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Female Dominant, 41,  Somewhere , North Carolina


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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: madison, Wisconsin
Last on 1/18/18 at 12:37 AM
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LesbianMale Slave
Age: 39, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)
Location: London, Amsterdam, UK
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 Dominant Female


 North Carolina

 190 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Submissive Trans



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It's a new journey...... Journal Entries: 6/13/2017 12:42:05 PM[Report Entry] i have just been honoured by being taken under control by allthatyouneed..a powerful German Goddess Who has spent a lot of time in the US She understands the weakness of men because of their uncontrollable urges in between their legs and know what needs to be done to bring them under control chastity is obviously a sinequanon because a sub who is not in chastity is not in his sub space plugged most of the time reduces him to constant desire and more' easily controllable by his Owner always in bra panties and stockings brings him further along his road of transformation wearing blouses skirts and dresses gets him further and further in touch with his needs to e'xpress his femininty and distances him more and more from his maleness learning to put on make up is so essential in his submission only being allowed to look at trans/sissy porn getting him more and more used to his new identity .. learning firstly how to suck his Owners strapon before learning how to suck real mens cock and savour cum on his face and in his mouth are more ways he learns his new self and hormone treatment of course makes his transformation complete from him to her and makes his Owner happy and proud

You want to be feminine, don't you? To hear the clicking of your stiletto heels as you walk, feel the swish of pantyhose as your nylons rub together on your smooth thighs, beneath your tight, lined miniskirt which slides over your ass, your heavily-styled hair and heavy earrings brushing your neck, your shoulders feeling the pull of heavy breasts in your bra, tasting lipstick on your lips and smelling your perfume, make up and hairspray. You want it, more than anything, then contact me !

I know about your dirty obsession. But you just can't help yourself, can you? To you, there's nothing better than stroking yourself, cum into your hand, and licking it all up. And I know you're hard right now just thinking about it. Just hearing me talk about it turns you on. But yet at the same time you're a little embarrassed, yet somehow that adds to the excitement. And I find it funny that something that you love so much, shames you so much.


Some people love their fetishes, but not you. You're a self hating cum eater, lol. I mean if you're going to eat up every load, you might as well enjoy it. Or would that take away from it if you did? You need the humiliation. Just admit it, you love to eat your own cum. But you can't, you hate yourself for loving to drink your own cum.

It's so sad that you can't accept your fetish. I have no respect for you. You're just a self hating cum eating loser. Now why would I force you, or encourage you to eat your own cum if you can't accept it? Don't you want my help, my instructions? You see you need me, because you won't do it unless someone forces you, even though you love it so much.

You love eating your own cum, you're addicted to it. You need to eat it, you deserve to eat it. So why do you hate it so much? Iam going to cure you of being a self hating cum slut. Just start bidding on this special auction and it will be my pleasure to train your deepest desire!

Admit to yourself that you are a pathetic little Bitch Cum eater ! I already see yourself being humiliated by a Goddess like me knowing that you will never be able to please me unless you ass obeys.

Love Cockholding and make your ass beg for more hahaha

Goddess Allthatyouneed swept into my life before i even had time to realise what was happening. She made it clear from the start that i would be wasting my time if i didn t accept my role as Her paybitch - whatever She would do to me, i was to be Her provider there is no other place for a weak man like me in Her life. You take it or leave it. i took it because I believe deep down that i have very little to offer a Woman apart from money and like most men i desperately need the attention of a Woman especially one who so clearly knows how to get what She wants.
In my case this is through humiliation particularly through weakening my sense of masculinity. She started by insisting i remove my unsightly body hair so that my smooth skin could feel the carress of the pantyhose She told me to buy. i was under pressure from Her deadlines and had to act on the spur of the moment to go into a lingerie shop i was passing by to get it and i must admit i made such a mess of asking for sizes and colours that the shop assistant was looking rather suspicious by the time i managed to finally pay and leave. But it was when I got back to the hotel that evening and actually put my panties and pantyhose on and connected to Her on findoms that i truly understood what i had got myself into. She was teasingly understanding of my perversions as i sent Her picture evidence of my feminisation but when She was sure i had done what She had asked, Her tone changed completely and She demanded that i kneel before Her. As i did so, She told me how pathetic She really thought i was and that i could no longer walk around considering myself a man. Even though society might continue to do so and She might let society continue to see me like that so that i could earn money for Her, She was not going to allow me to keep thinking in this way. She demanded that i immediately show Her that i understood that the only thing i was good for was to pay Her. As I had already had to pay for Her to take me seriously, I tried negotiating a little. But tonight, on my knees before Her and dressed in panties and pantyhose , She was not going to accept that I put my case even if I did so with respect and humility. She demanded I submit to Her� that i showed Her that i knew and accepted what it meant to be Her moneyslave. And, of course, i complied.
This has just been the first step in my conditioning but it was a key one. It taught me my limits. She is beautiful and intelligent and willing to listen and to tease but my feminisation is not a game for Her �it is a way of keeping my/HerCash open and available to Her whenever She wants and i am never allowed to close it to Her needs and wishes.

A man's sole purpose in life is to serve and provide for his Mistress. The only thing you are good for is supporting me; otherwise you are a pathetic waste of time and space.

The only way I want you to approach me is on your knees with your financial servitude in your mouth !

Make sure you are prepared to pay dearly, or don't bother to waste my precious time! This is domination, and it is not for cheap or insincere wankers.


Journal Entries:
1/16/2018 7:40:42 AM
Introduce yourself first ! Show respect and approach with manners!

12/30/2017 10:31:00 AM
Some Bitches need to get taught the hard way!

12/30/2017 1:07:06 AM

Check out my Auction on Ebanned
The only area this is  available at this time is around MD, DC, DE, Eastern PA, and Northern VA

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12/26/2017 11:03:54 PM
Wishing everyone a Happy New Years 🍾🍸 2018

12/20/2017 3:10:37 AM
Merry Christmas 🎄 

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