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Female Dominant, 47,  Texas US

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I want to feel the soft flow of your breath across my skin. This simple yet under attempted pleasure is what I desire from you As you inhale my scent and exhale your mutual wanting of me Our rythmic motions, pressing, and excreting the moisture of HEAT and rise of penetrating beings we are Just Breathe!!!



I am only looking for straight sub/slave men.

Journal Entries:
5/21/2017 2:47:33 AM
ORAL BLISS As I lay here in my bliss I can feel the softness of your lips. You start at my forehead and work your way down. Your essence flows over me. My body is throbbing with every touch. All of me says yes and you enjoy the thought of making me cream. You are driving me crazy and I just want to flow in your mouth and all over your body. I close my eyes tilt my head back and relax. Take me my lil slut! Make me explode! I know you want to clean up my mess. Every eruption much stronger than the last. Feeling me forcing me taking me........... WOW

4/13/2017 10:14:14 PM
DEEPER The arch of darkness slowly moves in. As the brisk air blows softly over my skin Head tilted back and the arch sharpens Each movment without hesitstion Drip, drip, drip the moisture is building to a flow Deeper, yes deeper PENATRATION I can feel all of you I grab your ass squeezing pulling you deep I rotate my hips fucking you as hard as you are fucking me Bodies wet breathing shallow I love it so Moan for me as I thrust my mound upon your pole, groan for me as I rotate around and around deeper and deeper. What is at the end of this bliss.  Mouth open I take all of you Knowing that you will be forever my good little bitch...........WoW

12/25/2016 10:11:10 PM

I am sitting in the living room on the sofa awaiting your arrival.....yes to meet my pet for the first ring the doorbell and my niece answers the door as she is leaving. I say hello and introduce you I motion to you my pet with a hand gesture to come closer......I then tell you to have a sat on the opposite side of the sofa......I tell you that is nice to meet you in person after our many text and agree without making eye contact........I am taking all of you in my pet and I see you are quite anxious......I tell you to relax and you say you are and I tell you no your reply it is normal to be nervous meeting someone for the first time and I say is it as I smile and let out a little laugh........I reach over and sliding my hand over say my hands are cold......I tell You I will warm them I stroke your hand and tell you that it is okay my pet you can look at me.....our eyes meet and your breathing is more relaxed as we look into each other's eyes We talk and go over things we had discussed on the phone and in text msgs......I see you are getting more and more relaxed You move closer to me and you are reading my body without me saying a word I continue to rub your hand and up your forearm and you get more and more relaxed I have your hand lying on my lap and you are right next to me now.....I lean in for a gentle feel my warm breath on your lips.....inhale all of me my pet.....I lift your hand towards my breast and you began to caress them....I ask you have you been my good say yes ma'am.....I slide your hand between my legs rubbing the back of your hand up and down squeezing my thighs around our rythmic motion and my moisture is can feel the wetness on the front of my shorts......I am rubbing my face over yours......I want you to feel my desire.....I know you want me My pet....I take your index finger and pull my shorts to the side and then between my lips and over my clit I rub your finger I let out this deep sigh and then I bring your finger up to my lips and suck on it slowly tasting my juices I tell to get on the floor and kneel......I grab your face and slowly kiss you and suck on your tongue and then I allow you to kiss down my neck and then to my breast and then to my.......I stop you and lean you back......I ask you again have you been a good boy as I begin to rub your cock over your pants and squeezing the say yes ma'am......I grip your cock firm and pull it to me........HAVE BEEN A GOOD BOY.......YES MA'AM......I continue you to pull you back to a kneeling position......I lean in and lick and kiss your cheek and then into your ear I ask do you want to taste say yes ma'am please let me taste you.....I scoot my hips to the edge of the sofa and pull my shorts to the side......I part my glowing wet pussy lips and run my finger over my clit, and then.........WOW

12/20/2016 10:10:52 PM
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

12/20/2016 2:30:23 PM

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