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Hello all, My name is Ms. A.Meissner. I am not new to this site furthermore, this lifestyle. I
Female Dominant, 23,  Middletown, New York












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 Dominant Female


 New York

 5' 6"

 145 lbs






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Hello all, My name is Ms. A.Meissner. I am not new to this site furthermore, this lifestyle. I am 23 yrs old with 7 yrs of experience in this both as a prodomme and a lifestyle Dominant. I prefer to live the lifestyle, though (due to raising funds for my business) I am back to being open to hosting sessions. I prefer non sexual slaves over subs (please learn to know the difference before contacting me) for lifestyle sitiuations. Subs are welcome for TRIBUITING sessions ONLY. This better fits my needs as I am a soon to be mother (sept.1st) and in a very serious relationship with a Black Man (yes he is subservient to me but he's more of my bull type of lover ;) I'm completely sexually satisfied with my beloved so this is another reason as to why I do not have any personal sexual use or sexual need for a white male sex slave. He is also very aware and accepting of how I want us to live and what I am trying to build. If you are interested in having a session with me, here are some of the things I am experienced in administering: Light bondage, Heavy bondage, trampling, smothering, obectivity, sounding, spankings, whippings, faceslapping, facespitting, chastity, pegging, cbt, and more. If playing with a slave/sub, I prefer to be rude, mean and barely considerate of the pain I'd love to put you through. I am sadistic in my nature. I always have been, even as a small girl... I would appreciate it if ANY 'Dominant' viewing my profile with the intent of trying to change me to just simply pass me by, as I am not interested in "switching" in any way shape or form. I do not tolerate b.s. messages and will block you if I am messaged anything disrespectful and or absurd. That goes for subs, slaves, and Doms/Dommes. I give respect, I expect it back. I will be mostly searching for the REAL slaves, though subs are welcome to session with me as long as again, they tribute. I will be creating my website within the next week to send all REAL and READY slaves who want to live the lifestyle to to fill out the required questionnaire and wait upon acceptance to a coffee/lunch date where an interview will be held. From there, I will decide based on how you answer the questions and your demeanor.

Journal Entries:
2/15/2018 1:47:14 PM
Moving to Cali in a couple weeks!!!

1/20/2018 12:58:08 PM
I think now... he understands... ;)

11/24/2017 12:44:00 AM
"I hear the secrets that you keep, when You're talking in your sleep."

11/22/2017 1:51:11 AM
Can't stand liars.

11/18/2017 11:19:13 AM
El cheapo... smh

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