with me are between slim and none. Please be respectful of this.

Posting this because I get asked sometimes. I do have an Amazon wishlist, though I am not a findomme. If you are the type that likes to buy gifts for people, link is below.


== Results from :// ==
99% Masochist
98% Rope Bunny
98% Experimentalist
97% Switch
92% Non-monogamist
90% Exhibitionist
88% Sadist
88% Primal (Prey)
85% Rigger
83% Primal (Hunter)
75% Brat
63% Voyeur
62% Dominant
58% Degradee
55% Submissive
38% Master/Mistress
36% Brat Tamer
14% Degrader
8% Slave
4% Owner
4% Daddy/Mommy
2% Girl/Boy
2% Pet
0% Ageplayer
0% Vanilla
See my results online at ://

Journal Entries:
2/27/2018 9:55:25 PM
Good god CS you find new ways to suck all the time.

1/21/2018 9:39:10 PM
He listens to my bitching. He rubs my back whenever I ask. He begs to go down on me. He makes me cum for hours. He takes care of me when I am sick. He gives me rides wherever I need to go, without complaint. He loves my animals. He makes me meals. He brings me things when he's out. He goes to the store for something for himself? He will pick up my favorite drink/snack/treat every time. He brings me flowers for no reason. He comforts me when I am sad. He digs my sense of humor. He thinks my teasing is sexy. I am just as beautiful in boy shorts and a tank top as I am in any sexy lingerie... maybe more so. He rubs my feet whenever I ask him. He never seems annoyed when I ask for affection. I am allowed to interrupt his videogaming for attention whenever I need to. He is amazing in bed. He agrees with me politically. He is not sexist, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, transphobic, or any of the like. It is the SEXIEST thing. He is secure in himself. He is not threatened by my male friends. He is not easily emasculated. He loves my depravaty, my wit, my vivacity. He doesn't care if I go out, stay in, whatever. He wants to marry me. He really loves me. Sure, sometimes he makes me crazy and gets on my nerves, but he knows what kind of weed I like, and how to make my drink, and how I take my tea and my coffee. He knows my favorite movie, my favorite food, my favorite color and he wants to know more. He wants to know everything. I have told him secrets that have been mine for years. I have been open with him in a way that I could have never been with a past partner. And he is real. I didn't make him up. I am not sugarcoating things. I could list a thousand more things he does, I could list a million. I could go on for days about why I love him. And the truth is, I didn't know it could be like this. It was never like this before, always so tense and angry and sad... I didn't know it could be this easy. I didn't know it could feel this simple. I thought I always had to walk on egg shells, afraid of bruising fragile egos. I thought love had to come with compromising myself, my morals, and my sexuality. I doesn't have to. It can be like this.

1/20/2018 10:17:06 PM
Finally got my magic wand replaced after almost two YEARS without one. God I missed the magic.

1/7/2018 11:07:27 PM
Nothing like rape threats from strangers to send you off into a peaceful sleep. Goodnight folks. I don't know how much longer I can take being on this website.

10/25/2017 10:46:56 PM
Insomnia is my favorite color. 

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