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If a young boy is raped or molested, he will usually either hate or fear sex. Or he will impri
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If a young boy is raped or molested, he will usually either hate or fear sex. Or he will imprint on the experience and want to have those feelings relived over and over and have a huge appetite for forced sex.

It is the second boi that I am seeking.

Update: 8-19-2017 I am currently training a live-in sissy slave who relocated from Ohio to Me. I am looking for a sister sissy slave to join us. After we talk for a while and I know that you are serious about this lifestyle then I will allow My sissy to talk to you. Be serious and do not waste our time. Looking for under 25 to serve.

1. Actually read My profile.  I am not in this to do your fantasy. you get to do Mine.

2. Be single and available to serve on a regular basis if things work out.

3. Don't waste My time if you are too scared to show up.

If you have to set the rules then you are not a submissive/slave.

Force could also be simple things like when an older person uses love, bribes, fear of reprisal or fear of rejection. The point being: No real choice. Things like being subjected to inspections, other types of molestation's, such as being molested in his sleep are all on the table.

The initial event could have been a father or other male family member or it could have been a stranger. As long as it left you wanting more, I am interested in talking to you.

I will be dressing you up like a girl and making this experience worthwhile for you. I am looking for under 25 years old, thin build, androgynous or fem appearance and little to no experience with crossdressing.

If you like age difference we will be great for one another. Girls with daddy issues can go to the front of the line.

I am looking for this to be a long term relationship. I currently train sissies and cd's and would love to add a new girl to our dynamic.

Rape fantasies count too. Older/younger, father/daughter, stranger, molestation, anything that leaves you wanting regular forced sex.

Obviously what I am offering is not for everyone, so I tend to only write to those who seem to blatantly fit what I am seeking. If what I offer interests you, please feel free to write Me first.

My original profile is DomDaddy69000 if you want to take a look at that one. My profile picture will be almost the same as that one. It is a picture of Me and katie taken by a professional photographer friend of Mine that lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs a gay bondage website. If you want to know more about that, let Me know. katie also modeled for him in boy mode.

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8/21/2016 5:14:39 AM
This is a more extreme version of what I am looking for. I got the inspiration from another Dom named WantsR8peVictim If you are a female looking at this profile, please take a look at His and write Him.

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