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I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals!
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I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals! Then you may msg me if interested in getting to know the whole me! BREATHE I want to feel the soft flow of your breath across my skin. This simple yet under attempted pleasure is what I desire from you As you inhale my scent and exhale your mutual wanting of me Our rhythmic motions, pressing, and excreting the moisture of HEAT and rise of penetrating beings we are Just Breathe!!! LOOKING FOR LTR ONLY!!! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! I am only looking for straight sub/slave men.

Journal Entries:
11/10/2017 6:27:45 AM
I got called a fake today because I was talking to this sub and he wanted to be totally kidnapped and locked away and I asked him if he had read my Journal and he said of course well if he had read my journal he would know that I am much more of a sensual Domina and he would know that I'm looking for a long-term relationship not just where you kind of live with me and I take care of you and your locked up to me it's not you serving me so I don't think I'm fake but everyone has their opinion

8/1/2017 2:56:49 AM
COFFEE AND ME I Awaken to the gentle licks upon my labia what a way to start your morning! You assist me with my toileting dressed me and then you take me to the kitchen..... you bring me my cup of coffee and a slice of raisin toast..... you get in position on all fours so I can put my feet up while I browse the net and enjoy my coffee and toast. I enjoy rubbing my feet on your naked body cross your balls and your lil pussy cock. You are very easily stimulated with my every touch. I do enjoy arousing you💦💦💦💦💦 I rub my foot under your belly and to the Head of your cock you are dripping my pet👅 I command you to turn over  on your back...... lying flat as I drip some butter near your navel.....I rub it through your thin hairy patch with my toes and then down to your cock with a nice even spread You like that don't you my pet....... I think to myself will I allow you to cum today....... spreading the butter  of your dick and feeling  it throb and get harder with my every touch makes me very moist......... I outline your lips with my big toe and then tell you to lick it........ I lean over taking the spoon from my coffee and rub it on your balls and I notice  your cock is so hard for me but I need you to relax so I give your balls a nice little slap with the spoon.......... you let out a moan. I run the spoon up your shaft to the head of your cock moving it slowly in a circle motion then back down the shaft to your balls with another 4 slaps I then lean back and relax and allow you to lick all the butter off my foot........ my nipples are very hard and I can't resist caressing them as you clean all the butter off my foot like a good pet......... your tongue sliding through each of my toes making my nipples hard..... I'm rubbing them and and my pussy is so moist got and throbbing........ I take my cup of coffee and I drip a little bit of the warm tasty liquid on my nipple and then I slowly lick and  suck it pussy is throbbing and I know I'm about to sucking my toes and rubbing my foot like a good little pet....... make me cum...........WOW

7/31/2017 1:37:42 AM
JUST ME My desire to find my one is like an intense throbbing emotion. On edge and approaching overflow. I have encountered some very passionate pets. Ones that I would have at my feet and awaiting my command. I feel I am maybe too much for most with my daily needs and being a person that doesn't have to lift a finger for most things. My sexual taste often need to be tamed. My property, patient and ready to please. My pleasure is so simple at times. Hours of kissing, cuddling, and dry humping can make me cum several times. I do enjoy relaxing in bed being fed fruit, having my pet role grapes around my nipples with his mouth as I enjoy a good movie. The way my pet massages my feet and kisses and sucks every toe. Helps me to sleep better at times. The total oral care of the full body tongue bath. Lick me till I cum all over you and I then you enjoy the taste of my golden juice.......head tilted forward pussy on your chin and I rub her gentle until she flows and allows you savor..........WOW Then my pet that showers me. But I must have my ass tongued really well prior. And being a sensual domme I do love being fucked by my pet. Deep hard thrusting and feeling you erupt inside me.....WOW

7/24/2017 3:39:07 AM
Are You The One I have had my slaves, my subs, and my pets slowly walk down the hallway to my bedroom......I never have a plan for the inital interview cause I love to be spontaneous I have met some with lots of passion that desire to serve me. Others are slow akward and their approach is weak and unimpressive!! I have yet to find that one. The one to make my toes curl!! So if you make it to the second exchange........WOW things look promising........ You walk in and I tell you to close and lock the door. You joke is that to keep me in or others out.......I smile and tell you to get undressed and shower........I ask are you a hand or towel say towel as you are getting you pull down your underwear I see you are at attention.......I lean back on the bed and say I like ask if you can give me a kiss and I reply NO.......the towels are lying by the sink body wash in the shower, clean up well. I am lying back on the bed with my eyes closed.......I feel your hand on my thigh and your breath on my breast as you lay beside me.......I keep my eyes closed and allow you to touch and feel. You slide your hand up my inner thigh and my heart begins to race......I spread my legs and then I quickly sat up. You have been a very bad boy and need to be punished......I push you back on the bed Your cock hard and curved up your belly.......I can see it throbbing I lean blowing my warm breathe over your shaft while I run my face over your cock You moan.......I laugh and ask do you like that, you reply yes I mount you and let you feel the inside of me. Then I slide off running my pussy down your leg, your cock between my breast and then I lick my juice off your cock. I place you on the floor in a kneeling position back straight knees apart. I show you my purple flogger running it up your chest and down your back. I grab your face and kiss you sucking and biting on your tongue. I ask are you going to be my good little say yes mistress I rub my flogger from side to side on your back I tell you to lean over the foot of the bed and begin flogging that ass. Your ass tightens up with anticipation. I move over to my wheelchair and you ask where are you going? I sat back in my wheelchair and run my toes between your ass cheeks and then down to your balls. I respond as deep ass I want while running my toe around your ass hole. Your ass is a little red and your cock is wanting to erupt........ I insert the biggest of my purple butt plugs into that tight ass hole, you gasp and moan.........I stand and lean over my wheelchair and tell you to lick my ass........I grind on your tongue and then tell you to tongue that pussy!! Fuck my pussy with your tongue you little bitch..........WOW Your face is wet and my scent arouses me as I kiss and lick your face.......I want to fuck you my lil will explode for me......I stand you up and grab your pussy cock and begin sucking and stroking it.......I grab your ass cheek pushing you deeper down my throat I push you back on the bed and continue to stroke your cock.......I remove the butt plug and insert my bright red vibrating stimulator you tense up and then.......WOW

7/21/2017 6:48:37 AM
I am aware of my perfection and my short comings. That is what makes me,么。。。。。

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