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I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals!
Female Dominant, 48,  Texas US

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Submissive Male

I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals! Then you may msg me if interested in getting to know the whole me! BREATHE I want to feel the soft flow of your breath across my skin. This simple yet under attempted pleasure is what I desire from you As you inhale my scent and exhale your mutual wanting of me Our rhythmic motions, pressing, and excreting the moisture of HEAT and rise of penetrating beings we are Just Breathe!!! LOOKING FOR LTR ONLY!!! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! I am only looking for straight sub/slave men.

Journal Entries:
7/21/2017 6:48:37 AM
I am aware of my perfection and my short comings. That is what makes me,么。。。。。

7/16/2017 11:31:57 PM
Menopause is kicking my butt right now. I need my pet to give me my all over ice and tongue.....

7/14/2017 9:14:16 PM
Wow I have returned home after my long trip. My ass hurts, my feet are swollen, my legs are tired, and my pussy is throbbing!! Oh please, please, please let me find a pet with attentive hands and a blinder tongue. Come help your Goddess Sherri relax my pet.

7/12/2017 2:57:19 PM
I have found through conversing with a number of subs/slaves that I don't want one that have been overly used. If you have had too many owners, or orally served too many people you would not be the one for me!!

7/5/2017 3:02:11 AM
Good Pet You come over to massage my shoulders and gluts. Being the good pet and you promised to be on your best behavior. I set an aviance that relaxes and soothes me. Candle lit bedroom, light lavender aroma and some smooth jazz in the background. I slide into my blue satin PJs and lay back on the bed. I hear a knock on the bedroom door and tell you to come in. You walk to the side of the bed and then kneel. Hello Miss Sherri. I raise up and say good evening my pet. You may rise. I tell you to strip off all clothing. You ask if you may talk freely. I say yes you may. You ask me about my day and how my back is feeling. My usual reply is I am sure you will make it feel much better. As you stand there I notice you being semi hard. I give you two rubber bands and tell you to double wrap them around your balls. You ask if that's better Mistress? I look and say no! I grab the small ice chest sitting on the table. I command you to raise your arm straight out to the side. I don some gloves and begin to ice down your cock. It goes soft quickly. You will have be punished for your attempt at arousal you naughty lil slut! I lay you across the bed on your belly and pull your cock and balls back between your legs. I lay and ice bag against your nuts......I grab a leather paddle and my crop. I go up to your face grab your chin and tell you if were not such a worthless horny cunt I would be having my massage by now. I start with the paddle giving 20 licks on each ass cheek. You love that don't you! You whimper yes ma'am. I remove the ice pack and you have managed to get an erection. I grab your nuts and squeeze them and scream your are such a naughty bitch!!!!! I take the crop and give your nuts 10 strong wacks. Your nuts are swollen, so I release the rubber bands. I instruct you to turn over and scoot where your head is at the edge of the bed. I stand with your head between my legs and I lean forward and begin to rub your lil pussy cock. I pull my pj shorts to the side and squat and rub my wet pussy up and down your face. I ask you do you want to taste my pussy you say yes. I slap your cock and piss a little on your face. You don't deserve to taste my pussy! I grab your nuts and dig my nails in them while smothering you with my pussy...........WOW

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